Part 2: Ashely, Marcus, and Robin

Closing the door on Marcus was hard. It took everything in me not to chase this man down the street and carry his bags in my house. Sad part is I don’t want him here because I’m in love with him or even cared about him; I am just scared to have this baby alone.

But I kept my head on right. I knew I would have karma to deal with for the hurt I probably caused in Ashely life but when the conversation was happening I wasn’t thinking of that. All I could think was I’m going to be a new mom and the guy I made this baby with is playing house with another women. Fact is I am going to have to fix what I have done but right now this baby in me is the only thing that matters to me.

My first trimester seemed to blow by. I did a lot of thinking and shaping my life to fit my new addition. But as I did it, I was finding out stuff about myself that I didn’t even know. I never knew how scared I was to bring a kid into this world to be raised the same way I was, FATHER-LESS.

When I hit eight weeks it was time for my first ultra sound of my peanut. When I got to the doctors office I was completely unlike the other parents. I sat there with no smile on my face, plams sweaty and fearful. Walking down the hall to the room was like waiting to a electric chair. Was I doing the right thing bringing the baby of a tragic love affair into this world.

As I laid on the table the test was painless but emotional. Everything became real at that moment. When I seen this little thing that was going to be growing in me it clicked for me. I promised to be the best mother I could be  no matter the situation.

So I reached out to Marcus. I was determine to give my baby a good life. So Marcus and I would have to figure out how to parent. I told him about the baby and how far I was. Even invited him to my next appointment and for someone that was just at my door step looking for somewhere to live was surprised when he declined. He actually to me he thought it was a better idea if he passed.

Even with all that I was finding happiness during my pregnancy. And while being happy I was horny at all time. This no man touch me at all was crazy. I was so horny that even if I read a sex scene in a book I was ready to jump on something.

Then this fine ass brother name Jay started working at my job. Life and being pregnant got that much sweeter because now I had some eye candy to look at. I couldn’t touch but damn the view was great. I masterbated to the thought of him often.

Jay was a chocolate brother with skin that looked as smooth as silk. His body seemed prefect in his well tailor suites he wear. He had muscle and everything about him was mhm mhm good. He looked like he was over 200 pounds. And with the clean faded he had, I imagined he had a well tamed path leading down to his magic stick.

But although I had a imagie in my own head of what he was packing nothing turned me on more then his prefect smile and beard. I fantasized about Jay so much that sometime I had to go to the bathroom at work at change my panties.

Finally one day Jay spoke to me. As I sat in the lunch room at work stuffing my pregnant face he walked up and asked to join me. I smiled from ear to ear not even worrying if I had anything stuck in my teeth. “excuse me miss can I join you.” Jay asked me. “sure” o saod as o made space for him to sit. He extended his hand “I’m Jay.” I extended my hand and shock his “Robin”

Once he had a seat I went back to eating. But I couldn’t help but feel like I was being watched. I looked up Jay was just looking at me. “I’m sorry for starring but you are truly beatiuful.” Jay said to me. I blushed like a little girl. “thank you” I said to him as I put my head down smiling.

“can I take a leap and ask you something?” Jay asked me. I looked up no longer smiling, in my head all I could think was: he about to fuck up the moment. “Sure I guess” I said to him in a nervous way. “I’ve been watching you since I got here and I was wondering can I take you on a date. Nothing to crazy maybe just dinner and a movie.” Jay said to me.

“I would love to but I’m pregnant.” I said to jay feeling a little sad. I couldn’t remember the last time a man offered to take me on a date or honesty complimented my beauty. I had gotten so use to being the background in Marcus’s story that I was forgetting my worth.

Jay laughed “so because your pregnant you can’t see a movie or go out to eat? Or are you and your baby father still together? If so I apologize and didng’t mean no disrespect.” I shook my head. “no me and my baby daddy are not together… eww” I said. “whats wrong?” Jay asked me confused. “that was the first time I ever called that man my baby daddy.” Me and Jay both laughed and talked some more while we finished lunch. By time he had walked me back to my desk I had agreed to go on a date with him.

Everyday from then on me and Jay took lunch together. We talked about everything. He actually took time to get to know me for me. Nothing sexual just stuff that mattered. He even asked questions about the baby. I honesty enjoyed his company.

Before I knew it, it was date night, and I was running around my house like a mad woman. “ugh I look so fat and Jay will be here soon.” I said to my best friend Catrina. “Robin  your pregnant not fat not to mention you look beautiful.” Catrina said back to me. I turned and looked at myself in the full length mirror.

Catrina had did a great job on my make up, I had pulled my box braids back into a neat bun, and my off the shoulder black dress I just right and showed my little baby bump. I pulled it all together with some red pumps and gold jewelry. I smiled at myself in the mirror.

“well Robin you clean up nice pregnant and all.” I said to myself. As I turned to face catrina there was a knock at the door. I fixed myself up one last time then headed to the door. “Hey Jay” I said with a smile when I opened the door. “Damn!” Jay saud as he stood in my door way looking me up and down. “excuse me?” catrina said from behind me.

