Part 1: Terry Brothers

I knew my mom probably felt like God had the greatest sense of humor ever. She had five pregnancies, and they were all boys. She names us all after books in the bible: Joshua, Nehemiah, Isaiah, Jeremiah and me Daniel. She had us all two years apart but no matter the age difference we were a close net family. Although I was the youngest, I towered over my three middle brothers: Nehemiah, Isaiah, and Jeremiah. My height was just one of the things I had in common with my oldest brother Josh. out of all my brother Josh was my favorite. You can say he was my best friend with an 8 year age gap between us Josh was the brother I drew to more especially after our dad was killed by some cops.

Josh was always there for me, and I know he was there for all of my brothers, but I feel like I got more attention. He kept me fresh with all the sneakers and things my mom wouldn’t get me. And when I grew an interest in hooping, he was outside with me even after the sun went down making sure I was good. Had it not been for him I probably wouldn’t have gotten my scholarship for basketball. He was a role model to me, and I looked up to him and followed him and that why when my other brother was getting tatted up I didn't because Josh didn’t

Since we were kids, my mom called us her dread head princes. It was our signature everyone knew the Terry brothers because the five of us had locs. But today her last prince became a King. “Danny happy 21st birthday lil bro,” Isaiah said as he came through the back door. It had come a tradition that if we did nothing else as a family on our birthdays, we had breakfast at mom’s house. She cooked all our favorite pancakes foods, and we would celebrate together.

So it was no surprise that I was already downstairs with my mouth watering for her chocolate chip pancakes, and Isaiah was busting through the door he always like first pick on the bacon. My mom spun around from the stove to look at Isaiah “boy what have you done to your head” she asked. “Nothing momma I just let Teela bleach my ends for her cosmetology class,” he answered. “Boy you going to get enough of letting that girl play in your hair,” she said. “Momma that's my lady I got to support her and help her get to her dreams,” he said as he walked over to her. “Mmhm.” my momma said with her hands on her hips. “Momma stops fussing and Good Morning,” Isaiah said with a smile on his face as he kissed her.

Momma went back to cooking, and Isaiah came and joined me at the table. “21 little bro how are you feeling?” he asked. “Like a man,” I said playing around. ”what you got planned?”  he said me. “Nothing really I know Josh want to hit the mall up later,” I told him. “So he can spoil you like always. But he you go here my gift,” he said handing me a hard. I opened the card and then slapped him up. Good look bro my Xbox live subscription definitely about to be due for the year so this is perfect.” I said to him. “No problem baby bro now where ya other brothers at?” he asked. “Jeremiah is upstairs in the bathroom you know how he is. Josh said he was on his way over here when I texted him a few minutes away, and I haven’t heard from Nehemiah.” I told him. “Let me call him and see where he at,” Isaiah said. “Yeah call him he always answers for you,” I told him.

He got up from the table and went into the living room. “Danny whatever you do for your birthday I want you to be safe today you hear me?” my momma said. “Yes ma’am,” I said back to her. Then Jeremiah came walking into the kitchen ” Happy birthday my nigga.” he said as he headed over my mom at the stove. “Good morning momma,” he said. “Good Morning Jeremiah and next time you come in my kitchen you better watch your mouth and why are you in my kitchen with no shirt on and when did you get all these tattoos. You all going to drive me crazy.

He laughed “momma tattoos are art; look at this one right here it your favorite scripture.” he said pointing at his stomach. “Lord help me.” my mom said with her hands in the air. Jeremiah laughed and walked out of the kitchen as Isaiah was coming back in. “Nehemiah said he’s on his way he was dropping Lisa off to work,” Isaiah said.

By the time all my brother had arrived momma had finished cooking. After setting everything out on the table, she stood at the head of the table and said “another year has come and gone and I am so grateful each time I get to celebrate one of you all birthdays. Today my baby of my fab five is finally becoming a man. Daniel I have watched you grow into a smart, handsome, talented and respectable man. I am so excited to see what God has in store for you. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for each one of you. With the world being the way it is now I am thankful for the men you are and that I am not talking to any of you through bars or had to bury any of you. I love you all.” she said. “But you love me more right momma cause I'm the most handsome son you got,” Nehemiah said. “Shut up smurf you not even tall enough to be the most handsome,” Josh said laughing

We at sat and ate and told my mom how grateful we were for her before she went upstairs. Once it was just us brothers in the kitchen, Josh said: “okay Y'all it's Daniels 21st birthday that is a milestone in a man life so we gotta make sure this is a night he will never forget.” “cool let's go to the strip club we went there for my 21st, and we had a ball,” Jeremiah said. “Chayla won’t like that?” I said to them. “Yeah, Teele will have my head.” Isaiah said, “damn Y'all girls out here running Y'all.” Jeremiah said. “No, it's just a respect thing.” Isaiah

“Yeah whatever my nigga I still say we got to the strip club,” Jeremiah said. Jeremiah and Isaiah were like oil and water they did not mix at all until it was time to gang up on someone else. So I butted in before this turned into an argument.”Honest if Y'all care all I want to do go to the club hear from good reggae  buy a few drinks now that I can do it legally and go spend the night with Chayla that is all.” I said. “Aight bro if that's what you want that's what we will do. We can all meet up at Eclipse's at like 11 pm I will call and reserve the VIP section for us.” Josh said. “Cool I’ll see Y'all then I got to go and take Lisa some lunch,” Nehemiah said as he got up from the table to leave.

Once we cleaned the kitchen for Momma Josh and I went off to the mall. I had already known what I wanted from the mall so Josh told me to go ahead into the store I need and we would meet up. I always admired the way my brother took care of the family, and he got so much love and respect from people in our city. To me, my brother was the man, and no one could tell me otherwise.

As I came out of Villa getting my Timb I seen Josh headed my way he stopped and slapped up some dude, and that's when I saw it. I walked up to him at high speed. “Really Josh?” I said. “What?” he said confused. “Drugs” I whisper. “What are you talking about Danny?” he asked. “I just seen you, you slapped that dude up and when y'all disconnect I saw the drugs in his hand and the money in yours. Are you crazy? If I saw you imagine who else in this mall seen you slappy moves and what if momma find out.” I said to him. “ let's get out of this mall before we have this conversation.” he said to me.

We went outside and got in his car, and Josh pulled off in silent. “Josh we are not about to go home and just act like I didn’t see you,” I said to him. “Danny what do you want me to say your grown your not a kid no more you know what I do so what. It kept you fly all these years. So why are you going so hard you acting like my bitch.” Josh said. “Because your my big brother and I look up to you and I never thought you’d be doing this,” he told me. “Listen I do shit like this, so you and my other three little brothers don't have to. I'm handling my shit like a man, and this has been the way I did it for years now.” Josh said to him. I sat in the car in silence all the way home with a lot on my brain.

Despite how I felt about what I found out about Josh I still went out, and we enjoyed my birthday celebration. The club was lit. Josh had bottle after bottles coming. We were having a grand old time. that was until we notice Josh getting into it with some guy on the dance floor. When we seen the guy swing on him, my brothers and I rushed to the dance floor. But just like Josh wasn’t alone either was the other guy he was literally a huge fight going on in the club.

Before I knew it, a gunshot went off, and it sounded like the bullet zipped past my ear. As people started to clear, I could see Josh standing next to me and a gun in front of the both of us. Eventually, I saw Isaiah and Jeremiah kneeling on the ground and run over to see what was going on. Nehemiah was shot.

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