Part 2: Adrianna, Brian and Stefan

I swear that snake Brian had between his legs had to be the same snake that talked to Eve in the garden. Because although i knew fucking Brian was wrong and I said I was going to stop when the dick got close to me it was like it spoke to me and made me reconsider. And when you added his tongue game on top of that it sealed the deal.
That birthday sick Brian gave me was mind-blowing. After telling me to get undressed. He took me to the shower and washed me from head to toe in such a passionate way. As I rinsed off her stood behind me and ran his hand down my spine. And his hand going down my spine turned into his tongue. He went all the way down to the crack of my ass then back up. He grabbed me by the neck from behind turning me to him and kissed me over and over again. His hand left my neck and went down to my breast. He filled each hand with my titties and filled my pussy with his long stick. I was stuck. There were places of my pussy that Brian hit that Stefan couldn’t.
I used Brian shower door to hold on as I took every inch that he was pushing into me. Stroke after stroke all I wanted to do was give all of me to him. Brian backed out and I dropped to my knees and took all of him into my mouth. Just when his dick jumped as he was about to come Brian took his dick out my mouth. Carried me to the bed, separated my legs, and feasted on my honey pot. “Oh my god I love you” I cried out in pleasure. Brian stopped and looked up at me with a smirk on his face. He kissed his way from my pussy up to my stomach and to my lips and then whispered in my ear. “I love you too, now roll over.”
With a smile on my face, I followed his request and Brain slid inside of me as he took a hand full of my hair. He slapped my ass. “You love me?” he asked. “Yes baby” I answered back. “Say that shit louder,” he said, slapping my ass again. “I love you baby” I screamed. Seemed like the dick only got better and better with each position after that. So good that I couldn't even tell you when we stopped and when I fell asleep.
I woke up to the sound of Brian moving around. I sat up in his King size bed looking around the room. This was the first time I had ever been to his house cause normally we fucked at my house. Brian had some really good taste in home decor. “What time is it?” I asked him. “6:30, did I wake you?” he answered as he stood in a towel looking in his closet. The tattoo of his daughter’s face he had covering his back stared at me. “SHit, no I wasn't supposed to be here this long. I gotta get home.” I said in a panic. “No problem, let me get dressed and I’ll take you.” he said calmly.
I hopped out of bed and gathered my clothes that were on the floor lead from the spot I stood in with Brian first kissed me leading to the bathroom. I began to get dressed and was done in no time. Brian was clearly in no rush and was taking his time on purpose. “Is there something I can do for you?” I asked him, trying to indirectly rush him. “Yeah sit down and open ya gifts.” he said to me. “Can I do it later tonight? Stefan will be back on the road driving his truck and won’t be back for two days so I’ll be all yours. But right now I really need to get home. Matter of fact have you seen my phone.” I said to him.
“What you're going to is walk over to the dresser and open them damn gifts I got you. You're not going to do it later. Or when that lame-ass nigga gives you free time you're going to do it right damn now!” he said. Something about the way Brian took control turned me on. “But Brian…” he interrupted me. "if you bring up that little nigga again while you are standing in my house I promise you i’m a make it my business to make that nigga dissappear and give you a reason to be worried.” he said still in his calm deep voice and then put his shirt on.
I went over to the dresser and stood in front of the gifts we had moved from the bed in the midst of getting it popping. The first thing I opened was a pair of red bottoms. I started to scream in excitement and jump around as I admire them. Never in my life did I think I would own a real pair of real red bottoms. I mean I had a pair of knock offs just like almost every other chick in the world. I slid them on my feet and walked over to the full-length mirror Brian had in his room.
As I checked myself out in the mirror I saw Brian checking me out as well. Then he went over to the dress and was doing something in one of the gift bags, then he walked up behind me and placed a diamond necklace around my neck. “Oh my god baby!” i said as I looked at myself in the mirror and rubbed my hand across the necklace. “See this the shit that i know that nigga can’t afford to buy you but you deserve.” Brain said.
Stefan made good money as a truck driver; he was gone most nights and sometimes days at a time but between bills, maintaining day to day life, and paying off our student loans he could afford stuff like this. “In his defense I don't ask for stuff like this, because I understand that he is trying to get our credit together to get us a house and he did upgrade my ring.” I said trying to stand up for my husband. Brain rolled his eyes and walked away to the bed and sat down. “My girl doesn’t have to ask for shit like this because it's minor.” Brian said, sounding real cocky. “I mean that and you. I can’t compare what you do or will do to Stefan. He’s my husband and your…”
Brian interrupted me “I'm what?” he said with this look on his face. “Well you know,” I said, trying to back out of the question. “Listen come here.” Brain said with his hand out. I walked over to him and stood between his legs. “What i know is some how you got a hood nigga like me in my feelins about you. I’ve had some of the bad bitches and I could have another bitch but there is something about you. I’ve never even told my baby momma I love you. But I told you that shit and meant it.” “and I got love for you too,” I told him as I rubbed his face. “Nah you don't get it I love you.” he said as he lent over and opened the drawer to the nightstand pulled out a box and opened it and displayed a ring to me. “I love you to the point I want you to have my last name and be my lady. In one of those bags on that dresser is a louie bag with $5,000 in it to start the divcore process. Put on this 3 carat ring and agree to leave that nigga.” Brian said to me. I stood there looking stupid trying to understand how did I get stuck in a situation where my side nigga wanted to be my main nigga.

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