Part 2: Angelice, Shyne and Rell

I drove home in silence, replaying what had happened between Rell and I. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally drained. I didn’t get why he just wouldn’t let me be. I had done so much to change who I was after being with Rell, and the person who helped me do all that changing was not sitting behind the bar. And every day, the guilt ate me up just knowing I was the reason. It seemed like no matter how much I changed, my dirty laundry just wouldn’t let me be great.

My cell rang in my purse. I reached over to the passenger seat and got it out. I answered quickly when I noticed it was Shyne calling from jail. I answered and placed the phone on speaker and put it in my lap; as the machine did its regular rant before connecting the call, I pulled myself together. I didn’t want him to sense that anything was wrong with me. He already had enough on his plate to handle, and I didn’t want to add worrying about me.

Finally, Shyne’s deep but smooth voice came through the phone. “Hey baby girl,” he said. “Hey bae,” I said as a smile came across my face and all the worry and negative feeling I had wiped away. “How are you and our baby?” he asked me. “We doing good.” I told him. “You sure?” he countered. “Yeah, I am.” I told him. “How's work going? What did you eat for breakfast?” he asked me. “I left work early. Just wasn’t feeling it today and I haven’t eaten yet.” I told him. “Yo, what I told you about starving my baby get your hard-headed ass somewhere and eat now.” he said on the phone.

I laughed at him. “I’m not starving the baby, I just wasn’t hungry but I’m on my way to my grandma's house now so I’m sure she got something there for me to eat. But anyway, the better question is how are you,” I told him. “I’m good, baby you already know that these fuckers fucked up putting me in here. This shit like a family reunion. My homeboy Donnie up in here. My 1st cousin Ricky in here and mad of my niggas I grew up with on the block.” He told me. He was the one locked up, but yet I was the one taking this shit the hard way.

“You are not worried?” I asked him, “worried about what? That weak ass nigga Rell?” hell Nah, he put me in here because I was a threat to him out there. And the nigga still doesn’t realize I’m still good. I still got my bitch, my baby is safe and healthy, and I’m alive. If he thought I was supposed to get worried because I’m in here around his cop friend, he should have thought twice. Because I’m good wherever I go." he said to me.

Now I fear Rell because of the crazy ways he showed me. But she was something different. He made it clear he feared no one that bleeds just like he did. Sometimes that made me worry more about him being there.

I was silent for a while, thinking if I should tell Shyne that Rell pulled up on me today. “Umm how are you holding up after yesterday?” I asked him, a little nervous. “I told you already I am always good, I've learned to adapt to any type of situation I’m in.” he said. “But five years Shyne?” I said. “Listen, five years is nothing compared to the time I should serve for some of the shit I’ve done. I’m not tripping bae. This little bid is nothing but a time out. I’m a sit in here refocus, and plan so that when I come home, I’m hitting the ground running.” he said to me. “I’m really sorry this happened to you.” I told him, trying not to cry. This pregnancy definitely had my emotions everywhere. “No need to be sorry. This light work. Before you know it, I will back at it and knew deep in that pussy,” he said, laughing.

“I just wish you would have let me take the….” Shyne interrupted me, “man shut the hell up talking like that on this recorded line. We both know what happened is what was supposed to happen. No way I would have let your ass be in a place like this.” he said to me. “You're just saying that because I’m carrying you baby.” I told him. “No, I’m saying that because I love you, big head ass, and as your man, it is my job to protect you no matter what.”

As Shyne was talking, I noticed the lights from a cop car behind me. “Hold on bae I’m getting pulled over.” I said to him, I pulled my car over and put it in park. The door to the cop car opened, and my heart hit my feed. “Fuck! Bae, call me back,” I said, trying to get off the phone as I saw Rell walking to my car. “Hell nah you know I don’t trust them pigs I’m staying on the line to make sure you are good.” I said. “Bae I’m fine.” I said to him. “Angelice you hang up this mutha fucking phone on me I know something.” he said to me.

But before I could respond, Rell was at my window, tapping on it. I hit the button for my window to roll down. “Good afternoon, ma’am do you know why I pulled you over?” Rell asked with a smirk. If looks could kill, Rell would have been dead cause I was giving him the death stare. “No, why?” I said with an attitude. Rell said nothing, but licked his lips and rubbed his hand across my chest that was showing in my shirt. I gripped his hand and looked at him before pushing it away.

“Aneglice you good?” Shyne said. Instantly fear came over me as I looked at Rell’s face. “So you on the phone with your jailbird?” he asked boldly. “Is that, that nigga?” Shyne asked. Rell reached into the car and grabbed the phone off my lap. “Yeah its me nigga.” he said. “My get the fuck away from my bitch.” She yelled. “Fuck you, nigga, I do what I want. Stop worrying about me and focus on not dropping the soap of getting hit like a pin cushion nigga.” Rell said, and then threw the phone back in my car.

It landed on the floor of the passenger seat, and I tried to get it. “Maam step out of the car,” he said. “Bae don’t get out of the fucking car.” I could hear Shyne saying. “Maam, I’m going to ask you again to step out of the vehicle or I will be forced to remove you from it.” Rell said. “What?” I said back to him. “Okay ma’am fine.” Rell said as he reached in, unlocked my door, and opened it. “Rell, stop what are you doing, get off of me.” I screamed as he pulled me from the car.

Put your hands behind your back; he said to me as he flung me across my car. “Rell stop! Wait! My baby,” I said to him. “Shut the fuck up I’m not trying to fear none.” he said as he cuffed me and then led me to his car.

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