Part 2: Kyla and Kadeem

“Kyla you got this. Kyla doesn’t turn away from the plan you come too far now. you got way too much invested to walk away. you need this closure.” I was standing in the bathroom scared giving myself a pep talk. Rashaad death had been such a life changer for me. I could have let it go unresolved. he deserved for me to do this for him.

   I came out of the bathroom and peeked around the corner into my bedroom. Kadeem was still knocked out. I paced back and forth in the hallway. “I can’t do this shit alone.” I said I went downstairs and grabbed my phone and dialed my best friend. “hello” Roci answered. “yo what are you doing?” I asked her trying to whisper. “nothing. whats up? why you sound all crazy?” she said to me.

   I took a deep breath. “remember the dude that we found out killed your brother?” I asked her. “yeah, how could I forget? that nigga name and face is forever printed in my mind until I get the chance to make his family feel what me and my family felt when he took my damn brother. why you asked that though?” she asked. “well I been watching the nigga and everything finally lined up and well… long story short he here right now at my house in my bed sleep. But I can’t …” Roci interrupted me “shut up don’t even say it. I’ll do it. do you still have Rashaad tool bag?” she said. “yeah it's in the basement.” I told her “I want you to see if he has rope and duck tape in there. if I know my brother he does. if the stuff is there then tape that nigga up to the bed and I’ll be there in less then twenty minutes. If there's no tape and etc figure that shit out but do not let that nigga leave. I am on my way. I’m walking out the door now.

   we hung up and I went into the basement. Roci was right Rashaad had rope and duck tape in his tool bag. I grabbed it and pair of gloves and went back upstairs. As I passed by the living room I decided to stop and grab the gun we had stuffed under the sofa in a safe. Rashaad had taught me so much about guns to make sure that I was always able to protect myself if he wasn’t home and something happened. I hated gun and the kickback from shooting one but I knew I could do it if I had to.

   Kadeem was the hardest sleeper I had ever seen before. it was actually odd I felt like as a man sleeping at a woman's house that he met in the club there was no reason why he should be that comfortable. he couldn’t possibly be a hood nigga because from just being around hood niggas growing up I knew that you didn’t get comfortable at a bitch house unless she was your main bitch because you never knew if that bitch was going to rob you or set you up. I walked into the room and moved quickly because I was nervous. I knew nothing about tieing people up but I did my best. by the time I was done Roci was texting me saying she was outside.

I went downstairs and opened the door. Roci walked in with some big scary nigga looking nigga behind her that looked like Biggie. he was covering thick plastic that you normally put down for painting in one hand and in the other hand, he had a toolbox. I looked him up and down and then whispered: “roci who is he?” “this is my cousin Dayday he going to handle the body for us when we did,” she said with a straight face.

it was at that very moment that I realize that shit had just got real. I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the living room. “roci are you serious about doing this? what if we get caught?” I said to her. she looked at me sideways. “Dayday is here to make sure that we don’t get caught he has already know time upstate and it wasn’t for any of the murders he has under his belt. she said. “but Roci…” she stopped me “you loved my brother right?” she asked me in an angry tone. “yes! you know I did.”I told her “you're my best friend right?” she asked. “yes of course!” I answered. “okay then, then don’t you think my brother deserves this? I mean he did take your ass out that damn strip club and turn your ass into a housewife. you were trying to pay your way through college and he made it easier for you. did you forget?” she said pointing at me.

“But Roci… he was cheating on me. he was killed because he was in that man upstairs bed with his baby momma.” I said reminding her the same way she reminded me. “yo fuck this. I’m not about to go back and forth with you trying to get you to see that you owe this to my brother. I will do this shit by myself. but understand after this we ain’t girls no more, we ain’t best friends no more, and we not family no more. in other words, me, my kids, my family are nothing to you. you want to be scary so be it. but I'm a remind you how scary it is to be out here alone with no family on your side.” she said as she pulled her gun out her purse, shot the purse on the couch and headed upstairs.

