Part 2: Chauncey and Yolanda

The ride home was very silent and all I could do was look out the window and think about Neshay’s words and the pamphlet the doctor had given me. As we got closer to my apartment my stomach started to get tight. “I’m going to leave him.” i turned and said to Neshay as she drove. “What?” she said back to me. “I’m going to leave Chauncey.” I said to her “That's good. But are you sure that's what you want to do?” she asked me. “After all that talking, you just did you going to ask me am I sure? I would have been expecting you to be jumping for joy.” I said to her as I looked at her sideways. “ I am happy to believe me. But I don't want you to do it just because you want me to get off your back;  I want you to do it because you want to. Cause if you do it for me you will feel some type of way towards me later down the line and I don't want that for our friendship.” she said.

   “Honestly I'm doing this for Jamya. She deserves more than this. This whole time I have been thinking about some of the stuff you said and your right this isn’t love. Not for me or her. Chauncey knew I was at the hospital and he hasn’t bothered to text or even call me to ask was I okay or even bring his ass up there to make sure his daughter was okay. If this is how he is acting already what am I suppose to expect when Jamya actually gets here.” I said to her. “Honestly he’s going to give this same energy when she gets here. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and acts like a duck then its a duck boo. Right now Chauncey is showing signs of being someone that just doesn’t give a fuck.” Neshay said.

   Neshay was right and as we arrived at my apartment I knew exactly what I needed to do. When Neshay put the car in park I sat there looking at the door to my building. “You want me to come in with you, just in case he tries something when you tell him?” Neshay asked. “No, if you're there when I tell him he will get defensive,” i said as i got out the car slowly. “Well make sure you get some rest. Don’t do it tonight feel you don’t feel like your up to it. And remember I am always here for you.” Neshay said to me. “I know and I love you bestie,” I said to her smiling. “I love you too,” she said and then I closed the door.  

   I got to my apartment door and I took a deep breath. I could hear the tv on so I knew Chauncey was home. I opened the door and there he was with his high yellow ass laying across my damn couch in his boxers like everything was all good. I came in and closed the door. “Where you been?” he asked. I looked at him for a few minutes trying to understand if he was really acting like a few hours ago I wasn’t just balled up in a corner from him beating on me before he ran off with my car. “I went to the hospital,” i said to him finally. “For what?” he said sitting up. “To make sure the baby was okay,” i said back to him. “What's wrong with the baby?” he asked me “Are you serious right now? Chauncey you don’t remember beating my ass a few hours ago? I went to the hospital to make sure our daughter wasn’t affected by that.” i said to him with an attitude. “I didn’t even hit you that hard and I didn’t hit you in your stomach,” he said. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “You didn’t hit me that hard Chauncey are you serious? You shouldn’t be hitting me at all! And just so you know you did hit me in the stomach and I got the marks to prove it.” i said as I pulled up my stomach to show him the imprint of his ring on my stomach.

   Chauncey's mouth started to tighten up. “So you went to that hospital telling on me?” he asked as he got off the couch. “Never once did I say I went and did anything like that I went to make sure Jamya was good because I was in a lot of pain,” i said. “Mmhm,” he said. I started to talk past him and Chauncey grabbed me. “Yoyo you know I love you right?” he asked me. I just looked at him and said nothing. “Sometimes i just get mad and I don't mean to hit you it just happens but I promise not to do it again. I care about you and Jamya safety. I'm going to do better to control my anger. Give me a kiss he said to him.” his words were sweet but all ones i had heard before and I was all good on talking i needed action.  “i have to go to the bathroom.” i said pulling away from him.

I walked to the bathroom and closed the door. I sat on the toilet all i could was think to myself this man is crazy and has completely lost his mind. I got to get him the fuck up and out of here. I took my phone out and texted Shay because she was the only person that came to mind. Please keep your phone near you. I haven’t told Chauncey yet. but he has been giving me some odd vibes since i got in the house and I’m a little scared but I  still plan to tell him before the night is over and I may need you. I sent the text and then sat there a little longer waiting for her to text back. Once I got her okay message i decided I was going to go lay down for a few while I plan how I was going to tell Chauncey this info and keep me and my unborn child safe at the same time.

When I opened the bathroom door I jumped. Chauncey was standing in the hallway staring at me. “I didn't hear you pee,” he said. “Huh?” i said back to him. “You said you had to go to the bathroom. But I didn't hear you pee or the toilet flush or your wash your hands,” he said. “I tried to go but nothing came out its apart of being pregnant I feel like I have to pee all the time and sometimes nothing comes out,” i said to him trying to brush past the conversation. “Mmhm, can i get my kiss now?” he asked. I looked into Chauncey eyes and fear came over me. I kissed him and then quickly tried to walk away.

Chauncey pulled my arm back to him “What you cooking for dinner?” he said with his arm wrapped around me. “Nothing,  I’m a go lay down because I'm still in some pain,” i said to him. “So what am I supposed to eat,” he asked me. “Chancey you can leave and go get food. It's not that difficult. I don’t feel well and I'm going to go lay down.” i said to him. “Oh so now you want me to leave. Why? So you can have your new man in here. that what you were probably just in the bathroom doing texting the next nigga to come over here.”  I looked at Chauncey confused. “What are you talking about?” I said. “Don’t act stupid bitch. You walk in here talking about you been at the hospital. But your lips look like you been sucking dick. Then ya sneaky ass talking about you have to go to the bathroom but you didn’t. Now your ass can’t cook and you oh so tired. You ass must have been fucking another nigga.” he said.

   “Chauncey let me go I'm not about to do this with your ass. I said to him. “I’m not letting you go nowhere until you tell me the truth,” he said wrapping his arm around me tighter. “Chauncey I told you the truth. You just thinking otherwise,” i said to him. “So now you saying I’m crazy?” Chauncey asked. “I never said you were crazy but you are acting like it and you're squeezing me really tight and it starting to hurt,” I said to him. “Crazy? I’ll show you crazy,” he said as his eye jumped a little and then he slapped me down to the floor. “Now get your ass in that kitchen an cook,” he said to me. “Chauncey that's your last time putting your hands on me you need to get your stuff and get out,” i said as I held my face.

“Bitch I'm not going nowhere.” but you're going to this kitchen,” he said then grabbing me by my hair and dragging me through the apartment to the kitchen. I scream as loud as I could “Someone help me. Help!” when Chauncey got me to the kitchen he let me go as I hit the stove. “Bitch shut up. Aint nobody helping you,” he said. “Chauncey please just leave and let me be,” i said to him. “Bitch I'm not leaving so some other nigga can be in here. I’ll kill you,” he said. My eyes got big. “How could you say that to the mother of your child?” i asked him.

“Fuck that baby i told you i didn’t want it because of I'm not even sure its mine,” he said to me. “Then why stick around to have a baby in your life that you don’t believe is yours I'm giving you the opportunity to go ahead and leave,” i said to him. “Bitch say something about me leaving again and watch what i do to you. I love you and I’ll be damned if you're with anyone else,” he said as he grabbed the knife from the dish rack.

My heart started to beat fast as I look in Chancey's eyes and realize I no longer saw someone i knew. Shit was real and i was scared. All I could think was if he would leave I had to get out of here. I eased my way off the ground and Chancey back up off of me probably thinking I was going to cook as he demanded. Instead, I took off trying to run and scream for help. But Chancey stopped me at the door and blocked it. “I told you to shut the fuck up.” i heard him say before I felt a sharp pain in my back.

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