Part 2: Adam and Destiny

“Mommy!” I screamed as I ran into my mother’s arms as she exited the train terminal. I had been so excited about this moment since Adam proposed to me. Talking to my mom on the phone and face timing her just wasn’t the same as being able to feel her warm touch and with all the shade Ms.Carrie had been sending my way lately it felt so good to know I had someone who was on my side going to be in the house with me. “Hi, my baby. I’ve missed you so much. Let me get a good look at you.” she said as we hugged. I grabbed my moms bags “mommy I am so glad you are here for my engagement party.” I said as I walked towards the car. “you know I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. But Destiny baby you looking a little heavier.” my mom said as we got to the car.

   I looked at myself. “well I have been eating a little more lately the stress I’m under is driving me crazy. I am planning a wedding by myself because you're so far away and Ms.Carrie refuses to help.” I said. “well momma is here now baby.” my mom said and we got in the car and I pulled off from the train station smiling from ear to ear like a kid in a candy store. it had been so long since my mom and I had been together. five years ago she was pushed into early retirement after getting hurt on the job. with that happening she decided to move down south because the cost of living was cheaper. “so how is the engagement life.” my momma asked. “it would be perfect if I could get Ms. Carrie to get on board. I just don't know what to do to change this woman’s mind about me. I’m cooking every night, I’m going out my way to do stuff she likes, I even spend a thousand dollar redecorating her room so she felt like this was her home.” I told my mom. “well baby I didn’t raise you to kiss no one’s ass. if she doesn’t like the decision her son made to marry you then that's her business. But baby doesn’t make yourself sick trying to please her. your job is to keep that man happy and have me some grandbabies.” my mom said.

   “mom I just don’t know I mean I’m not trying to kiss her ass but I would like some peace in my house.” I told my mom. “that old hoe better sit down and leave my baby alone. I’m here now and I am not against showing my ass while I’m here.” I started to laugh and when I got to the stop light I looked at my mom and said “there will be none of that while you are you. we are going to be the bigger person despite what she does.” “as long as she doesn’t start none won't be none period.” my mom said. Now one thing I was sure of was when Lorraine said don't start none won’t be none meant her purse was locked and loaded and ready for anything to happen. “mom promise me?” I said to her. My mom sucked her teeth and then said, “for you, I’ll keep my cool.” “thank you now give me the knife, pepper spray, and taser,” I said with my hand out. my mom looked at me like I was crazy “what you talking about Destiny?” she tried to ask in her innocent voice. “I know you. the only reason you would be on the train or bus is that you got all your weapons on you. so hand them over. I will lock them in the glove compartment and when its time for you to go home I will give them back. I don't want no accidents or for anyone to see anything and think something of it.” I said.

   My mom started to laugh “you know your momma was coming ready for war especially after you told me how that heffa was treating you.” my mom said. “mommy I know you're trying to protect me but you can beat on this woman when I am trying to start a family that she will be included in. we just have to be understanding that Adam is her only child. Just like I’m your only child. Letting go is different for every parent.” I said. “yeah but that woman not trying to let go Destiny that's why she living in Y'all house.” my mom said. “mom we invited her to live there.” I said back. “but if she was a real mom and was letting her son grow up she would have said no. she acting like she fucking and sucking her son. she need to move on” she said. I burst out laughing. “mom that's nasty. But all I am asking you is to behave yourself, for me.” I said. “Okay destiny for you I will be on my best behavior.” my mom said smiling in a sneaky way.

we got to the house and Adam came outside to met us. he greeted my mom with a huge hug. “it's so nice seeing you again Ms.Lorraine. Hopefully, we can get you to make one of your sweet potato pies while your here.” he said smiling trying to charm her. My mom smiled back at him and said “baby call me momma we about to be family soon. and I can definitely make you a pie while I’m here and I’ll teach destiny how to make it that way you won't have to wait for me to come into town to get one.” my mom said. From the doorway we heard “he already has a momma that makes sure he eats well.” we all turned and looked at Ms.Carrie who was standing in the door with her face all frowned up. My mom mumbled “yeah but he could use a better one.” I gave my mom a look not to start. “momma she wasn’t saying it in a way of replacing you.” Adam said as he grabbed the bags out the car.

we walked up to the house and I introduced the ladies to each other Ms. Carrie Henry this is my mother Ms. Lorraine Matthews. My mom stretched her hand out for a handshake and Ms. Carrie looked at it and walked into the house. my mom looked at me and said: “but you told me not to start.” I shook my head and said, “just leave it alone.” I showed my mom the house while Adam took her bags up to the guest room. “Destiny baby this place this beautiful and you did a great job decorating it.” my mom said as we walked into the living room where Adam’s mom was sitting. “now I see where she get her tacky decorating skills from.” Ms.Carrie said “Carrie the only thing keeping me with this smile on my face right now and from telling you off is my daughter but I'm an only say this once. watch what you say, please.” My momma said. Adam came downstairs and walked into the living room “is everything okay?” he asked, “everything is fine so I’m a go upstairs and take a shower.” my mom said. “Great because I have a dinner reservation for us at six,” Adam said smiling. “Okay honey.” My mom said as she walked past us and to the stairs. “mom the towels are in the bathroom in the closet behind the bathroom door.” I said. “Okay great.” my mom said and walked up the stairs.