I stood there panicking whether I wanted to or not this was happening. I was going to have a dead man in my house. either I was going to be a part of it and get my closure or I was going to scared and let this hunt me. I put my big girl panties on and followed behind Roci. I walked upstairs and Roci was looking at the door waiting for me to come in.  “you left your gun in here on the nightstand? Lord, I’m glad you called me. your ass would have been dead instead of him. get some water and wake this mutha fucker up.

I had never seen Roci like this before and we had been best friends since middle school. we had fought other hoes together, we had fought each other. but I would have never thought I would see the day when we would become killers. i got the water and came back into the room. Roci looked at me and nodded her head for me to throw the water on him.

when I shot the water Kadeem jumped up like he was drowning. Roci and I stood at the foot of the bed looking like we were posing to be in the next Charlie angels movie. we had our guns pointed directly at him. when Kadeem waked his face and got his breath he looked at us and then looked dead at me “bitch are you crazy? do you know who the fuck I am? you step me up? bitch you going to regret this shit.” I looked at him with a straight face and then looked at Roci. she had a look in her eyes I never saw before.

“yeah, we know exactly who you are mutha fucker. Shut the fuck up. you killed my damn brother I don't want to hear none of this shit you talking right now.” Roci said. “you ma I don’t know what you talking about. I ain’t kill nobody.” he said. I could feel my hands were starting to shake. but it wasn’t because I was scared it was because this dummy was sitting in our face and denying a murder that we knew he did. “so you aren’t Kadeem Martin? your baby momma name is Rina Lewis. Yall got a spot on Colvin. On October 12th you didn’t come home and find my man in bed with Rina and put a bullet in his head and then told your bum ass baby mama to make it look like a robbery before calling the police.” I said to let him know that we were far from dumb

Kadeem looked shocked. “yeah Rina dumb ass might not have told the cops on your ass but she should have because you would at least be alive in jail. But now see how you're going to die. all because Rina had to run and tell her best friend Tiffany. who she didn’t know was Rasaad and I first cousin.” Roci said. Kadeem started to plead his case “ I didn’t mean for the gun to go off it was a mistake.” Roci and I looked at him.

in the corner of my eye, I saw Kadeems phone on the floor lighting up. The screen saver was of Kadeem holding two kids. I put my head down I could do this. “Roci let him go. it's not worth it. let his scary ass go home to his kids. if we kill him that make sure no better then his ass. “ I said lowering my gun. Roci looked at me. “what? hell no,” she said. “Yes, Roci please let me go home to my kids,” Kadeem said. “Don’t say my name you don’t know me. I’m not letting your ass go where. you took my brother from me so I’m taking you from your kids period no discussion.” Roci said. “Roci I screamed.

Roci cocked her gun “Kyla i don't want to hear it.” she said. I stepped in front of her and looked at her in her eyes. “Roci we are better than this. you are better than this.” I told her. “Kyla get out the way and stop saving him. what the fuck is wrong with you,” she screamed. I tried to lower Roci’s gun but she wouldn’t budge. “Roci, Rashaad wouldn’t want this to go down like. just let him go.” I tried to plead with her.

Roci went from looking at me to looking past me with her eyes big and that look I didn’t know came back over her. she pushed me out the way. “Fine I'm not staying here for this,” I said walking towards the door. but before I could exit the room I heard a gun go off. I turned around expecting to see Kadeem laying there with a bullet in him but instead I saw Roci falling to the floor. Dayday rushed up the stairs from hearing the shot. With no hesitation, Dayday and I empty our guns into Kadeem.

the two of us had been so wrapped in the conversation that we never noticed Kadeem getting his hands to lose or getting the gun from under the pillow. I couldn’t believe that I had messed up like this. I was trying so hard not to wake him up that I tied him loosey and never check under the pillows. “fuck! Roci hold on.” I said as I ran over to her on the floor. “Roci I’m sorry this was all my fault. you were right.” I cried out.

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