Part 2: Amber, Dave and Rico

Ring, Ring, Ring

"Yo!" Jayden said when he answered

"Yo I need you to take a ride with me'" Dave said into the phone.

"Aww shit now what the fuck did happen? You only want me to take a ride with you when it's some crazy shit going on." Jayden said in a joking manner

"I'll tell you in the car," Dave said back.

"Alright my nigga, Pull up," Jayden told Dave

" I'm already outside," Dave told him.

When Jayden came outside and got into the car. Dave pulled off. Jayden looked at his best friend a little worried "Nigga what the fuck is wrong with you. You looking crazy right now." Jayden said worriedly. "Man, when the hell did Rico get out of jail," Dave said with his eyes a little bugged out. " Nigga, what Rico you talking about? Jayden said confused. "My cousin Rico, the one that supposed to be doing a five-year bid right now for that selling drugs to a minor charge that I couldn't get him off for," Dave said to Jayden almost shouting. "Oh Rico with the package. Shit hell if I know that ain't my mans. Why what's up? Why you worried about him?"

"Man Amber dumb ass has been out her fucking this nigga. Now, this nigga wants 5 stacks from me or he going to Kill me and her. " Dave said back while looking at Jayden at a red light. "Man first off I told you that bitch wasn't shit when you first got with her when she was walking around still wearing 27 pieces. Second, that nigga got the package, have you been fucking that bitch raw? Have you gotten tested? Third Fuck that drops the soap, package having ass nigga. I know damn well you not about to let this nigga get you for 5 stacks. Not when we got heat for little niggas like him. Jayden said with his chest pumped out and holding his gun he had tucked in the front of his pants.

"Man I ain't got no choice that little stupid nigga ain't got shit to live for him already dead inside. He'll risk it all and really try to kill me over 5 stacks." Dave said sadly. "Man you better man up. Being around them white people done made you soft. The Dave I know that when by Diggy wouldn't stand for this he'd put one in Rico's head and kick that bitch Amber to the curve." Jayden said as he pulled out his gun and hand it to Dave.

"Man that was over 10 years ago I'm not that person no more. I am a lawyer. I defend the murders I'm not one. I left that hot boy lifestyle alone when I got accepted into University Of Georgia, you know this man." Dave said. "Man because of you a lawyer that makes you the perfect murder because you know what not to do that get you clients caught. Nigga let just roll out on his ass. I got your back and you got mine just like the old days. I'm not about to watch you pay this nigga $5,000 for no bitch." Jayden said angrily

I drove around in my thoughts, tuning Jayden out. I was literally having a battle with what I know is right and what I know is wrong. One shoulder I have one monkey sounding like Jayden and on the other shoulder, I had another monkey telling me I had too much to live for to go back to the person Jayden wanted me to be. No matter which one I decided to do wouldn't stop the hurt Amber has caused me.

"Yo Dave, Dave, DIGGGGY!" Jayden yelled. "What" Dave scream back. "Man I'm talking to you and you are zoned out. What are you going to do? Both Amber and Rico deserve to die. They got you all the way fucked up. " We can handle Rico and I can have my baby mom and her girls run down on Amber old dirty ass. Jayden said "Nah Amber remains untouched no matter what I still love her. Dave told Jayden.

"WHAT? My guy you bugging that bitch put your life in danger in more ways than one she clearly doesn't love you." Jayden was saying until Dave yelled and interrupted him. "I know Jayden I know. But at the end of the day, I love her that doesn't just go away overnight. and to be honest I knew she was cheating. I just didn't know who. Man, we all know that when the pussy starts to feel different someone else been in it. When I got that feeling I started strapping up. He slow ass never even asked why I started using condoms again. I also started getting tested every three months. As of right now, I'm clean but I got another check up coming up and I'm scared as hell because I know what this nigga has." Dave said to Jayden sincerely.