Jay straighten up “I’m sorry you jusy look so damn good.” I started to blush. This man had some type of affect on me. “Jay this is my best friend Catrina, Cat this is my date Jay.” Catrina walk up and shook Jay’s hand and said “if you hurt her or make her cry or do anything less then make her smile… I will kill you.” Jay smirked “You don’t have to worry about any of that; she’s in good hands. Robin you ready?”

We left and began our date. The whole night was prefect and the best ate I had been on in my 30 years of living. He had a candle lite dinner in a small little restaurant. No extra distractions were going on to take our attention off of each other.

Once dinner was over we headed to the movie threater. Jay let me pick the movie so we seen Fifty shades darker. To my surprise Jay was totally with it. Most men wouldn’t dare want to see this chick flick but jay went in with his head high and even had a blanket for me to keep warm.

When the movie was over Jay asked was I ready to go home. I told him no because honestly I didn’t want the night to end. So we went to a local park and walked and talk. And when my feet got tired Jay pushed me on the swing. The night ended on my door step getting the best kiss ever.

From that night forward me and Jay were insepertable. Even if we weren’t together physically together we were facetiming or texting each other. And I was no longer the sick girl in the waiting room at the doctors office because Jay was there every bit of the way. Jay made me feel like the happiest girl in the world.

But when he asked me to be his girlfriend I told him no. everything just seemed to good to be true. With all the bull shit I’ve done in my past I knew it was only a matter of time before Jay showed his true colors.

As weeks went on jay stuck out everything my bad attitude, the emtions from the baby, everything. He was there to rub my feet or bring me snack. Read books to my stomach. And when I found out I was having a  baby boy he was right there. This was everything I had planned ti be doing with the man I created this baby with.

One day me and Catrina were talking and I brought up how I was feeling “ Cat so I’m really feeling Jay.” I told her. “But…” Catrina responded. “ I feel like he’s to good to be true, he too good for me.’ I told her. “ you only feel that way because in the back of your mind your still thinking about what you did to Marcus and that girl Ashely. But baby it wasn’t jus you that caused that situation.” Catrina said to me. “Yes that ture but I know that Karma is going to come back to bite me in the ass.” I pleaded to Catrina. “so instead of thinking about the negative and the karma be a grown woman and right your wrong girl.” Catrina said

I rolled my eyes. But it was true. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear but it was what I needed to hear. I picked up my phone and search Ashely’s name. no point in acting like I never did it before. I use to want to know what Marcus was going home to when he left me.

Hi Ashely, you don’t know me and that because to you I am probably nothing more then a voice that destroyed your relationship. I would love to meet with you nothing negative. Just a womanly conversation. Please meet me tomorrow at 5pm at the coffee shop on lux. I’ll be there in the back corner.

The next day I headed to the coffee shop. I was nervous but I was going to do this. I wanted to make this quick though because Jay was at my house cooking dinner and I didn’t want to keep him waiting. I sat at the table waiting for Ashley for what seemed to be forever.

After 45 mins pst I got ready to go. Then there she was caming through the door. I sat back down as she walked up to the table with an attitude.

“Robin?” she snapped.

“Yes, please have a seat.” I said softly.

“no I’m good. I’ll stand. What do you want?” she asked me.

“well I called you here to apologize. Hat I did to you was foul and you didn’t deserve it at all. I had no right to cause you any hurt or pain.” I pleaded to her.

“mmhm” she said with her lips poked out.

“well if you forgive me or not I want to stand before you as a woman and not a phone thug like the last time and tell you I am deeply sorry.”

As I started to stand to put my jacket on, Ashely laid eyes on my stomach. “Is it his?” she asked me. For a moment I was confused. “huh?” I said to her. “the baby. Is it Marcus Baby?” I looked down and rubbed my stomach. “He helped make this lil boy but he is not the father of this little boy.” I said as I walked past her and out the coffee shop.

I sped all the way home to Jay when I got there I dropped all my belongings in the livingroom at the door and ran to the kitchen. I gave him the biggest kiss. Jay smiled and asked “what was that for?” he asked me. “ask me again my answer is yes.” I said to him with tears in my eyes. “what Robin I’m not understanding.” Jay said to me a little confused. “ask me again to be your’s and my answer is yes.”

Jay smiled and hugged me. “ask me” I yelled smiling. Jay laughed. “Robin Monae Jackson will you give me the pleasure of being my lady?” jay asked. I jumped up and down screaming yes.

Jay grabbed me and smiled. “Calm down bay, you shaking up our little man in there.” I kissed jay and looked into his eyes. He looked at me and said “I love you Robin.”

But before I could say it back there was a knock at the door. When I opened the dppr it was like seeing a ghost. “Hello Robin” the sound of his voice made my baby kick. “hello Marcus, why are you here?” I asked him.

“I’m ready baby, I just needed time to get myself together. But now I’m ready to be your man and the father to our child.” I just looked at him. Marcus walked towards me to eneter the house and I blocked him off. “come on let me in so we can talk about this.” He said. “Baby who’s at the door?” jay asked as he came into the living room to check on me. I move to the side of the door way so both men could see each other.

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