Part 1: Theresa and Jazz

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it’s something about my baby sister calling my phone repeatedly at 2 a.m. that doesn’t sit right with me and will make me stop whatever I am doing to make sure she is okay. “Hello,” I answered, before clearing my throat. “T… T, can you hear me?” Jazz asked in a scared voice. “Yeah, I can hear you, what’s up Jazz?” I responded to her and then heard banging in her background. “Theresa, I need you.” Jazz cried out. “Open the fucking door, bitch!” I heard in her background, followed by more banging.

“Jazz is that Jovon ass?” I asked as I sat entirely up in bed and turned on the light on my nightstand. “Ye its him…. Jovon please just leave..” she said. “What is going on?” I asked her. “He came into the house tripping. I ran to the bathroom and locked myself in here. T I’m fucking scared.” She said to me. “Don’t nobody care that you in there call somebody open the fucking door hoe.” I heard Jovon yell.

As a big sister, I had spent my whole life protecting and shielding Jazz from everything that could hurt her. It was one thing my Gigi told me when my mom first protected Jazz home. That since I was the oldest, I would always be the protector. This was no different this time. “Jazz open the damn door or I’ll kick this bitch down.” I heard. “Jazz, hold on and stay in that bathroom don’t open the door for shit until you hear my voice on the other side. I am on my way.” I said, as I ripped back the covers and jumped out of bed.

“Where are you going?” Maurice asked as he sat up in bed and turned on the light that was on his nightstand. “We got to go check on Jazz. that nigga Jovon tripping.” I said. “We?” Maurice repeated, as if I had spoken in another language. “Yes, now come on.” I said, opening my dresser drawers. “Here we go again.” Maurice said as he turned back off his light and laid back down. “Really, Moe?” I was shocked at his actions.

“What?” he said back to me with an attitude. “I just told you my sister needs us and that that nigga Jovon was tripping and you going to lay your big-headed ass back down like I said nothing.” I said to him. Maurice rolled over and looked at me. “I’m doing what your ass should do.” He said,

I could not believe my ears. Maurice knew Jazz and my story. He knew I took being a big sister and protecting her seriously. So I didn’t understand why he was acting like this at all. “Did you not just hear me say that my little sister needs me?” I told him with an attitude. Maurice sat and came over to my side of the bed, sat on the edge, pulled me between his legs, and kissed me. “Theresa baby listen. I understand that you want to protect your sister. I literally love that trait in you. But your sister is grown and can handle her own man. You have to let her figure this out by herself. She is 23, and she has to learn that you won’t always be there. Now let’s go back to bed and….” I cut him off. “If you think that you about to convince with me to get back into that bed with you and ignore my sister cry for help to fuck and suck on you. You have completely lost your rabbit ass mind.” I said to him, “You don’t have to ignore it, just call the police and let them handle it.” he said back. “So my damn sister can be another police encounter gone wrong.” I told him,

“Fuck it then,” he said, pushing me back and getting back into the bed. “I don’t see what’s the problem or why you don’t get that Jazz needs me.” I said to him, “When the hell does Jazz not need you. Every time I turn around you running to her rescue like super save a hoe. You take better care of her than you take of me, and I’m the man that’s fucking. Feeding and financing you.” he said, throwing his hands in the air.

I went back to my dresser and grabbed a pair of leggings and a shirt out. I started to put them on in a hurry as I said, “lets be clear you may fuck, feed and finance me. But you can also cheat, leave, and betray me. That is my sister. We have the same blood running through our veins. She will always have my back and I will always have hers. I handle my business as a girlfriend, but my family is always a priority. I will never put you feeding, fucking or financing the few bills you do over to make sure my sister is okay. I’m not even sure why the fuck I have to explain that.” I told him.

“Your sister always has issues with Jovon and we get up and run over there to save her, and a few days later she is back with him. Enough is enough. They got neighbors, someone will call 911 about them making all that noise.” he said. “She goes back because she loves him, and love is difficult. I reminded him and then put on my shirt. You’ve messed up, and I didn’t just walk away from you.”

“But I never went upside your head. She keeps going back, allowing that shit because she knows you’re going to run to save her. Not tonight; get your ass in the bed, Theresa. “I sucked my teeth “no, you get up,” I said. Maurice just laid there. “So are you going to get up so we can go check up on Jazz,” I asked? “Hell no, you need to get back in this bed and mind your business and worry about us,” he said with his back to me. “Jazz is my business. She’s all I got family-wise, and I am all she got.

“Theresa just gets back in the damn bed and leaves them to handle their own shit. He said. “I’m going to help my sister Marice now as my man, knowing that there is another grown-ass man there causing an issue; you can get up and come help me or not,” I said, now fully pissed off. “NOT!” he said, pulling the covers up more.

“Fine, I’ll handle this shit on my own then, you sorry excuse for a man.” I said to him as I squatted down and pulled out the safe from under our bed. I put the code in and pulled the small gun from inside that Maurice had gotten, just in case someone ever tried breaking in. I checked for bullets and then slid the gun into my purse. I put the safe back under the bed. I stood up, looked at Maurice with his back to me, and rolled my eyes before walking to the door.

As I made my way to the door, I was now in front of Maurice, and he called out my name. “Theresa,” he said, and I spun around, hoping he was going to tell me he was coming after all. “Maurice,” I answered. “If you walk out that door, understand that things will never be the same between us and I will know where you stand. I will also not being coming to bail you out for whatever you do stupid with that gun you just took out the safe.” he said with a straight face as he still laid there. “Is that an Ultimatum?” I asked him. “Take it how you want to.” he said back to me.

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