Taylor and Stephanie Part 1

Some girls dreamed to be princesses, some dreamed to be wives and moms. I dreamed about being a money maker and not needing a nigga for shit. I wanted to sit at the table with the big time niggas and talk money. I did want to fuck on a big-time nigga to get a piece of his money. Shit me and my sister Taylor had that mindset in common.
The older we got the more the older niggas on the block would notice us. They used to tell us that we were going to be a double threat in the street. Shit, we were pretty as hell and I guess they figured since it was two of us that were the double came from. We both stood at 5’5 exactly. We didn’t have the biggest breast but our B cups were okay when niggas seen all that ass we were both packing. And if that wasn’t a win for them our eyes normally did it. We were coco brown and normally bitches that didn’t like us swore up and down our eyes were fake. Both of Taylor's eyes were Hazel, me on the other hand; my right one was hazel and my left was a dark brown. It was normally the only way people knew us apart.
But while the older guys thought our beauty was going to make the way for us. We had other things in mind. Taylor and I knew being fine was only going to be the icing on the cake for the lifestyle we were going to create for our sleeves. At the age of 25, we were both single and living the lives we dreamed of. We had cars, houses, and closets with tons of shit in them. There was nothing we wouldn’t have and as two pin queen's our empire was unstoppable.
We had one of the most successful organizations and there was no man attached to it all. Guess that's what happened when your mom was a real hustler and your dad was a soldier. We took over the family business and took it to a level that no one ever dreamed of. But back when our parents were in control my mom oversaw everything. She kept the money right and tight and business flowing. But if she sent our dad Ryan to come to see you; you can bet your last dollar it wasn’t a friendly visit.
The only difference now is that our mom didn’t run the show. We left her to sit back and be pretty and retired from the game. Once our dad (God rest his soul) passed she passed everything down to us. And unlike mom Taylor and I got our hands dirty. That way we kept extra people out of the business and ensured everything was handled correctly. Shit neither of us was scared of anything. We were bosses and we honored those titles. It wasn’t a table we couldn’t sit at and didn’t get that respect.
Shit on nights like tonight I sat across the table from my sister in my red bottom heels leather bustier and jeans and a cigar in my mouth playing poker with some money makers in town.
“Sis it looks like we are cleaning house,” Taylor said out loud with a laugh as she looked at her hand smiling. “Don’t we always?” I said to her boldly. “Yeah yeah yeah stop all that talking across the table,” Ricky said in a joking manner. “How the fuck is it every week y'all let these two in here and they get us for our money.” this Italian dude Nick said. “Baby now how could anyone say no to us.” i said as I and Taylor stood up and gave them a spin. “Yeah yeah so you have pretty eyes and big asses. So does every instagram hoe now in days.” he said as we took our seats.
“Difference between us and them bitches on Instagram: everything about us real, them Instagram bitches would fuck someone like you…” “and we would never,” I said then taking another pull from my cigar as i looked at my cards. “Most importantly our asses are big but not damn near as big as our bankrolls. Wanna play big bank, take little bank?” Taylor asked with this cocky look on her face. “Say that sis,” I said in agreement. “Yeah… yeah, still nothing but two black bitches.'' The game paused and I instantly put my cigar and cards down cause I knew this was about to go left. I was the nice twin and it often took a lot to push my buttons.
Taylor on the other hand was completely different. Fuck with her money, speak bad about our parents, or call her a bitch and she on your ass. I watched as Taylor sat her card down on the table and eased her hand in her purse that was hanging on the side of the choir. Nick didn’t even know he was in danger because he was too busy still looking at his cards.
“Taylor just chills,” I said, “Nick you chill too,” Ricky said. “Listen it is not my fault if these bitches are sensitive. Every week they try to come in and sit at this table like they're real men like they could possibly match up to the people we are and the power we have.” I rolled my eyes and shocked my head. Nick didn’t even know he was talking himself into a bigger hole. Taylor took her gun and set it on the table. With his hand still on the trigger but pointing at Nick. “You're right I could never match to the person you are because you're beneath me. It's niggas like you who baby mommas I put on because you too much of a man to take care of your fucking child. So let's be clear before your crew can make it in here from outside I can show you better than I can tell you that I and Stephanie may be bitches but were aren’t the only bitches sitting at this table.
As Taylor talked I reached in my purse and wrapped my hand around my gun just in case Nick was going to be a dummy. I was ready to have my sister back. Nick looked at Talyor’s 9-millimeter Ruger and started to laugh. “Testee… Relax honey it's all humor.” he said put his mouth but his eyes were saying otherwise. Either way I was relieved. As I released my gun the door to the room opened.
I walked in the finest man that I had seen in this city for a long time. His classy button-up and slack attire complimented his caramel brown skin but did take away from the thug in him that showed from all the tattoos I could see peeking from under the cuff of his sleeves and on his neck.
“Torrence.” Ricky said as he got up from the table and slapped hands with the guy. “What's good Rick.” he said “shit nothing much just a friendly game of poker. When the fuck did you get back in town” Ricky said. “A few days ago. Damn not much has changed since we were kids our parents were doing the same shit in this same building when we were kids. But I don’t recall beautiful women like this being at the table.” Torrance said getting closer to the table but looking dead at me.
“That's Stephanie and Taylor. You probably remember their parents from when we were younger too. Toya and Ryan.” Rick said, introducing us. Torrance shocked Taylor's hand first because he was closest to her and then walked over to me. I stared into his eyes as we shook hands. I'm not sure if it was his Dior cologne, the beard, or the swag but something was calling my name when it came to Torrance.
“This right here is Nick, his dad is ITalian Joe.” Ricky said break up me and Torrance hands shake. “Damn ya dad still got that pizza spot down the way.” Torrence asked. “Hell yeah best pizza in town” Ricky answered because Nick was too busy sizing Torrence up. “Everyone this is TOrrence… he grew up around here until he was like ten his dad caught a bid and him and his mom moved to be closer to the jail he was in.” Ricky said. “Oh so your moma real rider.” I said to bring Torrence's attention back to me as he pulled up a chair to the table. “Shit Paige was and still is crazy in love with James. No bid was going to change that. But if we are going to talk about riders that would be your mom. Hell I remember being like eight all our parents were at a game like this with some other people. Shit jumped off and these dudes tried to jump your dad. Your mom went from the cute face that was sitting behind ya dad while he was playing the table to being back to back with him. She was holding her own. She was laying niggas out like it was nothing. “ Torrence said
Taylor and I both laughed. “That sounds like Toya,” i said “hell yeah… Shit” Taylor said from across the table. I looked over at her and she was looking down at her phone and then looked up at me. “What's wrong?’ I asked. “We got to go. We got a problem.” she said, “well is it something that can wait?” I said, trying to give her that sisterly hint that I wanted Torrence. “Hell, no Big Toya just hit my line. We got to go.” she said “shit,” I said, “exactly let's go.” Taylor said getting up from the table with her stuff. I followed and did the same. Torrence grabbed my hand and I looked at him. “It was nice meeting you,” he said to me. “Same to you. Don't be a stranger.” I said back. “Oh believe me I won’t,” he said as I started to walk away.
As we walked towards the door we heard Nick talking behind us. “Thank god now we can play a real man's game of poker. The bitches are leaving.” before I could stop her Taylor had her gun out and let off two shots in Nick's direction. Thank god she had perfect aim. Nick was screaming in a high-pitched voice like a girl and icky and Torrence was laughing their asses off. “Next time I won’t miss bitch” Taylor said before I pushed her out the door.

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