Part 1 Tineka

“You bitch!” Jarvin's mom Ms. Olivia said as I took a seat next to her. It was no surprise that she didn’t like me. On my wedding day when the preacher asked if anyone has any reason why these two should not be wed she actually stood up. But even with that her son still put a ring on it. I guess it's easy to be bitter when a real bitch comes in and makes your son a better man than you could in 26 years.
“I know mom karma's a bitch and whoever did this to Jarvin is going to pay.” I said hugging her. She pushed me away and looked at me. I looked around the church to see if anyone noticed. But people were too busy viewing the body and crying to see what had happened. I looked at her and gave her the death stare.
“How dare you show your face at my son’s funeral.” she said with tears streaming down her face. The sight of her trying to seem like a good mom and seem hurt was hilarious to me. Had we not been in this church and I didn't have a rep to keep up I would have laughed as hard as I could in her face.
A woman walked up to us and shook both of our hands. She said her condolences. Olivia and I both nodded and thanked her. I grabbed Olivia’s hand and held it just to add on to the show I had been putting on since I walked into this church with my black hat and veil on along with my black body con dress that showed my baby bump and my red bottom heels.
Nothing about this was sad to me. Jarvin was just one of the homies to me when he was alive. And I just so happened to marry one of the homies. And because of the way i grew up one of the homies dying didn't even phase me no. shit Jarvin made me miserable when he was alive. But now that he was gone I was one happy woman.
If we were being honest I wasn’t going to show up today. Had my sister Bria not told me I need to show up and play the grieving wife role I wouldn’t have. I figure I did more than my part by organizing and paying for this funeral. Had it been up to me the nigga could have been cream mated we could have said our ashes to ashes dust to dust and his momma could have had his remains.
I peeped my sister Bria walking in out the corner of my eye. She walked up and viewed the body and then came over to the front row I was sitting on with Olivia and stopped at Olivia. She squatted down in front of Olivia in her black 6inch heels and black dress and said. “Still hard to believe he’s gone.” and then she smirked. “I ought to spit on you.” Olivia said to Bria. Bria stood up and straightened her dress and then took a seat next to me.
“You two are really some crazy bitches.” Olivia said with her lip shaking and her voice cracking. The hat and veil I had on blocked the evil smile I gave her. “How could you say that to me. I am hurting. I am burying the life of my life today. My child is going to grow up fatherless. So no matter how you feel about it I belong here.'' I said in a sarcastic tone to her while rubbing my belly.
“You belong in a psych ward because you know that not my son’s baby.” Olivia said. “After trying for two years he sure thought it was and told everyone it was.'' I said to her in a smart tone. “I hate you Tineka,” she said to me. “That didn’t bother me the first time you told me, because your son loved me. Hell he might have loved me more then he loved you. And you might want to watch your mouth. You can use such strong words towards someone who you7 are going to need. Remember don’t bite the hand that feeds you.'' I said to her. “You…'' She started to talk and I cut her off. “Sh… the pastor is getting ready to start.” I said.
I turned and looked at Bria and rolled my eyes. She gave me a little laugh. The preacher began the service and before I knew it was opening up for remarks. And of course, I was the first person he called up. “Showtime” Bria whispered to me. I stood up and Bria helped me walk to the mic. I stood there looking at Jarvin laying in that casket and I let a tear fall from my eyes. Don't get me wrong I wasn’t as cold-hearted as Olivia thought I was I cared. I never wanted to see Jarvin like this but this is just how the plan worked out.
After a few moments, I finally let out a deep sigh and spoke “wow… when I seen my future with this man I never pictured us here. We promised each other forever just never thought forever would come to a end so soon. I never realized how much i’d miss his forehead kisses. Or having him there to put my feet under when its cold in the bed.” i let more tears roll down my face. “My heart is still holding on to hope that this is all just a nightmare and that I am going to wake up and you and that handsome smile is going to be there looking at me. There so much more I wanted to do with you. I want to watch you sleep one more time. Or get to see you hold our child.” i started to shake as i held the mic. “I don't want this to be true. I don't want this to be my reality because I don't want to miss you because it will hurt too much. Three years of marriage and now I'm laying my better half, my best friend to rest and a piece of my heart is going with him… Jarvin baby in sickness or in health. For better or for worse. In life or in death I do and I will forever love you. But im hurting! How is Lois lane supposed to go on without her superman.” I said and then I walked away from the mic and back to my seat and i put my head down.
Bria wrapped her arms around me as if she was comforting me and I whispered in my ear. “You definitely sold that shit.” Olivia just looked at me. That was until the preacher called her up for remarks.
“Never thought i’d be burying my son. All his life I prepared him for living without me but not once did I prepare myself to live with him. Even though you were a grown baby boy I feel like I failed you. You were my only child it was my job to protect you and keep you from the evil people in this world and i didn’t do that.” she said and then glanced over at me. “I love you momma’s boy until we meet again.” she said and then came back to her seat.
I hugged Ms. Olivia and she whispered in my ear. “I know you are behind what happened to my son.” “you don't know shit! Stop making a scene in this damn church. Remember i’m Jarvin’s wife the insurance check comes to me so if you want a cut I’d shut the fuck up if I was you.” I said then let her go and I sat back.
The rest of the service went by and it was time for them to march Jarvin out. I grabbed Olivia's arm and we walked out behind Jarvis' casket “I've played with bitches like you and your sister before Tineka you don’t scare me. I know your behind what happened to my son and if it takes my last breath I'll do whatever i have to to prove it.” she said to me softly as we walked. “You never even been around a bitch like me before.” i said back to her in an evil voice. We got outside and they loaded the casket. I told them to let Olivia ride in the limbo and Bria would drive me because the limbo was too low for me to get into and out of pregnant.
As soon as I got into the car with Bria and we pulled off I said to her. “We got to get rid of Olivia next.”

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