Part 2: Brook, Tip and Sydney

God I know we haven’t talked in a while and I have done things that I know you probably aren’t pleased about. But please help me find a way out. This was had turned into a daily pray I had after meeting with Sydney and her word synced into my head.

My heart desired nothing more then to be free from Tip’s world. But I couldn’t honesty see a way out. I was tied to this man and honesty it was no ones fault but my own. I can’t seem to see nothing outside of the scars Tip has caused me.

I could honestly say I knew how Tina Turner finally felt. I loved this man but this love was going to be the death of m and I am fighting to save me and my baby. After praying so many times I mustered up the strength to talk to Tip.

“Tip can we talk?” I said as I entered the bedroom we shared. He was sitting on the edge of the bed playing PS4 so I already knew he was going to have a attitude about me interrupting. “Brook if its about little man sneakers I didn’t forget man. I got caught up with some shit today and I’ll get them tomorrow.” He said quick and snappy.

I stood behind him and shock my head and rolled my eyes. I wasn’t surprised that another thing I asked him to do was not done. I had heard excuses like this so often that I already knew that I would here it again for the next few days until I get tired of hearing it and went and did it myself.

Then sooner or later what had him so caught up would come out because one his loud mouth hoes of the week will get mad because he’ll move on to the next hoe of the week and leave her high and dry with no good bye. And she’ll find her way to my inbox to tell me how my baby daddy ain’t shit and how she was fucking him so good while he was suppose to be doing stuff for my son.

I even had one chick go so far as to tell me that when my son was sick before and in the hospital; and I was blowing up Tip’s phone she turned it off because I was fucking up her nut. I made it my business to caught that bitch outside when I didn’t have my baby with me. It wasn’t because she was fucking Tip. Everyone in this damn city has fucked, is fucking or will fuck Tip. That was no longer a prize. That fucked him while completely knowing about me.

But for this bitch to tell me she turned off his phone when my baby needed both of his parents that a no go. No one will stand between my son and his father I will never let no hoe do that. I will be like Bob the builder and bulldoze a bitch first.

“Nah it ain’t even about the sneakers. I want to have a conversation with you while my mom got Traviss.” I told him. Tip hit pause on his game. “ugh what hoe done inboxed you now” he said sounding annoyed. “its not about no one but me and you… I think its time we talk about separating and just co-parenting Travis.”

“Bitch what nigga you fucking that done got in your head” Tip said upset. “I’m not fucking no one because I’m on meds from the Chlamydia you gave me for the third time.” I said to him with a attitude.  Tip stood up “you aint get that shit from me my dick clean. So who your hoeing ass been fucking?” I looked at Tip. “You’re a dummy. Have you even been checked lately.”

Tip walked to me “Bitch my dick not leaking, burning or itching. I’m good” he said. “dummy” I yelled while shouting my hands up in the air. Tip slapped me. Now I must has lost my mind because before I knew it my hans flew back and I back hand Tip. As Tip hand lifted to start beating on me there was a knock at the door. It had to be nothing but god.

I rushed past Tip. I opened the front door and there my mother stood holding my son in her hands. “hey momma.” I kissed her on the cheek and took the baby. My mom came in. Tip came rushing out the bedroom. “who’s at the door.. hello Mrs. Wilson.” He said as he turned the cirner into the living room and seen my mom standing there. “Hello Tevon” my momma said  with an attitude it was no secret that she didn’t care for Tip.

He walked over and gave me  a kiss on the forehead like everything was all good. With his back facing my momma he told me “I’m going out for a while, hen I get back we’ll fnish our talk.” His voice was gentle but his face was saying other wise.

When he left, me and momma had a sit on the couch. I started to take the baby out of his chair while my mom spoke to me “baby are you alright?” I mustered up a smilr “yeah momma everything is fine. “ I told her. My momma shock her head.” I know what a hurting woman when I see one, more importantly I know when my baby is hurting. “I’m your momma girl now tell me whats wrong.”

The tears flowed from my eyes. “This is not what I thought I’d be going through at this point in my life. I just don’t know what to do to get him to love me the way I love him. Or for him to love this family we created.” I cired out to her. “ baby you can’t make any man do anything he doesn’t want to do or isn’t ready to do. If he doesn’t love you and this baby so be it. You love you enough for the both of yall and you get up and stop being a door mat. Wipe yourself off and rebirth the beautiful women that you have caged for him. You have the potential to be a wife to any lucky man. Doesn’t keep pushing to try to make it him, when he is showing you that’s not what he wants. The bible says he who findth a wife finds a good thing. But baby you have to let him find you. You chased this boy and I said nothing because you are grown and have to live your life. But this boy think you need him and you don’t his presence is not required in your life. This is a lesson, learn from it and move on. God put you here for a reason.” She told me.

