Part 2: Aaron and Whitney

I walked out of that viewing, smiling like a little schoolgirl. I felt like I was walking on clouds. I had gotten a two-for-one deal: a bomb-ass home and a sexy-ass man. When I left my town, this was far from my plan, but here it was. I was more than happy to take this jump. I was moving from being a broken woman with secrets holding me down to a woman who could live in my truth with a man that wanted me despite all the craziness.

I sat in my car, gathering myself and waiting for Aaron to come out and lock up the house. I put on some gloss as I watched Aaron lock up and walk over to me. “Want to go grab a bite to eat?” he asked me as he leaned into my car window. I stared at Aaron’s lips, thinking how I would rather be what he ate. That kiss he gave me in the house, on top of not getting laid in so long, had me hot and ready.

Before I could answer, a text came through on my phone and took my attention. “Hold on,” I said as I looked at my phone and read the text from Aisha. “As much as I would love to, I have prior plans,” I said, sticking my bottom lip out as I showed him the text from Aisha asking if we were still on for lunch.

“Well, hang with your girl and enjoy yourself. We have nothing but time to enjoy each other. Just call me later, beautiful.” he said before grabbing my face through the window, placing his hand under my chin, and planting another kiss on me. This kiss was so mesmerizing that I was still sitting with my eyes closed in a daze when Aaron separated his lips from mine.

“Get out of here. Your friend is waiting,” he said. I open my eyes to see him smiling at me, bringing me back to reality. I looked him up and down, taking in one last time how handsome he was before I put my car in reverse. As I pulled away from my new home and my new man, I sent Aisha a text back. Yes, I’ll be there shortly.

Before I could put my phone into the holster on my dashboard, another text came through, and I thought it was Aisha responding okay. But to my surprise, it was a number I didn’t know or even have saved. Leaving won’t keep you from me, the text read, and my smile and excitement left my body.

I damn near crashed into the back of another car at a red light, reading the message. This couldn’t be who I thought it was. There was no way at all. Life wouldn’t do this to me. I was finally feeling like I was entirely moving on and upgrading. I had shot Dre. He should be dead. Let alone if he wasn’t, I had changed my number, moved miles away, and gone from using my first name, Denise, to my middle name, Whitney. This just had to be someone playing an evil joke on me.

“Breath Whitney,” I told myself when someone behind me beeped because the light was green and I hadn’t moved. I looked around and then put my phone back in the holster on my dashboard. “You’re just being paranoid,” I told myself and then pulled off.

I pulled into the parking lot of the apple bees that Aisha was waiting for me at and decided I wanted to send Aaron a text. Hey, handsome, since we couldn’t do lunch, how about I come over and cook for you tonight? I sent him.

As I grabbed my purse from the passenger’s seat, a phone buzzed, and that same unknown number had sent me another text. But this time, all it read was, see you soon. I checked my surroundings and then blocked the number. I opened my glove box and pulled over a gun I had wrapped in a scarf. This was the same gun I had shot Dre and Chenelle with. I knew I should have gotten rid of it a while ago, but I couldn’t wrap my head around going to another state to start over with no protection, and with the urgency that I left in, I had no time to get another.

I sat looking at the gun for a while, remembering that night. I covered it back with the scarf and then stuck it in my purse. I checked my phone one last time before sliding it into my purse, and Aaron had responded. Dinner tonight sounds excellent. If you don’t want to cook, I can always order something. Whitney, thank you for thinking enough of me to take this risk. I know we both have a past, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am honored that you think I am worthy enough to have an amazing woman like you to myself.

Aaron’s text instantly put a smile back on my face. I hopped out of my car and made a mental note to call him after lunch to see what some of his favorite food was so I could figure out what to cook tonight.

I walked into the restaurant and instantly saw Aisha waving at me with a smile from the booth she was at near the bar. I walked over and took a seat across from her. “Hey boo,” I said in an excited voice. “Hey boo,” she said back as she looked at me sideways, smiling. “

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked her, “What’s going on with you? Why are you glowing like this?” she asked me. “Girl, I finally found my house. It’s so pretty. Hopefully, the seller will take the offer I put in.” I answered her, not wanting to share the news about Aaron with her since she had given me the wrong information about his past.

“Nah, that ain’t not just made an offer on a house glow. If I were white, I would have been sitting there completely red as hell because I was blushing. That I got new penis glow,” she said boldly as the server walked up and heard what she said.

Although the server was shocked. He pulled his facial expression together and took our drink order. When he walked off, Aisha went back to our conversation. “So slip it. Who’s the new man?’ she asked me. I paused for a moment and wondered if I wanted to tell her the truth. “Whitney?” she said. “Aaron,” I said blut. “Aaron who?” Aisha asked in a sarcastic tone but with a straight phone. “My real estate agent Aaron,” I answered.

“Girl, didn’t I already tell you, you ain’t gotta lie to me and tell me that house is why you're glowing. You can tell me the truth.” She said, laughing. “I am being honest. Me and Aaron decided we wanted to take it to another level.” Aisha looked at me with a blank stare. “What?” I asked. “After everything I told you, you still going to go down this road? Girl, he ain’t shit. I know he is fine and all that. But fuck on him and move on. Don’t get caught up in a situation with him because he’s going to break your heart.” She said,

“You talking about him like you know him?” I said to her, “I know enough.” She answered. “You know what was told to you. Honestly, there are 3 sides to every story: each party's side and the truth. Between what you told me and what Aaron told me; I feel like he is worth giving a shot to and I like him. So it didn’t work out with him and the last girl, and he has a past. So what? We all have a past and honestly, she ain’t me.” I said.

“All I’m saying is I thought you were better than that. But clearly, you just another one that’s going to be dumb or dick.” “excuse me,” I said. “You heard me, you being a dumb bitch over dick. Get a toy and get your mind right. Cause this ain’t going to end how you want it to. You know he’s going to hurt you but you will give him a shot,” Aisha said as she did quotation with her finger. “You know what? I am no longer hungry you enjoy,” I said as I pulled a twenty from my purse and threw it on the table.

I got up and walked away in disbelief. Aisha was acting like I was messing with her ex or something. How dare she call me a dumb bitch, when she’s probably a lonely bitch just putting her two-cent in on everybody else's business?

I got to my car, got in and took a moment to take a few deep breaths. As I calmed down, my phone rang, and I ignored it, thinking it was Aisha. When it immediately rang again, I pulled it out of my purse. It was a private number calling. “Hello,” I answered with an attitude. “Looks like she pissed you off. But you can’t be half as pissed as I was when I woke up in a hospital bed to find out you put a bullet in me and then left.” I dropped the phone from my ear. My hands shook.

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