Part 2: Aaon and whitney

Pissed was way beyond what I was as I stood outside Whitney’s house. Lying on me to people I could care less about was one thing but putting coming between Whitney and I and putting her hand on Whitney was where I drew the line. “Tyasia has gone too damn far,” I said as I walked away from Whitney front door and hooked in my car. I looked at Whitney house one more time before I pulled off and I can see that she was in the window looking out at me. “I’ll be back baby to set everything straight,” I said in my car.

   I sped off in the direction of Tyasia’s house. In my head, as I drove I thought about what I was going to say or do. a part of me want to walk in that house and put my hands on her but my parents didn’t raise me to be that type of man. The other piece of me wanted to just cuss her out and call her a stupid bitch but I knew I had to do something better than that to get through to her how serious I was.

   when I got to Tyasia my blood was boiling. I pulled up on her front lawn and jumped out. I banged on her door waiting for her to come and answer. I started knocking hard when Tyasia didn’t immediately come to the door. Eventually, the door opened but it wasn’t Tyasia, it was Ace. This was the first time I had seen this man face to face. the only reason I knew who he was, was because he was one of them flashy drug dealers that all over facebook. when I first led eye on him my anger switched towards him. but as I look him up and down I realize there was no beef between him and I. Tyasia caused all over this, no one else was my issue but her.

   “Ace I need to speak to Tyasia right now,” I said to him trying to control myself. “Bro she in the back. I’m leaving. Go ahead and do your thing dog.” he said stepping out the door past me. I watched him as he got into his car and pulled off. then I stepped inside the house and yelled. “Tyasia get the fuck out here right damn now.” Tyasia came walking from the back of the house with a smile on her face as she tied her robe closed. “Aaron baby. what a lovely sight to my eyes,” she said. “Tyasia cut the shit this not a social visit.” I said. “what's wrong baby? what did that bitch do to you. come to tell your Tyasia all about it.” she said in this annoying baby voice.

   I looked Tyasia up and down this girl was really crazy. “you think this shit is funny and cute, don’t you? well, the only thing I want to tell you is to cut the bull shit and stop fucking up my damn life. what you did to Whitney was uncalled for completely childish and foul.” I said to her. Tyasia laughed a little bit. “I really didn’t do anything to her. we just had a little talk which led to a misunderstanding when she didn’t get it that I will always be your girl. for some reason, she thought she had a permanent position in your life baby. you got to tell these females that you are just out here having fun while I let you but I and you will be back together. when I tried to explain that to old girl that she was just your little play toy until I decided to take you back she got mad and tried to get big and tough and I had to knock her ass down to size.” Tyasia said.

I put my hands up to my head. “are you fucking crazy. you got to be. Tyasia you cheated on me! the nigga you cheated on me with just fucking walked out of here. We are done. you don't get to control my life or come in and out when you decide this is not how this shit works. when you had me you wanted other. so I freed you so you could have just that. Whitney is my girl now. I love her and we were happy until you had to fuck it up the same way you fucked us up.” I said to her. Tyasia walked up to me and put her hand on my face. “aww baby your mad so you don't mean what your saying.” she said to me.

I pulled her hand away from my face “Tyasia stop the shit. and understand me and understand me good because I mean everything that I am saying to you. you and I  are over. I found a woman that loves me for who I am and honestly brings me the happiness I could have never find with you. so let me be happy. I’m not out here fucking up anything that you have going on. give me that same down respect. Or we can play this the hard way and I can have my sisters come to see about you the same way you did Whitney.” I said

Tyasia completely ignored what I said and opened her robe. “so you're done with all of this.” she said showing me her naked body. “I was done with that when you started sharing it with other men because I don't share too well.” I said to her. “ you're stupid. you don't know what you missing out on that girl not even close to as pretty as I am.” Tyasia said as she closed back her robe. “to you she may not be pretty. But to me her beauty take my breath away every time I see her. I don't want any bad blood between you and I. I honestly wish you the best and hope that you find someone that loves you but there will be no more of this, I want you to understand that. We didn’t work, I found some that I fit with perfectly that loves going to church, loves my corny jokes and ways and is all about me and our happiness,” I said to her.

Tyasia backed up. “wow you're really serious about this girl.” she said. “yes I am.” I answered. “fine so be it. I will let you be happy then. tell old girl I said I’m sorry.” Tyasia said. “I can do one better, I can take you to tell her yourself. So get dress.” I said  “you don’t realize that I was just saying that right. I don't want to see her. and I honestly don't care if you really tell her or not.” Tyasia said. ”Tyasia you owe me this after all you've put me through so get dress so we can go clear this mess you started all up and I can get my girl back. I said. Tyasia looked me up and down “this girl must have super pussy because you really trying it.” she said with an attitude. “honestly we haven’t even had sex yet. I just truly and honestly have feelings for this woman. I’m not letting her leave my life over some bull shit.” I said.  Tyasia sucked her teeth but she went and got dressed then we drove over to Whitney's house

as we drove Tyasia asked me. “and do you think that we could at least be friends?” I looked at her and then back to the road, for the first time in a while it seemed like she was actually pure and honest. “Honestly I don’t know. As of right now, the answer would be no because of what you did to Whitney and I know us being friends would bother her. Maybe at another time if she is cool with it. Then we could all befriend.” I said to her.

we pulled up in front of Whitney’s house and I turned to Tyasia. “No funny shit,” I said to her. she nodded her head and rolled her eyes.  we got out of the car and walked to Whitney where I once stood an emotional mess. I knocked on the door, we waited for a while; finally, Whitney came to the door. I immediately started talking. “ baby…” but she cut me off/ “Really Aaron you brought this trash to my house?” she said with a look of disgust on her face. it wasn’t until Whitney said it that I even thought about how to bring Tyasua to her house could be an issue.   

“baby let me explain. she’s here because she wants to apologize. I went and handle it all just like I told you I would. she knows there is no her an I ever. she knows that she was dead ass wrong for what she did to you. She also knows that if she ever tired some shit like that again I will have my sister on her ass in two points two seconds. is that right Tyasia?” I said looking at Tyasia and she nodded her head. “but with all that I still like she owed you enough respect to apologize to your face for what she did.” I said. Whitney looked Tyasia up and down and said: “is that true?” Tyasia crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. “yeah I’m sorry.” she said with an attitude I soft elbowed Tyasia. She looked at me. “come on man, handle this like a grown woman.” I said

Tyasia took a deep breath and Finally said “listen to Aaron and I have nothing going on and he has made it clear to me that we never will because he has feelings for you. What I did to you was completely unlady like and I am very embarrassed at my behaviors. SO please accept the apology he has gone out of his way to put me in my place and you never have to worry about me again.

whitney stood there in silence nodding her head and listening to Tyasia. “Whitney, do you accept her apology?” I asked Whitney walked past me and looked Tyasia eye to eye. I figured this would be like one of those moments you see in the movies when the new girlfriend is woman enough to give the old girlfriend a hug and say that she thanks her for apologizing.  But instead, it was the complete opposite. Whitney punches Tyasia in the face causing her nose to bleed.

Then with a smile on her face, she walked back to the doorway and said “I accept your apology now that we are somewhat even. But I better not see you anywhere around my man, hear you talking about my man or me, or anything else that may include my man. Or the next time I’m a show you how we handle a chick like you where I’m from.” I looked at Whitney shocked just like that my polite, professional woman went completely hood on me.

   As I stood in amazement Whitney went into the house and came back out with some tissue. “here! Aaron go ahead and call her an uber sp you can come inside and we can make up.” she said followed by the most seductive and passionate kiss.


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