"Man takes me home because you bullshitting and sounding more and more like a bitch," Jayden said as he picked up his phone. "I'm acting like a bitch because I'm deciding not to get my hands dirty anymore? Busting my gun is not my solution to everything no more. WE AREN'T KIDS ANYMORE MORE JOC." Dave said to Jayden almost in tears. "Nah you a bitch because you not handling this shit at all you about to cry." Jayden sat back and said nothing else.

I drove Jayden home in silence. We had been best friends since pre-K so I know that he was just saying what he thought was best for me. It was just that he couldn't see it from my side because our lives were so different. He chooses the street while I choose to go legal. I pulled up to Jayden house and before he got out he turn and looked at me "Man dog no matter what you decide I'm down with you remember that"

I dropped Jayden off and drove to an empty lot to think. I pulled out my phone. All this time I was driving around I never checked my phone after hanging up with Jayden. I had 50 missed calls and 70 text messages. they were all from Amber. When I looked at the preview of the message they all was of her saying the same thing

Baby, I'm sorry

I didn't mean to hurt you

Baby, I didn't know it was going to be like this

I'm so sorry

Please call me

Please forgive me

Come home

We can fix it

I couldn't worry about the shit Amber was saying and honestly, I didn't want to hear it. But I need her. I needed her to contact Rico.

Ring Ring Ring

"Baby oh my god, are you okay?" Amber said as soon as she answered the phone. "Amber call Rico and tell him to meet me at Grandma Lisa house tomorrow at noon," Dave said to her. "Okay baby but are you coming home soon." she asked. "I told you to get out" Dave said then hung up.

Night came and passed. I didn't get to sleep not one bite because my mind was racing. I didn't even go home because I knew Amber was most likely still there. I went to my mom house showered and changed clothes and put on a sweatsuit that had been there since god knows when.

I went to the bank and withdrew the money I needed for this meeting. Then I headed to my grandma house. My grandma had passed some years ago. But I bought her house as a gift to my family just so we wouldn't lose something that so many of us had memories in. The house was still the way it was when my grandma was alive and the fresh flower on the dining room table let me know that my mom had been there lately.

Noon rolled about quick and I could feel a knot growing in my throat. When the knock at the door came I had to clear my throat just to be able to say come in. I stood at the head of the dining room table as Rico entered the home.

"Oh shit your bougie-ass really here, you came to face me like a man," Rico said laughing

"Rico man come on we don't have to do this man we family." Dave pleaded with him.

Rico pulled his gun and said "Fuck family. Family let me sit in jail for 2 and a half years. Now give me my fuckn money before I blow your brain all over that wall."

"Rico, you'd shot me in grandma's house at her damn table?" Dave asked.

Rico with rage in his eyes cocked his gun to let Dave know that he was not playing any games and was ready to risk it all. Dave pulled his gun out from behind him. "Come on Rico don't make me go back to being this person. I'm sorry about you going to jail. I tried everything I could to keep that from happening. But when that lawyer showed those pictures of that 17-year-old girl sucking your dick and you too having that drug exchange my hands were tied. He had won the jury over." Dave tried to tell Rico.

"Man fuck that I wasn't even mad about that to you let them send me to the same jail that that girl's dad was in. Do you know what they did to me in there? They jumped me every day. Liz dad even set it up for an inmate with HIV to rape me in the showers. Do you know how fucked my life is now? Do you know how people look at me on the streets? Do you know how it feels to not be able to visit with your kids alone? Do you" Rico yelled and waved his gun with tears in his eyes.

"Man I'm sorry when your mom told us what happened and that you were in the hospital every other week I felt terrible. I never want any of that to happen to you. But this we don't have to do this we can put the guns down man. You know me and I know you."

In the heat of the moment, and me and Rico talking I never noticed that Amber was standing in the doorway that Rico had left open. She was standing with a gun pointing to the back of Rico's head and he didn't even know it. When I finally saw her she put her fingers to her lips to let me know not to say anything about her presence.

"Dave I don't give a fuck what's done is done. Now give me the damn money before Auntie Cara be planning your funeral." With nothing else in me to say to try to convince Rico that this could go a totally different way, I pulled the bag of money from under the table. Then the gun went off, POW!

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