Part 2: Brandon and Ja’la

“Brandon please hold on. you got to make it. I know you can make it through this. I love you with all my heart. I don’t want to be in a world without you. there’s so much I wanted to always say to you that I’ve been holding in. like that I simply love you. what we have is more than just sex to me, it's more than just a friendship, I am completely unconditionally, purely, and truly in love with you. so you got to pull through this so I can tell you this when you can hear me.” I whispered in Brandon’s ear as we road to the hospital. I never thought in a million years we would be here and that my time with Brandon could possibly be cut short.

   after a great date, this was how my night was going to end. Was this God's way of telling me to slow down and be patient that Brandon was the person for me. I didn't understand why this was happening. Brandon has never been in a violent situation like this before. He was normally the person that tried to make peace of thing at all cost. This couldn’t be his end. How was I going to tell his daughter that she was going to be fatherless due to a damn house party?

when we got to the hospital they rushed Brandon into surgery. I called his mom to give her the news. I wish I never had to wake Connie up with this news. I could hear how frantic she was when I told her, but she said she would be to the hospital in a few. I paced back and forth waiting for her to arrive and them to give me some type of information on how Brandon was doing.

   when Ms.Connie walked in the first thing I did was hugged her because she honestly looked like she needed it. As we embraced I did everything in my power not to cry. when we separated she looked me in eyes and said. “what happened Ja’la?” she asked. “I’m not 100% sure. I wasn’t there with him when everything happened. When we talked earlier he told me that he was going to this house party with a girl name Paris. I had a date of my own so I didn’t get to the party until they had Brandon on the stretcher. But everyone was telling me was that two guys were fighting. one thing led to another and then one guy start shooting and Brandon got hit with a bullet that wasn’t even meant for him. I hoped in the ambulance with him so he wouldn’t be alone and as soon as we got here they took him back to surgery.” I said to her. “have they come out and told you anything yet about how he is doing?” she asked me. “No, not yet. “ I answered.

just as I said that a nurse came out “Hello are you the family of Brandon Smith?” she asked. “Yes, I’m his mother.” Ms. Connie answered. “I am Lisa the nurse working with your son along the side of some great doctors. as of right now they are still working on your son in surgery. the bullet is really close to his spin and they are trying to do everything possible to remove it. But because he is losing a lot of blood we need these papers filled out so we can have all his information on file and possibly see if you are a match to donate blood.” she said. “do you know if he's going to be okay?” Ms.Connie asked. “right now I don't. once the paperwork is filled out and we can work on him more a doctor will be able to come out and give you the answers you are looking for.” she said.

when the nurse walked away Ms.Connie slowly walked over to a seat and sat down like everything she had in her was just sucked out of her. I went and joined her. she took a deep breath and looked down at the clipboard that the nurse had handed her. she started to fill out the paperwork. she was doing good until got to the do not resuscitate page. she dropped her pen and the clipboard and closed her eyes. she started to shake.  grabbed her and hugged her tight. as we hugged I heard Ms. Connie start to pray. “Lord Jesus I am coming to humbly asking you to please spare my baby’s life. he’s all I have lord and my heart is not ready to bury him. I know you have the final say so and you never fail. so I ask you to touch anyone that touches or comes in contact with my son. let this work out for his good. My son shall live and not die. In your name I pray amen.” she said “amen” I said in agreement with her pray.

I picked up the clipboard off the floor and started to fill out the rest of the paper. you know realize how much you know about a person or how much you invest in knowing someone until moments like this. I knew so much about Brandon that I could fill the medical paperwork out for him with no problem. once I was done filling in the paper I handed the papers in and came back to sit with Brandon’s mom.

“Ja’la my son should really be with you. he’s running around here trying to be a player because he had that baby with Mya and was so in love with her and she broke his heart. I mean just like its no one but you and me here for him right now. I know word done traveled to Mya that my baby is in this hospital and that little hoe hasn’t even bothered to call to make sure he was okay. even if it was for the sake of being able to tell my grandbaby some news about her dad. but it's okay stupid hoes like her don’t realize that dead baby daddy’s don’t pay child support.” Ms.Connie said randomly. “Aww, Ms.Connie I am honored that you think that highly of me,” I said to her. “I always have a baby you're like a daughter to me. you’ve around for some much with our family. I love you because I know you unconditionally love my son and want nothing but the best for him.” she said. “of course he’s my best friend.” I said. “girl who you fooling. I’ve seen how you look at my son your in love with that boy. he just too dumb to see it. But don’t hold that to his heart, hold it to his head baby. men are guilty of the just being plain stupid but eventually they get it together little by little” she said.

as she spoke the doctor came out. he walked over to us and smiled. “ma’am I am Dr. Samuel Cage, your son is a fighter. we were able to stop all the bleed and get him stable. the only thing is we were not able to remove the bullet but we are very sure that it will not move or affect him in any negative way and he will still be able to walk. he is stable and on his way to a room for recovery. Before the doctor could even walk away we started jumping up and down. then Connie went into a full praise break as if she was at church. I wasn’t even mad at her. she spoke life into a dead situation on her son’s behalf and now here we are. I couldn’t lie I was praising the lord on the inside too

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