Part 2 Green Eyed Devil

I sat in my car and took out my contacts, revealing my green eyes. This side of me I only showed to certain people because even at this age I hated what it reminded me of. “Let's get this shit over with,” I said. I got out of my car and walked inside. The sound of my heels on the concrete basement floors echoed as I made my way down the hallway. I opened the door to the back room and the cold air hit me.
I closed the door behind me and all eyes were on me. “Not her.” a dark skin nigga name Sha said as he sat in the middle of the floor tied to a chair. I suede my hips as I slowly walked to where he was. My eyes may have been my daddy but the body I had was all my momma.
I motioned and one of my workers brought over a chair and sat it in front of Sha. I sat down and crossed my legs exposing up to my thigh due to the evening gown I had on. “So your reaction lets me know that you know who I am. But let me properly introduce myself. I'm lauren.” I said smiling. “Who doesn’t know the green eyed Devil herself?” Sha said.
“Green eyed devil? I’ve been called a lot of stuff but that one was the first,``I said looking around the room and laughing. Sha rolled his eyes.
“What do you want with me? Why am I here?” he asked. “Well lets not play stupid Sha. you know who I am so that means you know who my momma is. WHich means you have pieced two and two together on why I had my boys find you and why I left a party with people in an income bracket you couldn’t even imagine; to be sitting in front of you. In other words, I’m here because you're fucked.” I said looking at him. The men in the room all whispered in agreement, some even with smirks on their faces.
“Listen, I'm going to get your mom her money,” he said. “See the issue is that you telling us you are going to get it has fallen on deaf ear because you have done it yet and it's been about what seven weeks?” I said then looking back at my guys. “Yeah seven weeks.” one said. “Seven weeks? Damn my momma must like you if it's been that long. I mean you are a cutie. But see being cute won't get you far with me especially when the street telling me you are playing in my damn face.”
The look on Sha's face let me know he was scared but was going to pretend to be tough. “I don't know what you're talking about.” he said. “Oh okay well let me help you. Because I like helping people. Word on the street is you sold the product and had the money. Said that you weren’t paying that bitch anything and went and connected with a new connect.” I said.
Sha didn’t say anything but he swallowed hard. I turned around and said “give me a gun” “yo yo yo,” sha said as one of my guys stepped up and handed me his gun. “Now Sha i paid $2,500 for this dress and I would love to leave her without getting it messed up but that's all up to you. Where is Kira’s money?” “i don’t have it” He answered. “Wrong answered,” i said as I reach out and slapped him with the gun with all my might causing blood to fly from his mouth.
“You cold hearted bitch” he said as he turned back towards me. “You know i’ve been called worse by better. And just so we clear it Ms. Cold hearted bitch” I said to him. “Its only fucking $3,000 i owe her.” he said. “It blows me how its always broke mutha fucker that will put the word only in front of a dollar amount like its suppose to make it minor when they broke ass don’t have it.” i said and then hit him again.
This time when he turned back to me anger was all over his face. “Fuck you, tell your mom to come down here and handle me herself,” he said as he spits out blood. “Now why would I do that when handling this shit is so much more fun,” I said smiling before landing two more hits. She was sitting in the chair with his head back breathing heavily. “Now Sha I'm looking good and feeling good. Let's keep it that way; you need to figure out where you can get the money or who can give it to you right now. Your fucking life depends on it.” I said.
“I ain't got it,” he said. I stood up and got close to Sha so our eyes were locked. I placed the gun on his temple and told him “wrong answer.” and let three bullets off. His body went limp. “Clean this shit up. And go get his momma. There's no peace for his family until my mom gets her money.” I said as I walked to the door.
I walked out and my heart was racing the same way it was the night of my first kill. I quickly used the bottom of my dress to wipe Sha's blood that got on my face off. I didn't care how good I was at this or how many times I did this shit it just didn’t feel normal.
I left and headed straight home. I didn't want anyone to see me without my contacts on or covered in blood. I arrived home ready to get rid of all clues of tonight and go back to the real estate agent Lauren that the world knew.
But I was stopped when I got to the stairs and found my mom drunk and passed out. People thought they saw less of her now because she handed shit down to me. But the truth was she spent most of her time drunk and was not the Kira I used to look up to. “Mom! Mom! Mom!” I said as I shook her.
Her eyes opened and she smiled at me. “Von,” she said and I rolled my eyes as I helped her up off the floor. “No momma you drunk it, Lauren,” I said. This was exactly why I wore contacts.
Her facial expression changed. “What you doing here didn’t I ship you off to finishing school.” she said. “Momma im 21 ive been home from school for a while now.” she snatched away from me and tried to stand up straight and wipe her face. “Where's my money?” she asked.
I shook my head; in seconds she went from being too drunk to remember I wasn’t her baby daddy to now she remembers she sent me to get money for her. “He didn’t have it,” I said. She backhanded me so quickly that I almost fell down the stairs. I turned back to her ready to choke her. She looked me up and down with disgust all over her face. “What the fuck do i keep you around for if you can’t handle the task I give.”
“I wish Von killed you instead of you killing him. or I should of killed you instead of sending you off to school” she said. I turned and looked away from her. I killed people but yet somehow my mother knew actually what to say to break me. “But he didn’t and nether did you. Instead you sent me to school to be your own personal killer and that what you got.” I said to her as I turned back. “You looking at me like you wanna do something.” she said to me. I looked at her for a few more moments and then finally said “let's get you into bed.” The anger in me was still battling the broken teenage girl in me and I was ready to cry.
I helped my mom up to her room and got her into bed. After taking medicine to prevent a hang-over in the morning she was fast asleep. As she slept I stood over her bed with a pillow in my hands thinking about the night I went from being her daughter to nothing to her. Everything in me wanted to do her like I did Von.

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