Part 2: James and Latrice


In the five years, James and I had been together not once did I ever think that James would put his hands on me. I knew to ask him to leave his wife wasn’t going to be easy but never did I imagine that he was going to try and take my life over this bitch. In less than an hour i went from laying in bed admiring what i thought was the perfect man that I wanted to spend forever with; to waking up in a dark room with nothing but a slim bit of light shining through to me.

I eased myself up from laying on the floor to sitting leaning against the wall. I rubbed my neck as i heard. “Baby I'm home” in a joyful tone. I rolled my eyes because I knew i was Anotise voice. I tried to stand up to see where James had hidden me. As i tried to stand up the top of my head was greeted by a bunch of clothes. “This nigga got me in a closet,” I whispered to myself. 

I slide the clothes over and I stood up and looked through the cuts in the closet door that the light was shining through. “I'm in here honey,” James said as I watched him walk out the master suite bathroom in a towel. “This nigga not even smart he got me in his bedroom closet. I should just walk out” i said as I shook my head. As i prepared to walk out the closet boldly Antoise walked in the room. “Hey handsome,” she said before kissing James.

Something stopped me as I watched how James kissed her. It was completely different than the way he kissed me. He closed his eyes. Place his hand under her chin and brought her head up to him. He used his other hand to grab her ass and brought her in real close. “How was your trip?” he asked her as he took her hand and eased over to the bed after slowing and passionately kissed her. 

“It was ok. I got to minister to a lot of young girls this time which I love. Don’t get me wrong I love the mother and mature women in the church but it’s something about when I can tell a young lady I’m a first lady and a wife but I wasn’t always this perfect. Heck, I’m not perfect I make mistake but I also trust the process god has us going through.” She said to him. I rolled my eyes again while standing in the closet. She was so corny. 

Antoine was pretty I had to admit that. You had hazel eyes, long thick black hair, the tightest Coca Cola bottle shape, her boobies we small, and her ass was round but it had nothing on mine. She reminded me of all the video vixens, etc I use to see back in the day and try so hard to look like. Until I realized my dark skin, full lips, and big ass was who I was and would always be. 

“Baby you know I missed you?” James told her. “He wasn’t missing her when he was making love to me last night,” I whispered to myself. “Did you really?” She said in a flirty tone. “Yes. You know what I was thinking?” He said sitting on the edge of the bed with her standing between his legs. “What’s that?” She asked. “We should have a baby,” he said. Antoise face lite up as I grabbed my chest not believing what I had just heard. “Really?” She said. “Yes, the church is established and it’s about time we do it before the mother starts thinking we are having complications and want to lay hands on us and pray for us.” He said in a joking way. 

My head was spinning I tell this nigga I’m pregnant and he almost ends me! But never he’s offering a baby to this bitch! Why her? What about her was so much better than me. Was all I could think. “Baby are you sure we are ready for this?” She asked him. “Yes, we aren’t getting any younger and I refuse to be 50 trying to teach my child how to walk. Not to mention I love you, I’m in love with you. Our marriage has taken some beating but still, here we are stronger than ever. I got you and you got me no matter what. So with this strong foundation why not build on it.”

Antoise nodded her head. And then kissed him. “Well with that being said let me put my bags away and slip into something sexier and we can start trying.” She said starting to walk towards the closet. I stood up straight and bold and got myself together. When she open this closet door she wasn’t going to see me all broken. But I was going to make sure the site of me broke her.

 “Or instead I can just take this off of you and we can start right now,” James said grabbing her hand and pulling her back to me and kissing her. “Be my guest,” Antoise said. I watched with anger as James started to undress his wife. Kissing every inch of skin he released from her clothing. Once every inch of her clothing was on the floor James stood up and placed Antoise on the bed. Then he dropped down to his knees and place her legs on his shoulders and feast on her pussy. 

I stood in the closet watching and trying to put myself in Antoise's position. That should be me he was making love to, kissing passionately and offering a child to. This woman was getting what I deserved. Enjoying tricks that I had taught his. Just the sight of them made me want to cry and run. But I couldn’t leave the closet. Something had me trapped. I wanted to reach out and open the closet door but my hands wouldn’t move. 

So I stood there just watching him make love to her. From giving her head to ever stroke he gave her once he dropped his towel. I stood there and watched until they tired out and fell asleep naked in each other arms. I made sure I had all my clothes on besides my shoes. Once both of them were snoring I exit the closet. I stood on the side of the bed looking at them. “This just started a whole new game and I promise I’m going to win him in the end,” I whispered and then left the room. 

I snuck down the stairs and out the back door. I walked a few blocks before calling a lyft to pick me up. Once I was in the car I checked my phone I had a few texts from Nate telling me he loved me and different things but none asking where I was. Maybe that’s why I was over him he was so dumb. Your wife doesn’t come home all night and not once do you think to ask where she is or to pick up the phone and call you just text. 

When I pulled up in front of my house Nate’s car was gone. I figured he had to be at work. Which was perfect. I had time to go in the shower and get myself together before he got home. As I walked towards my door I heard my neighbor call out my name. “Latrice… Latrice” I stopped in my tracts annoyed but pulled my face together before I turned around to Ms. Sherry. “Good morning and Ms.Sherry” “good morning… are you ok love you look like you had a long night.” She said. “I’m fine I did have a long night I pick up a new job,” I lied to her… ms.sherry looked at me for a minute then she said “back in my day women we nurtured and took care of the home. While the husband did the providing.” I interrupted her and said “how the times have changed” “yes well I just wanted to give you this.” She said as she put her hand out with some plugin looking things in them? “What are these?” I asked her. “There for your lights you connect them to your lights set the timer and they automatically turn your lights on. That’s why when you not home it’s not so easy for robbers to know. I mean I watched your house for you last night since your husband and you weren’t home but I can’t…” I stopped her. “Nate wasn’t home?” I said to her. “Nope, I never saw his car pull in after you left in that lyft. It’s just been your car the whole night. My night started to wonder where the hell was his ass at. “Thank you so much Ms.Sherry for watching the house and for these plugs in I’ll connect them today but I got to get inside,” I said rushing off before she could say an anything else. 

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