Part 2 Dawn and Micha

”Baby, you okay?” Micha asked when we had finally heard the front door closed and were alone. ”hell no I hate having to fire a gun. That shit scares me.” I told him as I walked out of my office and to the front door to lock it and Micha followed me. The petty back of me wanted to throw in there that I only pulled the gun because I knew his weak ass wouldn't. But I figured it wasn't the time to take low blows. I couldn't be mad about something he wouldn’t do when I knew he was not about that life when I met him. “We got to call the cops,” I said as i walked back to my office to get my cell. “no, no we don’t,” Micha said as i heard him rushing up behind me. I turned and looked at him and he looked at me crazy. “Yes, we do I have to report that my business was almost robbed I told him. “Bae the Keyword is almost but it didn’t happen baby everything is good we are good.” He said. “No thanks to you” i mumbled. “what ?” Micha asked. “Micha what about the damn wholes in my wall?” I asked pointing to them.
Micha looked me in my eyes “It will be okay.” “no it won’t,” i told him. “Okay so we call the police. They get here, what we gonna tell the cops after we tell them the whole story and they know that you shot at a possible robber with a unregistered hun. Or how do we explain all the damn money in the safe? We do that then we will be in jail and there will be no grand opening tomorrow.” He told me. Micha was right we were black and the cops would find any reason to make us the bad guys even though we are the victims. “I don’t want to have the grand opening tomorrow.” I said as I went around my desk and closed the safe.
“Baby relax you can still have your opening tomorrow these two wholes in the wall won’t stop that. It’s in the office so no one will see it we can get someone to fill the wholes in and paint it will be as good as new.” He said “Nah I don’t want to do it period I don’t feel safe. I’ll let them come and put the cameras in tomorrw and i’m adding a security system and from here on out when my last client arrives that door will be locked. I will park my car right at theback door that way im going out and right into the car. Now let’s go home.” I said. Micha was silent i grabbed my purse and walked out of the office.
As we rode home something just didn’t sit well with me. My mom always told me to trust my gut. Micha didn’t even try to defend me. Scared or not Even stupid niggas try to be tough for the girl to prove they love her. But Micha just stood there not to mention who tries to rob someone with an empty gun. Only fens did shit like that. And I paid very close attention to details. The person that came into my shop had on a gold chain, a fresh pair of timbs and some Levi jeans i could still see the fold crease in. something just wasn’t right and i was going to get to the bottom of it even if i had to put my ears to the street.
I looked over at Micha and he was bouncing to the music as he drove like shit didn’t almost get a little sticky 30 mins ago. “Yo,” i said to him getting his attention “yes?” he answered “do you love me?” i asked him. Micha turned and looked at me with a smirk on his face and put his hand under my chin with his thumb touching my lip “don't i always tell you i love you” he answered. In my mind, I was thinking not lately. But i nodded my head yes. “What would you have done if i would have shot that man tonight?” i asked him. We would have handled it just like we handle everything else baby. You know how we do I got you and you got me together we are unstoppable.” he said in between looking and me and the road. I nodded my head again and looked out the window.
When We got home all I wanted to do was shower and go to bed. But I first needed a drink because my mind was going a million miles per hour and something in me was thinking Micha was up to no good. As I stood in the kitchen throwing back my drink Micha walked in and wrapped his arms around me. “You think I could get some tonight?” He asked as he grinds up against me a little bit. “Not tonight that shit at the shop got me a little shaken up.” I told him. “I can help relax you,” he said then kissing my neck.
“Not tonight please. I’m a go upstairs shower and go to bed.” I told him as I took my drink and walked off. I could feel hun staring a hole into the back of my head but i didn’t care I could fuck someone I didn’t know if I should trust and I damn sure didn’t want to accuse him and make an ass out of myself.
I went upstairs and waited to see if he would follow me. Normally when I denied him Micha would be on my heels trying to change my mind. But he never came upstairs I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I was just about to get in when I realize I left I’m towel in the bedroom. I stepped out of the bathroom and I heard Micha downstairs talking but it was almost like he was whispering. I went to the top of the stairs to try to hear her better. “Yeah she in the shower so we got to make this quick. She don’t want to have her opening tomorrow so we might have to change plans.” I smiled thinking Micha had a step up a surprise for my grand opening until I kept listening “bad why the fuck would you send your dumb ass brother in there to rob the place with a empty gun and why was he fucking late. He was supposed to get there before me. Now I got to figure something else out because she’s gonna add cameras and a security system and shit is going to become harder to get the money. And once she cleans the $10,000 and give it to the plug and then my window to get the bread and leave this bitch will be gone because she’s not getting another pack. And i want it all I want the money that littl nail salon making her and the drug money. Then I can go to the lug myself and make sure that we are set.” He said
I stood at the top of the stairs grinding my teeth together. I could care less the nigga wanted to leave me for another bitch but the fact that he thought he was going to leave with anything of mine was a whole other ball game. But I wasn’t going to lose my cool bring in the game taught me knowledge was power and when I was done Micha ass wasn’t even gonna walk away with the clothes I put on his back and that’s if I let him walk away.

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