I looked at Ms.Carrie and shook my head and then I followed my mom upstairs to my room. Adam comes upstairs to check on me. “Are you okay baby?” he asked when he came into the room and closed the door behind him. “man they are already at each other how are we supposed to get through a whole engagement party, better yet a wedding when your mom won’t even shake my mom’s hand.” i said. “baby just relax they need to get warmed up to each other.” Adam said. “baby I just don't know maybe we should just go to city hall sign the papers, say I do and that's it.” I told him. “Not going to happen, I want to see you walk down the aisle to me in a beautiful gown and for me to be memorized by your beauty, and to be able to let everyone see me commit my love to you,” Adam said as he kissed me.

“your such a charmer.” I said smiling. “but you like it.” he said before kissing my neck. “don’t start. I just got a dress and if you undress me, we will be late for the reservation.” I said. “oh I don't need you undressed I just need you to pull up that skirt so I can have an appetizer before we get to the restaurant.” Adam said backing me on to the bed. Adam lifted my skirt up and slide my panties to the side and started to kiss on my thighs and the lips of my vagina. then with his tongue, he slid my lips apart massaging my clit. this man knew how to keep my balance and to take my mind off things. but just before it could get good our bedroom door flew open and Ms.carrie walked in “Adam do you…” I jumped up knocking Adam back. she looked at us and shook her head before walking out. “why is your mom just walking into our bedroom?” I asked Adam ass he wiped his mouth. “ I don’t know but that was just some bullshit,” he answered.

The ride to the restaurant was very silent and uncomfortable. My mom and ms.carrie were in the back seat not trying to do anything that would cause them to have to interact. when we got to the restaurant Ms.Carrie wouldn’t even get out the car. “mom what do you mean your not getting out? then what was the point of you come you could have stayed home.” Adam said. “I don't wanna eat here so Y'all can go in and I’ll wait in the car,” she said. “Lord your acting like their damn child instead of their parent.” my mom said. “mom leaves it alone.” I said, “yeah don’t say nothing to me mind your business and worry about why you haven’t taught your hoe ass daughter how to keep her damn legs closed.” Ms. Carrie said. “excuse me.” I said turning around in the front seat. “Mom your dead ass wrong for that.” Adam said. “how am I a hoe when the only person I open my legs for is your son, and you would have no visional of that if you never walked into our bedroom without knock.” I said. “you owe my daughter an apology,” my mom said.  “I’m not apologizing for nothing.” ms.carrie said. “But you are dead ass wrong mom. Destiny is not a hoe.” Adam said. “yeah and if my daughter is a hoe what does that make you seeing that you don't even know who your son's father is.” my mom said. “oh my god everyone stops. forget dinner Adam please just take us home.” I said.

We got home and I hide in my room. my mom came and knocked on my bedroom door. “come in” I said. when she came in she looked sad “ I am the sorry baby I know you told me to behave but I was just pissed about the way she had been treating you.” my mom said. “I know mom I know. Honestly, she walked in here before we left for dinner and well Adam was giving me head.” I said to my mom. “and that nothing for you to be ashamed of the baby this is your house and you were in your bedroom which she should have respect.” my mom said. “yeah but to call me a hoe” I said to my mom. I know that was just to damn far. I mean are you sure this is what you want to marry into.” my mom asked. I sat there in silence. “you really need to think about that Destiny before this engagement party tomorrow.” my mom said before walking out my door room.

Eventually, Adam came upstairs and peek his head in the room “I come bearing gifts.” he said as he showed me a box of pizza. I smiled. adam came and crawled into bed with me. “I’m sorry baby.” he said as we ate pizza. “it's not supposed to be like this,” I said. “I know baby it will get better I know it will.” Adam said. “are you sure? Like do you really feel like we are doing the right thing?” I asked Adam as I said my head on his shoulder. “hell yeah I do. I love you.” Adam said.

The next day it was time for the engagement party and my stomach was all over the place. My mom, Adam and I were dressed and ready to go but Ms.Carrie was refusing to come out of her room. Adam comes downstairs from standing at her door begging and pleading with her and said “let's go I’m done begging and Pleading. I hope y'all she here. she packs her stuff because she needs to get out I have had enough.” he said angrily. “baby that your mother.” I said to him. “Mother or not I am tired of the disrespect and I am done with the games,” he said.

we got to the venue and everything was so perfect. I was so happy but at the back of my head I was a little bothered because I know it was eating at Adam that his mother was not there with us celebrating. I went to the bathroom and when I came out there she was. “Ms.Carrie I am so glad that you changed your mind and decided to join us you don’t know how much this means to your son,” I said smiling. She dug in her purse and pulled out a check I will give you this check right now for $20,000 if you don’t marry my son.” she said with a straight face. I started laughing “Ms.Carrie you're funny. come on let's go inside so Adam can see your here.” I said. “this is not a game I don't want you with my son. this is a certified check from the bank and it's all your if you don’t marry my son.” she said putting the check in my hand.  

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