My had a way of preach to me when I needed it the most. Guess that was just the christain in her. “Momma how do I move on when he’s in my house.” I asked her. “you pack him up like a unwanted package and you return him to sender.” She said with a straight face. As she got up and went to the kitchen. “baby just because your broken doesn’t mean that you still don’t have value. Now what do you want me to cook? Seems like you need a good meal” she said as she opened the cabitent. “anything you cook is fine with me. I said as I change travis diaper.

Time went on and my mom threw down in the kitchen: fried chicken, yams, baked mac n cheese, rice, black eye peas and corn bread. I didn’t even know I had all thar in my kitchen. I set the table and we sat down for a mother daughter dinner just like old times. We did this more before I got with Tip. once me and Tip got together it seemed like everytime me and my mom planned a mother daughter day he did something to keep it from happening; he’d refused to watch the baby or have emergency I have to go help him with all types of stuff.

As we sat at the table and at my mom said to me”baby if I never told you before; I am proud of you. I have watched you go above and beyond to be super mom to this baby. I know being a mom isn’t easy and I know that boy doesn’t help you. But you are doing so good and you have such a happ baby to prove it. You are so strong and I love you.”

I smiled from ear to ear. I wanted to be such a great mom for Travis. There was day I thought I was falling short because of the way Tip talked down to me. But it was always my promise that I would do anything no matter how for my son. No matter how beat down and burised I was under my mom uniform. “thank you mommy. That means the world coming from you.” I said.

“We talked more and soon it was time for my mom to go. As we sat on the couch and she gathered her self. I sat there thinking and then I turned and asked her “Mom can Travus stay eith you tonight? I got something I have to do tonight that is important.” She looked at me for a few seconds and then said “sure baby.”

Once my mom and the baby was gone I put my plan into attention. I fixed Tip a plate from the food my mom had made and then I set the table for a candle light dinner. I made the rest of the house feel real romantic before going to get dress. I put some lingerie and a long silk black robe. Then I played the waiting game.

When Tip came into the house I was sitting at the dinning room table smiling. “Welcome home. Have a sit and eat up.” I greeted him. Tip looked at me side ways as he slowly took a seat. He looked at the food and then looked at me. “eat up. There nothing wrong with it my momma made ot.” I said to him.

That must had been the relif he need to loosen up because he doug right in after a said that. With a mouth full of food he looked at me and said “you must have known I was coming home to kick your ass for ealier. This a good beginning to your apology.” I smiled and stood up. I started to walk around the table to the side Tip was sitting on. “yes baby I am so sorry.” I said to him.

“you better be. Since you so sorry when I am done eating you can give me some head.” He said to me. I rolled my eyes as I stood behind him and rubbed one of my hands acoss his shoulder. “ Aww baby I can’t do that.” I said to him. “why not” Tip said still talking with a mouth full of food. I pulled the bucher knife out thqt I have tucked in the back of my panties. As I pulled Tips head back I put the Knife to his throat and said “because your getting out of here tonight.” I said boldly.

For the first time Tip seemed to be the scared bitch. It was nice to see the roles had changed. “Brook what the fuck man Are you crazy?” he yelled trying to pull away from me. I grabbed him tight and pressed the knife if a little. “Shit I just might be after being your sorry ass punching bag. But that ends tonight. Either you are going to leave her willingly or by force with me endng up on a eposide of snapped. I told him.

Tip tired to get out the chair, causing me to jump back and cutting the left side of his face as I moved. Tip grabbed his face as he yelled “you bitch.: he came charging towards me hold his face. I screamed out “Tip I was stub ypu if I have to” he reached out for me and I swung the knife cutting his innrer hand. Tip just leave” I pleaded to him.

He stood there squeezing his hand”bitch we got a son together you cant put me out his life or just get rid of me.” He said wirh anger in his voice. “ I am no taking him from you. When you can be a proper male figure in his life then you can be apart of your SON’S LIFE. But me and you are done. I said to him. Tip looked at me and said “so… so you going to leave me like my mom and these other hoes did? This why I treat you bitches the way I do now.”

This man looked so different in my eyes now. “Tip this all over your issue with your mom? Man you got to grow up and deal with have a child now. Let it go and move on. Be a better parent then she was to you” I said. I pointed the knife and said “now get out!”

“brook I will leave for now but know that I am coming back for everything that belongs to me including you and my son.” He said as he walked to the door. I walke behind him holding the knife tight. Once he was out the door I rushed and locked it and put the chain on it. I lend against the door and slid down to the floor. I cired. The tears had so many different emotionals behind them joy, sadness but most of all fear. “God whats next?”

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