Part 1: Tiana and Sean

The sound of my phone ringing broke the silence of the me time I was having. My son had been sick all day and I finally he was sleep and I could relax. All I wanted to do was paint my toes that it. Any real mother can tell you that having a sick one-year-old was hell and made you value “me time” was. 

I answered the phone and tried to not sound are run down as I felt


“Hey, Tiana girl what you doing?”

“Hey, Aeisha I just sat do to paint my toes. Lil Sean surprised me this morning and woke up with a temp of 101” I said to Aeisha 

“Oh,” Aeisha said as if she was hiding something.

“Whats up with you I know you didn’t call me to breathe on this phone. “ I said to her.

“You been on facebook today?”She asked me

“Nah I just told you lil sean surprised me,”I told her with a little attitude.

“Well, Big Sean dropped a surprise today too.” She said 

“What u talking about Aeisha,” I said now annoyed because someone always calling me about something my baby daddy doing. Not to mention his ass left the house this morning and I been calling him to tell him our son was sick and he hasn’t answered.

“Girl I dong know how to tell you this or how you're going to react but your baby daddy getting” married... Aeisha said

“Ummm... who baby  daddy?” I asked her

“Yours! Ty’Sean Brown Sr. is getting married and the chick he posted wearing the ring wasn’t you.”

The room started to seem like it was spinning... I felt angry, sadness and a little of my crazy kicking up. 

Sean had done some shit to me in the past but this was an all-time low. How could the man that was just making love to me last night now be getting married. 

Aeisha must have been spilling more tea and the people that commented because I could hear her talking but I was so pissed I had blocked out anything she said after married. When I finally started paying her attention again she was asking “so what are you going to do?”

“Aeisha calls you back girl” I tried to say in a calm way. As soon as she was off my phone I called Sean. No answer. I called about 3 more time no answer. I put my phone down and paced my room. “This man got me fucked up,” I said out loud.

I stopped pacing for a moment because I thought I heard lil sean crying in his room. I walked in and the room was silent. I looked at my baby and tear began to follow down my cheeks. How could the man that helped me back this handsome baby boy be so willing to destroy this family.  

As I looked at lil sean I heard my phone going off in my room I rushed back in there think it was finally sean calling me back but it was my mom. 

“Hey mommy” I answered

“Hey, Tiana baby hows my grandbaby?” She asked me. Which was how our conversations normally went every since I had him. “He’s okay now he had a temp of 101 earlier and wouldn’t eat but I got that down,” I told her. “Okay, that good he’s better to make sure you keep checking on him and giving him water and medicine.” She told me. “I will mother,” I said sounding annoyed. “Whats wrong with you?” she asked.  “Nothing,” I said not sounding too convincing. “Girl whats wrong with you and you better not lie to me again. Because mama knows when your lying.” And when her just saying that I burst into tears. “Ma sean getting married,” I said to her. “Well, congrats baby why you crying like you just lost your puppy.” She said. “Ma you not hearing me. Sean is getting married. Not me and sean.” I said to her. My moms Mississippi accent started to come out “well now how that happen?” She asked. 

“Mom I don’t know and I don’t care I had enough I'm about to pack his stuff and he getting out. And he not seeing my baby no more. Not about to have my baby calling some thot stepmom.” My mom listened to me rant and rave. When I was done and took a breath she spoke so calmly  “now Tatiana know your hurting but don't make that baby pay for the hurt that man caused you...”I started to interrupt her  “but ma...” and she cut me off “no but mom when your daddy let me for Wanda I didn't keep you away from him. I still let you have a relationship with him despite what adult issues we had because you deserved the best of both of us. And maybe together we weren’t our best.”  I listened to my mom's words of wisdom even know I didn’t want to.  

When she was done she told me she loved me and was praying for me and hung up. 

Although my mom words stuff in my head not to ruin the bond my son would have with his father I had to do something I wouldn’t dare be a damn sister wife. There were enough chicks in the hood sleeping with the same guy and calling each other sis. 

I cried and packed Sean's stuff while frequently checking my phone to see if he texted or called me back. “High school sweethearts my ass... we’re 27 with a baby and he still playing games. WE’RE TO DAMN OLD.” I said as a put every sneaker, time, fitted and every piece of clothes in bags. 

By time sean brought his ass home I had everything packed and at the bottom of stairs. When he came to the house I was laying on the couch as calm as watching love and hip-hop... 

he came in and kissed me on the forehead with a smile on his face. “Hey baby,” he said cheerfully. “Hey, sean.” “Wheres Lil man?”  he asked... “well if you would have answered your phone at all today you would have known he was sick with a fever of 101. But I guess you were busy.” I said to him. “Man Tiana I had a long day don't start your shit; is he good now?” Sean said to me. “Yes, he's fine thanks to me!” I said to him. 

“Man I'm not in the mood for your smart ass mouth tonight I fucked up omg I am sorry. I'm about to go see my lil man.” 

I laid on the couch and frowned up my face and mumbled under my breath “your sorry alright”

Sean got to the stairs and noticed bags. “Yo T whats this stuff? Do it need to go outside?” He said. I sat up on the couch. “Shit I don't know what you going to do with it but I figured I pack your stuff up for you as an early wedding gift. 

Sean's face looked like he seen a ghost. I stood up an walked over to him “yeah bitch I know, congrats...” 

“Tiana you don’t know shit but what one of your big mouth ass friends told you.” He said to me. “Sean don't try me. Did you post an engagement picture today?” I said to him with a straight face. “Yes but..” I interrupted him “but nothing you're engaged so take your shit and go to your future wife's house. I and Lil sean don't need you here.” I said fighting back tears. 

Sean grabbed me and hugged me “bae it not like that she brought the ring not me... I only agreed because she's pregnant.” I slapped sean... “ so not only are you getting married but the bitch pregnant? When I was pregnant with Lil sean and asking for a ring you had every excuse but this bitch get you because she brought the ring. Fuck you! Get out! We going to be just fine.” I said to him.

“Tiana I'm not leaving Lil Sean,” he said “why not you leave him all the time now. Don't act like he matters now, he’ll be good. He got me to be mommy and daddy. Maybe you’ll do better with your new baby.” I fussed at him. 

He grabbed his bags and headed towards the door and stop. “I'm a leave for the night and let you cool off. Because we aren't done.” I interrupted him “yes we are. I'm a get me a man that wants to him here for me and my son.” Rage shout through seans eyes “bitch ill kill you. Aint no other nigga raising my damn son. What I have with you is different then what I got with her so just relax. Everything with is fine." I rolled my eyes and said, "Sean get out."  

Sean walked towards me. I back up not knowing what was going through his head. He had never been physically abusing before. But shit he had never got engaged before either so I was my going to get hit with any more surprises. Sean walks up to me so I was pinned to the wall and kissed me so passionately. When the kiss was over Sean looked me in the eyes. If I can't have you or my family; no one else can or will either."

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