Yasir and Yasin Part 1

“Shot him!” I yelled at my twin brother, annoyed. “Why can’t you do it? You do it any other time?” Yasin asked me. “Because momma said i have to let you do it. So let's go. So we can get the fuck up and out of here. I got shit to do” I told him. “And so do I. Naomi is waiting on me so we can study.” Yasin said, “so lets go so we can get the fuck out of here.” I said. 

Yasin looked at the corner boy we had tied up in the chair in the basement of one of our warehouses. He was beaten up real good and normally at this point I would end the shit with one shot to the head. But my mom had made it very clear that Yasin was to do this. 

As I stood there waiting on Yasin. The nigga spit out blood that almost landed on my new jays. I took the butt of my gun and hit him. “Yo what the fuck! Yasin let fuckn go! Do this shit!” I screamed. “I can’t. That's not me.” he said. “See this is exactly why mommy wants you to do it because you around here acting like a little bitch ya balls need to drop nigga. Just pull the damn trigger.” I told him. 

“No,” Yasin said, lowering his gun. I walked around the chair and got in Yasin 'face. “Nigga who are we?” I asked him. Yasin said nothing so I repeated my question with more base in my voice and poking him forcefully in the chest. “Who are we?” I asked.  “The Anderson brothers,” Yasin said sadly. “Nigga you better say that shit with ya mutha fucking chest who are we?” I asked again “the Anderson brothers,” Yasin said forcefully. “Then asct like it and handle your mutha fucking business.” I told him. 

Yasin looked at me and then the corner boy. “Now my nigga” I screamed. “Can someone do it please? I'm in so much pain.” the corner boy said. “Nigga shut up no one gives a fuck about your pain! Your ass wasn’t in pain when you were shorting us.” I said. 

You could tell Yasin was having a battle in his head. To do what was right or what he knew needed to be done. My phone rang and I pulled it out of my pocket. It was my girl Airy. “yes babe?” I answered by turning away from Yasin and the situation. “Bae when you coming home” she asked in a real seductive voice. I should be there in a few.” I said to her as I was talking I could hear Yasin telling the nigga to sit back. But I thought nothing of it. “Okay well make sure it really only a few minutes i got on that red lingerie that you like.” she said. 

Before I could answer I heard the sound of a gun go off behind me. I turned around and saw Yasin was standing with his gun in his hand and the corner boy's body sitting in the chair lifeless and bleeding out. “Baby I got to go.” I said into the phone and then hung up real quick before hearing Airy’s response. “Yasir, he was moving. I thought he was going to try to stand up.” Yasin said in a panic. “My nigga! You did it.” I said excitedly, trying to slap him up. 

I could tell Yasin wasn’t feeling the same way I was. “Let's get out of here.” I said wrapping my arm around him. We walked out the warehouse and to my car. “Here you drive school boy.” I said handing him my keys. 

We jumped in my truck and Yasin pulled off. “Man why did mommy want me to do that. She knows that not me. And she knows I don't want to be involved in this shit. I'm doing everything I can to keep this shit a secret from Nomi and get my degree.” he stated. “Nigga like it or not you are the son to a Queenpin. You want to go to school and she lets you. But she is still going to make sure that if it's ever needed you can do what necessary or what benefits her.” I told him. “That's killing shit not something I will ever need to do again. I’m going to school to be an accountant so she can use me for that. But this other shit is what she got you for.” Yasin said. As Yasin talked I pulled out my phone and sent a text. I’m on my way. 

“Yasir!” Yasin said. “What?” I answered him. “Can you talk to momma please? Like tell her i'm not built for that shit.” He said. “I will not.” I told him. “Why?” he said. “Because Mona is not gonna hear that shit. Plus you my twin brother nigga and if i’m with the shit so are you.” I told him as she turned on to his campus. “But I'm not Yasir. We are two different people. You like this lifestyle. You built for this shit. I just want to be happy with Naomi.” he said. I looked at him. 

“You sound like a punk.” I told him. “Yeah whatever, just promise you’ll talk to momma.” he said. “Iight I’ll see what I can do.” I said. “Yasir for real don’t forget. And tell momma I’ll be home for sunday dinner.” he told me. “Aight nigga damn. Now get out of my car. I got somewhere to go.” I told him. 

Yasin jumped out and I walked around to the drive side. I pulled off and headed to my next destination as I bumped Mo3 Everybody. When i got to my destination I parked, got out and walked to the door. Before I could get to the top step the door opened and Jaymel stood there smelling at me. “What's up?” he said. “Nothing much. You missed me?” I asked. “Hell yeah now hurry up and come inside.” he told me. “Alright, I don't have that much time doe Airy waiting for me. “ i told him. “Cool, I'll try not to tire you too much before sending you home to her.” 

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