Part 1: Steven and La’nay

“Madison, you are my best friend but I have a secret I have been holding that I have to tell you…” in the middle of me practicing my lines for a play I was in there was a knock at my door. I was sure that it was Steven so I rushed to the door overly excited. I had been waiting all night long.

“Hey baby” he said when I opened the door. I jumped in his arms. “hey daddy, I missed you. How was your trip.” I said right before kissing him.  “did you really? How much did you miss me” he said with a smile on his face. I jumped down off him and grabbed his hand. “fellow me and I’ll show you.” I said with a sexy look.

Steven was a hell of a guy. After the men I had encountered I felt so lucky to have him now. We met when my son Terry joined his basketball team. At first, I didn’t pay him any attention but when terry started hanging out with a bad coward Steven stepped in and became Terry’s mentor. Which was a breath of fresh hair because Terry needed a father figure in his life because his father had passed away when he was 2.

After some time, I seen a dramatic change in Terry so I decided to take Steven out to dinner to thank him. and one thing lead to another. and from then me and Steven have been inseparable. The only time we weren’t together was when we were at work or when Steven had to travel for work because he was the athletic recruiter for the local college.

Me and Steven enjoyed each other in an adult way then I got up and cooked some dinner for us. Terry was away at his best friend house so there were no distractions. Me and Steven could really focus on each other.

As I cooked Steven sat at the kitchen island and watched me while working on some things on his laptop. “so, bae I’ll be going out of town this weekend for my best friend’s wedding.” I told Steven as I cooked. “Okay La’nay no problem. I have to go out of town to I have this one basketball player that I must get to agree to come to the college this weekend before another college gets him.” I smiled at him okay “Well I’ll bring my iPad so that way we can facetime.” I told him. “Okay bae that cool that way after you get all tipsy with your friends, you can get on facetime and be nasty with me.” We both laughed after he said it. “boy you are something else.” I told him.

Me and Steven enjoyed the rest of our night. And the next morning got up and started our weeks. The week went by so fast that before I knew it, it was Thursday and I was at the airport getting ready to fly out to see my best friend that I haven’t seen in 2 years.

After cancellations and delays I finally made it into and headed to my hotel. I got to my room and call Steven but he didn’t answer so I figured he was busy and would call me back. After a hot shower, and getting settled in I got comfortable in bed with a nice book to read. Then there was a knock on the hotel door. I went to the door “Shanice!” I screamed as I opened the door. “La’nay!” she scream, back as we embraced.

“oh my god girl its been so long. Who would have thought that after being apart for 2 years your wedding would bring us back together.” I said to Shanice. “girl I know we have so much to caught up on. You better had brought some picture of my god baby.” Shanice said. “Girl Terry ain’t no baby no more” I said as we laughed. “I can’t wait to introduce you to AJ tomorrow.” She said to me while smiling from hear to hear. It was so good to see my best friend in love.

Me and Shanice stayed up for hours just talking and laughing. You would have thought we didn’t speak and text multiple times a week. I was so busy into talking to her that I didn’t notice I missed Steven’s facetime call. But I knew he would understand. He knew how much I missed Shanice. It had been so different not having her back home with me. We had been attached at the hips since the first day of kindergarten. But she moved to better her self and that something I could never hold against her.

The next morning, I woke up and called him but no answer. So, I got ready for the day. Me and Shanice did breakfast with the rest of the girl from her wedding party. Then we had a spa day. And that night it was time for the wedding rehearsal. We all lined up and took our places. I was so honored to be her maid of honor. I watched all the girls walk down and then looked at my best friend who had this sparkle in her eyes.

I walked down and seen the men all lined up and the famous AJ was there that Shanice was marrying. But I couldn’t see his face because he was talking to the preacher. Once I got to the alter and met the rest of the wedding party at the altar. I finally looked to my left to put a face with this AJ name. And there he was. “Steven” I mumbled. He looked at me like he saw a ghost and then the musicians started to play the music for Shanice to come down. She looked do happy and didn’t know her AJ was my Steven.

The whole wedding rehearsal was a blur to me because I couldn’t focus. Even at the wedding dinner I was out of it. I just couldn’t wait to get back to my hotel room. I sat thinking should I tell Shanice or not but looking at her so happy I could never take that hoy away from her. After all the weeding stuff was over I headed back to my hotel room.

I cried my eyes out. Steven called and texted me but I ignored him. He had played with me and my son’s life and that was something I could never be okay with. How was I suppose to tell Terry that the man he was use to being around and had grown a bond with wasn’t who he told us he was.

Then I heard a knock on my door. I wipe my face and straightened up thinking that it was Shanice coming to stay the night again. I opened the door. “Steven what are you doing here. I mean AJ.” I said standing in the door way. “La’nay let me explain. Let you explain what that you lied. That you been living a double life? I mean was any thing you been telling me true? You watch me and my son make you a part of our lives and love you. Then you been traveling her calling it work and having my best friend fall in love with you. How the fuck am I suppose to tell my son there is no Steven? That the mentor he looks up to is a fake.” I yelled with tears in my eyes. “La’nay just let me talk.” He said.

“No AJ I can’t let you do any more damage in my life. I am going to forget the you I know, seeing that he never really existed any ways.” I said. “La’nay please.” He yelled. “Good bye Steven.” I said as I closed the hotel door. I leaned against the door and cried. “I got to tell Shanice.” I said out loud.

The next day I got up and mad my way to the church. I walked in the bridal suite ready to tell Shanice and then I seen her. Her hair done and make up done. With her wedding dressing hanging behind her. But type of best friend would I be to ruin her day and take away her happiness.  So, I joined the girls and got dressed. And when it was time I took my spot on the alter in all of my shame. Never once looking to the left of me. And as Shanice walked down to become a married woman I cried. Because for once I had a secret I couldn’t tell my best friend and because I was saying good bye to the man me and my son both loved.

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