Part 1: Yasmine and Jerome


   I had met Jerome right when I was giving up on love. My heart was cold as ice. And My attitude burned hot like the fire in hell. I thought that no one could ever love me. or would bother seeing me as more than a sex trophy. But Jerome came in and changed all of that.

   Although we met at a club and most people say no happy couple can form a club, we and Jerome were different. He was a complete gentleman. When he approached me in the club he shakes my hand, introduced his self, and asked could he sit with me at the bar. There was no “yo ma” or “damn baby bring that ass here”.

   And when we danced it was like no one else was there but us. We literally danced the night away. We just two stepped in the name of love. When the night was over and we came out the club the sound of the smooth rain was a new song for us to move to. Jerome showed how far he’d go for me when he gave me his coat and risked his whole outfit being destroyed while walking me to the car.

   From that day we grew to be one. When he held me, it felt like I was in the safest place I could ever be. When he kissed me softly and slowly it was a sweet embrace that I felt I didn’t deserve. I couldn’t have it any better I had found my forever in this man and I wasn’t going to ever let him go.

   “Yasmine?” he said as we sat on the couch. “yes baby.” I answered. “you know I love you right?” he asked me. I laughed and answered him “yes baby” I know”. “No like I really love you girl. You’re like that first sip of coffee in the morning. The pure happiness you have as a child. When we first got together I know you were hurt but you gave all of you to me and trusted me with your heart.” He said.

   Every woman knows how it feels to love but for a woman like me being loved was this new amazing feeling. Jerome made me feel beautiful in a way that was way more than skin deep. So, I crawled across the couch and gave my man the most passionate kiss, right before laying on his chest and saying “thank you, daddy, for coming along and being different than the others. Thank you for being real. Thank you for being patient. I know getting through all the walls and hurt wasn’t easy but you saw something in me that told you I was worth it all.”

   Jerome smiled down at me as I laid on him. “baby you are beautiful inside and out them losers before I fucked up because they didn’t see that. you’re a star that they wanted to dim. And I couldn’t let your light go out baby girl.  Not when you’re such a force to be reckoned with. That’s why you're going to be my wife one day.” He said.

   I jumped up. “really babe? You been thinking about marrying me?” I asked him cheesing from ear to ear. “Girl of course I have. Life with you is like a movie and I never want this to end. I can only imagine waking up to those beautiful brown eyes every day and seeing the rays of the sun rising on your beautiful face. Then being able to make more love to you just blows my mind just thinking about it.”

   “Aww, baby you are definitely the best part of me,” I told Jerome as I laid back on his chest. “When I’m your wife you never have to worry I will always follow, love and support you no matter what,” I told him.  we sat in silence but I was still smiling from ear to ear because of a love like this mad you happy. By just having his presence and being able to feel him near. As I drift off into a nap I knew life couldn’t do anything else but go up from here.

   After some time, Jerome woke me up from my nap. “Hey, baby I’m about to head out and go home. Go get in the bed.” He said. It was so refreshing to meet a man who had his own. Jerome made sure to leave my house every night at a respectable time. I use to try to convince him to just stay the night with me but he would tell me how his parents would roll over in their holy Christian grave if they knew he was “shacking” with some girl. That was completely against how he was raised.

   In my head, I didn’t see what was wrong with it seeing that we were already having unmarried sex. That was a sin alone. I mean no sin was greater than the other. So why not at least enjoy each other. But I took it as a time to prepare myself for him for when we get to that part.

   The next morning my sister Tracey hit me up for a breakfast date. Jerome had already told me he had to work early so I had free time. So, I agreed to meet with her. Plus, it gave me a chance to talk to her about the conversation I had with Jerome last night about marriage.

   I talked Tracey that we should go downtown to this diner that Jerome always took me to that had the best chicken and waffles in the city. We sat at a table and I excitedly told Tracey everything.  “Well, little sis I am so happy for you. I haven’t seen you this happy and glowing before. It looks good on you.” She said to me. “sis I’m really happy with him.” I said, “well you about to be even happier because your man just walked in.” Tracey said.

   I spun around in my chair and there my handsome man was walking over to a booth in the corner. I got up to head his way when I saw a light skin slender woman dressed business casual walk over and joined him. I sat back down. “what wrong?” Tracey asked. “Nothing just looks like he’s in a business meeting.” I told her. “girl that’s your man over there to say hello at least.” She told me. Tracey was right I knew how to conduct myself so what better way to show him that he can even take me to business events with him.

   “Hey baby,” I said as I approached the table. Jerome seemed like he seen a ghost. I bent down to give him a kiss, he turned his head and gave me his cheek to kiss.” Jayvon who is this?” the woman sitting with him said. I looked at her confused. “baby why is your client calling you the wrong name?” I asked. But Jerome was so stuck and dumbfounded he didn’t say anything. “No, the better question is who is Jerome and why are you calling my husband baby?” she said to me.

   The anger that shot throw my body as I turned and looked at Jerome. “so, this is your wife?” I asked him. “Yasmine, I can explain,” Jerome said trying to hold my hands and plead his case. I snatched my hands away from him “save it.” I said as I walked off. I went over to the table me and Tracey were sitting at and grabbed my purse. I took some money out threw it on the table. “Let’s go, sis,” I said with an attitude.

   As I stepped outside Jerome came out and grabbed me by the arm. “Yasmine please listen to me.” He pleaded. “Jerome. Oopps I mean Jayvon. That is your REAL name, right? Let my arm go and leave me alone.” I said. “Yasmine, I can’t just let you leave me I love you.” He cried out to me. I looked at him not believing that he even just said that. “you love me? You love me and your wife huh?” I said to him. “His wife?” Tracey said.

   “Yasmine, I don’t love Camille we just have a history together and a son but if you tell me right now that you love me and won’t leave me I will go in this diner and tell her that I am divorcing her. Jerome said to me.

   I looked at him “you have a son?” I asked him. “Yes, I have an eight-year-old son.” He said. I try to take in everything he said he seemed so sincere but how could I know this could be another simple lie he told me just like he did with his name. “Jayvon, I wish you the best,” I said as I walked away from him. As I and Tracey got into my Jeep it started to rain. I began to cry because my best part wasn’t even real at all.


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