Part 2: Collins Family

I knew every family had issues and I didn’t think mine was above them. But this Thanksgiving was opening a pandora box. “This is my family!” It seemed like Asia words rung through the house even once she was gone and sat there in silence. I always knew Asia loved us, but it wasn’t until this very moment that I realize how deep her love was for us. We were so close in age, but Asia grew up quick, so I didn't have to. She sacrificed so much for us even her dream college, and we never said thank you, and she never asked for one.

   “So sir when do you plan to ask my daughter for her hand in marriage.” My mom said to my date breaking the silence. “No, see this what we’re not going to do,” I said. ”Renee what wrong?” my dad asked. ”Her! She what's wrong. You walk in here after 16 years and don't even bother to say you're sorry for abandoning us. Then you hurt the one person that stepped in your shoes and made sure we were good, and now you want to go on with the conversation like nothing happen. No.” I said. “Renee show me some respect I am your mother, that's not even your sister.” she said. “she’s not my sister? Why because we don’t share the same DNA. Well, I share DNA with you, and I don’t feel like we are family at all.” I said to her.

“Everyone relax.” my dad said. “You are completely letting these kids disrespect me,” she said to my dad. Everyone sat at the table silently looking at my mom I think we were all trying to understand how the hell was it about her. Finally, she asked. “why is Y'all looking at me like that?” “because you just don’t get it. today wasn’t about you, and you somehow made it that way.” I said. “Reene what do you mean. I just told her…” I stopped her. “No, you tried to hurt Asia; like you haven’t already hurt us enough. So round of applause to you, you did it, mom, congrats.” I said. “But she was acting like she was Y'all mother.” my mom said. “you wanna know why because she was for a long time because you left,” I said. “Renee I left to help Y'all. I went and worked to make y'all live better.” she said. “I never saw the fruit of that labor.” daddy said.  “you don't get it. Do you even know how you are leaving affected us. do you know what Asia gave up to make sure we were good.” Porchia said. “But I’m your mom,” she yelled. “No your our mother. You gave birth to us, and for that, we are ever grateful. But my mom figure and my role model just walked out of here hurt. I watch that girl hold this house down while daddy work to make sure we were good. When you first left daddy was sick. No one knew why but Asia kept the house together. We never missed a meal, she was at every dance try out, and anything else I can remember. She stayed up late night helping us with homework or doing it for us so we could get a good grade. She was there for my first everything. There a level of respect I have for her that is passed a sister bond that's why it was important that Jovan asked her for my hand in marriage as well as asked daddy because she’s my sister, but she’s the only mom I know. You gave that up that right being selfish.

Mommy looked around “Y'all are acting like Asia just so perfect there was a reason I didn’t want Asia here. she was an evil and mean little girl and your daddy couldn’t see that.” daddy looked down and shook his head at what she said.  “at the end of the day she’s his child just as much as we are. so if we belonged her so did she. only a selfish woman would ask a man to cut tie with a child he had before she enters his life. and mom since you want to be so honest. you were that nice to Asia either. I remember plenty of time you are talking Porchia and me to take pictures or do fun stuff and not letting Asia be apart just making her watch. Or times when you sent her to bed hungry and crying because she didn’t honestly eat what you cooked. So you can’t just blame Asia when you never tried to make the walls and build a relationship with her. because when you left Asia became way happier.” I said to her.

mommy looked at Nick “baby do you feel the same as your sisters?” she asked him. “honestly…. I don’t know you. you left when I was two. All I know is my sisters especially Asia has done everything for me and put me first. she was there when I learned to ride a bike. when I got into my first fist fight, it was her out there willing to fight with me and for me. When I broke my arm on the football field, it was her that did 90 to get me to the hospital. Not to mention all the other stuff she had done for me.

I could see that my mom fought back the tears. “so Y'all just going to make me out to be the bad guy and her the saint.” she said. “this is nothing like that. what are you talking about?” I asked. “it is so because I left I’m the bad guy.” she said. “Cassandra you're not getting what these kids are saying to you. Nor are your seeing that what you just did to my daughter. I’m a say this once and once only. None of my children are the reason your left or this marriage fail. That's all on you. Take a look in the mirror and correct yourself. We are too damn old for this. You left because you cheated and thought you were going to get a better life on the other side. But you found out that, the man didn’t want you as his main woman and instead of facing what happens you kept running from your family. Today is suppose to be about giving thanks. I opened my door to you think you were coming to correct your wrongs and try to build with my child and you just ran my daughter out of a place she is supposed to feel the safest at.  If you want to know why Asia was so mean back, then it was because her mom was abusing her. So no she didn’t come in this situations with open arm to someone being her new mom when her real one hurt her so bad. Had you took the time out to get to know her and love her you would have found that out. But that was my fault for bringing you into my baby life. I wanted to be in love so bad that I settled for you. And when you let it damn near killed me cause I felt like I failed as a husband cause couldn’t do something right because you were cheating and I felt like I failed as a father because my kids were now growing up motherless. The only good thing that came out of my marriage to you is that I got these beautiful kids that are my life. At this point, you can excuse yourself from the table, and you can leave.” that the first time I ever heard my dad speak in that way. My mother sat there just looking. “this is all about I am going to check on my wife.” Asia’s husband said. “Bro I am going with you.” I said as I got up from the table. “me too” Porchia said. “we are all going as soon as Cassandra leave.” my dad said.


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