Part 10: Adrianna, Brian, and Stefan

A piece of me wanted to die. I felt like I did. Everyone's life would be better off. Stefan would, in time, find someone that actually deserved him. Trisha would have to deal with covering up my bullshit, and Brian could let go of me. But I guess God figured he would not let me off that easy.
"Tisha, what the fuck happened? What did you do?" I heard Stefan ask in a frantic voice. "I didn't mean to." I heard her say like she was crying. "You didn't mean to? You pulled a gun and shot it in my home. You shot my wife. Help me understand because I don't get how the fuck you could shoot your best friend that you say you love." he said to her in a loud tone. "I was…." I heard Tisha stuttering, and I knew it was probably because she was emotionally wrecked. Between shooting me and having to keep my secret.
"You what?" Stefan asked. Tisha was silent for a moment. "now you can't talk?" Stefan asked her real rudely. she finally repeated herself, "I didn't mean to." I wanted to end the argument between them and just tell Stefan that Tisha was trying to shoot me. She was trying to save my life, and stuff went wrong. But I couldn't get the strength to open my eyes or my mouth.
"I always knew you were a disloyal ass friend. You hated Adrianna for years mad because I picked her over you. Mad because I made you abort that baby because I refused to leave her. I can't believe you took it this damn far, though. It was one thing to still be in her face and call her best friend. But this shooting her damn near killed her was another." It was a good thing that my strength wouldn't be against me because if it weren't, I would let both of their asses have it right now. I was beating myself up, and both of them were playing dirty.
"You don't even know how loyal I am to you and her. And just so we are clear, I don't want you. I am fully over you. I don't want any nigga that don't even want to find the courage and take care of his responsibilities. You are walking around here like your, this perfect god-fearing man when you're not. Ain't if against the bible to kill. But you sure made sure I killed my baby." Tisha said. "And you did it," Stefan said. "And we will burn in hell together for it. But right now, all I've been trying to do is to be a better friend. It's fucked up what we have been doing behind her back, and I've waited for her for years now." Tisha said. "But you won't," Stefan said boldly."
"You right, I won't because of how you tell your best friend I've been sleeping with your husband for years. I even slept with him the night before your wedding, and at your wedding, I was pregnant with his baby. I figure she already told me you were giving her wack ass dick that was torture enough." Tisha said. My blood was boiling at this point.
"Get out!" I heard Stefan say. "Gladly," Tisha said. "You are not welcome here or anywhere around me nor my wife. If you come near us, you will regret it and I'll call the police. The only reason I'm not calling now is because I got love for you and I'm praying this was a mistake." he told her. "Nigga don't threaten me because I will fuck up your world even more than it already is. Now I'm leaving peacefully because they'll put me in jail for shooting you in this hospital. When Adrianna comes to tell her I'm sorry. And when it's all said and don't I'm sorry for you too." she said with a sassy tone.
Another voice appeared in the room. "Tisha Washington?" I heard a male voice say. "Yes?" I heard her answer. "I am officer Tommy McDonald. I was told you were the one that called in the situation that happened tonight. I am just going to need to take a statement from you." he said. "No offense, but you're going to have to take her statement somewhere else because she needs to get the hell out of here." I heard Stefan say. "And you are?" the officer asked. "Stefan Strong. The woman that was shot is my wife Adrianna Strong and as you can see, I am waiting for her to come. I already asked Tisha to leave and never return, so whatever you need to talk to her about it needs to be done away from here." Stefan said.
"No problem, sir. I will be back to get a statement from you as well." the officer informed him. "Good and I'll be looking to get a restraining order too," Stefan said. "Really, Stefan?" Tisha said. "Yes," Stefan answered. "You want a restraining order on her, sir? You know she's the reason why your wife is still here alive." the officer said. "I don't care. I want to ensure that she stays away from me and my wife." Stefan said. "Okay sir, Ma'am follow me we can talk out here." I heard the officer say. "You're going to regret this," Tisha said. "Only thing I will ever regret is you," Stefan said.
I could believe what I had heard. They should have been more careful. I wasn't even dead, and they were talking freely. Hell, if i was dead, the hearing is the last thing to go, so they would have given me everything I needed to come back to haunt them for the rest of their damn lives. Here I thought that I had the best friend in the world and that my husband was perfect, and both these ass holes had made a complete fool out of me.
The room got quiet, and then I heard Stefan say, "Adrianna baby, please wake up. Please come back to me. Lord, if you give me my wife back I promise to do right." I heard him saying. But it was way too late for him to be praying to god. It was time to let the games begin; I was stressing over something I had been doing for a few months with a stranger. He had been playing me with a bitch I had broken bread with multiple times, and he had been playing me for years.
All I wanted to do now was lay eyes on him. I could feel Stefan laying his head on my lap. "Mr. Strong?" I heard another new female voice say. "Yes," Stefan answered. "I'm DR. Anderson I've been the doctor caring for your wife. We have run tests and monitored her for a few hours now since surgery and it looks like she and the baby will make a full recovery," she said. "Baby?" Stefan said back. "Yes, were you not aware?" the doctor asked. "No, not at all," Stefan told her. "Well, according to my test result, she is approaching four months." Dr. Anderson said. "Wow," Stefan said. "At this point, we are going to keep monitoring her. The meds should wear off and she should wake up and we can go from there." she said, "thank you so much." Stefan said. "Don't thank me; thank god. Had the bullet been aimed, a different wife could have died from a bullet to the neck or heart. God was on her side. She must have a purpose here that hasn't been fulfilled yet." the doctor said. She was right, I had something to fulfill, and that was making sure that Stefan and Tisha felt my wrath.

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