Part 1 Green Eyed Devil

“Lauren got up.” my mom said as she came into my room. I wiped the sleep from my young eyes seeing my mother's face. It was written all over it that shit was going down. “What's wrong mom?” I asked her and then heard the gunshots.
“Take this and Hide,” she instructed as she placed a gun into my 15-year-old hands. “Ma?” I said to her as she walked towards the door. She stopped in her tracks and walked back toward me. “Lauren just do like I told you. And know that no matter what happens I love you,” she said as she kissed my forehead and then left the room.
I closed my room door behind her. Behind it was a large vent. I pulled the cover and slid inside and placed the cover back. I should have been scared but my mom had prepared me well for this. She hid nothing from me. I was very aware that although my family owned businesses our wealth came from drugs. And I knew I was next in line to be my mom. The one thing she told me was that in a male-dominated business you had to stay ready as a woman because these nigga hated that you could sit at the same table as them or a better table than them.
She was the third generation in this thing called the drug game. And although a queen pin was common my mom did it with ease. Her grandfather had molded her dad. And her dad had molded her. Now she was molding me.
As I laid in my hiding spot peeking through the vent on the other side which gave me a clear view of the living room gunshots were still ringing out but they were slowing down. My mom pulled her gun from her purse that sat on the coffee table and took a seat in the chair facing that door as if she was the queen sitting on her throne.
There were two gunshots fired into the front door that made me jump as the door flew open. My mom sat unbothered as two muscular men walked in and stood to the side. Another man walked in, he was tall and I was unable to see his face. But his high yellow skin tone showed on his hands. He walked slowly with no gun in sight, he was dressed in all black and stood firm.
I was groomed to know a boss when he entered the room and he was one. “Kira,” he said. “Von,” my mom said back clearly. They looked at each other for a moment before she finally asked. “What do we do now?” “It's all business not personal you know that,” he said.
The clicking of heels made everyone look at the door. A skinny light skinned woman walked in. She was dressed in all black as well with a gun in her hands. My mom looked back at Von. “I think this shit is real personal if you bitch is here, Von” my mom said.
“ You still haven't learned to keep my man's name out of your mouth yet.” the woman asked. “Diamond shut the fuck up. Don’t you see bosses talking? Do what you're good at and go find a dick to suck.” my mom said. “Bitch I’ll…” my mom cut her off as she finally stood to her feet, “bitch you will what? You might be married into this shit but remember you are not about this shit.” my mom told her.
“Everyone chill,” Von said. “Von why are you and you bitch in my shit,” my mom said with anger all over her face. “Because your rain is over bitch. If you would have kept Von’s dick out your mouth you would have seen this shit coming. Next time don’t fuck the enemy stupid. Good dick will have you giving access to all your shit.” Diamond said with a laugh.
“Now I was paying very close attention. I had never even seen my mom with a mom. It was a mystery who my father was. But yet this stranger who had literally taken out all of our workers was my mom’s sneaky link.
“So this is what it's over VOn? You want my empire? Our families have run this drug shit for years with respect and no issues and now this because what this bitch in your ear?” my mom asked. “That's what it's been about the whole time. You thought he fucked you cause he actually had love for you. That he actually cares about his childhood friend. No he been dropping dick in you for the last six month because he’s a real boss and had a plan your ass was just too dumb to see.”
“Bitch shut the fuck up I’m not talking to you.” my mom yelled as she still looked at von. At this point, all I wanted was to see Von's face. He was the personal trying to take the empire that I was next in line for.
“Von?” my mom said. “Please kill this bitch Von.” Diamond yells out. At this point, VOn and my mom's eyes were locked. “Von kill her.” Diamond said again. I noticed my mom looking over towards the vent I was hiding in and then back at VOn. “SO that's what you're going to do? You're going to kill me? After all this you're going to kill me?” she asked. “Yes, bitch!” Diamond yelled.
My mom took a step toward Diamond. “See you think im the dumb bitch when you actually are. You think i was some quick fuck in his master plan to grow his empire. But this thing between me and him has been going on for 16 years. I just know how to play my role.” my mom said.
“Von?” diamond said and he finally turned to look at her and i got closer to the vent. I saw the scar he had on his left eye but his green eyes that matched mine were what got me. “You been fucking her all this time?” diamond asked. “Just relax. Look, Kira, just step down. I’ll run everything and you can work for me.” Von said.
“What the fuck? Von are you serious? Kill her” Diamond yelled. But Von didn't move, he just looked at my mom. “I’m a kill her my damn self. I could hear Diamond yell as I crawled out of my hiding spot. “Diamond relax, you're not going to kill no one,” Von said. “Ain’t no fucking relax do you love this bitch?” diamond asked. As I came around the corner to see Von and my mom looking at each other.
“Bitch” Diamond yelled with her gun pointed at my mom “if I was you i’d relax,” I said as I raised my gun and pointed it at Diamond. When the room turned to see me. I instantly watched the pain come over Diamond's face and the shocked look on VOn's face as he looked at me and then my mom.
Diamond turned back to VOn “you had a baby with this bitch?” she said. Von looked at me and I looked at him. The gun in my hands was heavy but my mom taught me you don’t show weakness so I kept my feet planted and my eyes locked.
“Von did you have a baby with her?” Diamond repeated. “She’s right there what the fuck do you want me to say? The proof is right before us looking at me like a mirror.” he said. “ Can y'all take this marritel shit somewhere else. Because clearly your plan is not going like you thought and it will be over my dead body that you get my damn empire.” my mom said.
“Bitch fuck you and that bastard you call a chill. I’ll kill ….” Before Diamond could finish her sentence I pulled the trigger and my bullet ripped through her chest and her body hit the floor.
“Fuck” Von said as i now stood with my eyes locked on him. “What's your name?” he asked as he stepped towards me and I stepped back. Blood or not Von was the enemy in my eyes, after all, I saw tonight. 15 years with no dad wouldn’t be any different than a lifetime without one. “DOn’t worry about my name, that's personal and like you said this is just business.” I told him. Before my mom could yell no I fired my gun again and watched with a straight face as VOn’s body fell.

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