Part 2: Kayden, Kiara, and London

“Kiara?" London said as she closed my office door. "what London?" I answered her with an attitude. "Kayden is away this weekend, want me to come stay the night with you?" she asked in a flirty tone. "Nah I'm good," I told her.
It had been almost 3 months since London and I had been on good terms. She was supposed to tell Kayden she was leaving him after the meeting we set up for him went wrong. But she's had been playing the both of us and personally I was over it.
I was cool with it at first because I was getting a good nut every time we fucked. But then I realized that London only came around now when Kayden was gone. We didn't have lunch together anymore. It was like we weren't even friends anymore and that matter to me more then the nut i got. I had become just a toy to her, that she thought she could use to catch a nut. And as good as London tasted I was never the one to be played or toyed with. I had been there and done that with my ex Toya.
"baby why are you acting like this towards me," London asked in her sexy voice as she lends across my desk and rubbed my hand. I looked at her hand and moved mine away, "London what do you want because I'm busy and got shit to do today.” I told her.
London stood up and looked at me confused and said: "you being busy never stopped you from licking this pussy before so what are you mad about?" I didn't even bother giving London a response I just kept doing what I was doing.
"fine then i’ll go back to my husband," London said walking towards the door. She got to the door and realized I wasn't making any effort to chase her and she stopped at the door and screamed my name. "Kiara!" I never looked up or anything I calmly just said: "bye London". She walked out slamming my office door behind her.
I set my pen down and exhaled. If London was just sex to me or a quick not i would care. I wouldn’t have even put effort into getting to know her. But I cared about this women. I knew more about this women than her husband even knew or even gave the effort to find out. I knew about the scar she had on her left side from when her big sister pushed her off their grandparent's garage roof. I knew that more than anything she feared being like her mother. Because she knew the hurt her sister and her went through when her mother's bipolar disorder caused her to give them up. But knowing her and caring about her didn't matter.
Days went on and I did my best to avoid London. The only way I was going to get her out my system was by staying away from her. I didn't answer her phone calls or texts.i was even working from home to avoid seeing her in the hall at the office.
It was finally Saturday night and I was excited. without London distracting me I had finished all my work. So I decided it was time for a turn-up a little bit. I pulled out the cookie dough ice cream and grabbed the whole bottle of Remy and got comfy on my couch to watch my favorite movie brown sugar.
As the movie got to the good part my phone started to ring. Of course when I picked it up to see who was calling it was no one but London.I put the phone face down on my coffee table and stuff another spoon full of ice cream on my face. She called back. I huffed and puffed before saying "not tonight" as I hit the ignore button.
Then a text came in.:
From: London
Kiara, please come get me I'm too drunk to drive.
I read the message and put my phone back down. My iPhone went off again. Kiara wants to share her location with you. "deny, bitch better call a uber... Fuck..." I kicked and screamed because my mouth was saying one thing but my conscious wouldn’t stop bothering me leaving her like that when she was reaching out for help.
I got up off the couch and went to my bedroom and got dressed. I threw on my pink sweatsuits and white and pork jordans.I didn't dress like this often but I wasn't in no mood for full glamor or to see her. i was going to pick her up and drop her off home quickly. Nothing more nothing less. I told myself
I got in my car and turned on the GPS to the address London had sent me. I pulled up and texted her and told her I was outside. No response. I called her no answer. But I could see the lights on in the suburban townhouse.
Had it not looked like a white neighborhood where they might hang my chocolate ass I would have beeped my horn like a mad woman. But instead, i got out my car and walked to the door.
I knocked on the door and waited for a few before the door to open. London stood in the doorway in a sexy all-black laced lingerie one piece. I looked her up and down and shook my head before walking away. “You and the games London,” I said with my back to her. I turn to walk away amd London grabbed my arm before I got to far away from the door. "come in for a few minutes, please. I promise I'll make it worth your time and if I don't then you can keep being mad at me." London said with a puppy dog face.
I starred at her in her eyes for a moment and then I sucked my teeth. But I followed as London pulled my arm leading me into the house. "London who house is this? I asked as she lead me through the candle lite house to the stairs.
"its mine” said a voice at the top of the stairs. When I looked up; there stood a woman at the top of the stairs dressed in lingerie as well.
“It's my homegirl Erica's house,” London said smirking and looking at Erica at the top of the stairs. Erica stood 5’5 with caramel brown skin and big sandy brown curly hair. London tired pulling me up the stairs to where Erica was but my feet were planted like a stone. London looked at me "you scared?" she asked me with a seductive look. I side eyed her and started leading the way up the stairs. The closer we got to Erica the more I could see her beauty and her curves. Her big green eyes, her full juicy lips, and her face was so soft and innocent. She had a few tattoos on her body that I noticed as we got closer.
But the big butterfly she had tattooed on her ass is what made me follow her into the bedroom when she grabbed my hand when i got to the top of the stairs. It was like I was a dog and she was carrying a bone. When we got in the bedroom Erica sized me up. "London she's cuter then you explained," Erica said before biting her lip in a flirty way.
I looked at London. "what is this supposed to be?" I said to her trying not to show my excitement. "let us show you." Erica said as she led me over to the bed and pushed me down. London walked up behind Erica and grabbed her melon sized breast. Erica turned her head to the side to kiss London.
Erica whispered something to London and then they both came over and undressed me. London took off my shoes and pants while Erica took off my hoodie, shirt, and bra. London stood back while letting Erica and me kiss.
Erica kissed me until I was laying flat on the bed. Then she handcuffed me to the headboard. "so I can’t touch?" I asked the girls. "not tonight. Tonight we are pleasing you." London answered as she climbed on the bed and started to make out with me while Erica covered from my breast all the way down to my vagina in chocolate syrup.
Then they teamed up and licked all the syrup off of me. Erica on one side and London on the other. They licked every bit of chocolate off of me. Then when they got down to my honeypot they started to have a conversation like I wasn't there. Erica asked London "would you like to go first or can I?" she said smiling. "I know how great it taste so i'll let you go first " London answered
Erica kissed from my breast back down to my "other " lips. When she was done tongue kissing them she took two of her fingers and stuck them inside of me, while she spread my lips wide open to suck my clit. Then I noticed that London had slid behind Erica and was eating her pussy from the back while Erica feasted on my pussy as well. This was like some shit you see in porn. I was enjoying every bit of it. they switched different position while I remained handcuffed to the bed. But that didn't stop of us from enjoying the juices of the other woman when we took each others faces for a ride.
Finally, Erica stopped. She went to her nightstand and grabbed something I couldn't really make out in the dark. With one hand behind her back, she took the handcuffs from me. "I'm going to take these off. But it's only because I want you to use this on me," she said with a smirk as she showed me the strapon. I took it from her hand and hopped off the bed and began to put it on. Erica climbed on the bed and assumed the position.while London took a seat across the room to enjoy the show.
I climbed on the bed and divided right in Erica pussy. I fucked Erica in every way and position I ever wanted a man to fuck me. But never did. Just being in this position of control had me ready to cum. I listened to Erica moans and followed the language her body was giving off. We fucked liked London wasn't even in the room. Switching positions and passionately kissing.
When Erica finally screamed I'm coming for the second time I pulled out and laid down on the bed next to her. London walked up to the bed smiling and lend over on to the bed and asked me "are you still mad at me?" "no," I said with a smile while trying to catch my breath. She lend into kiss me and i turned my head. "not mad at all. Kayden can have you. I want Erica." I said ask rolled over and kissed Erica.

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