Part 1 Shavon and Quinton

After a long night of drinking with my boys, I was so happy to finally be home safe and sound. When I pulled up in front of my apartment building I noticed all the lights in my apartment building were off. I clocked down at the clock in my car and it was only 1:30 in the morning. But I figured Shavon had gone ahead and called it a night instead of waiting up for me.
I thought nothing of it seeing that I knew she had to be at work at 7 am. I got out of the car and closed the door. My head was pounding as the cold new york air hit me and all I wanted to do was strip out these clothes and lay down. “Damn no more henny for me.” I said, shocking my head as I got to the main door of our building. I let myself in the building and climbed the stairs to our apartment on the second floor.
I got to my door and took a deep breath. I stuck the key in the door and walked into the dark apartment. After a few steps, I tripped over something that was on the floor . “what the fuck” i said forgetting to be quiet because Shavon and all our old ass neighbors were sleeping. I turned on the light and looked around the living room. There were three suitcases and two garbage bags sitting next to the door.
It was odd but between my heading spinning and now my foot hurting I couldn’t even put two and two together. I just wanted to make it down the hall to our bedroom and get into bed. I walked back to our bedroom making a trail of clothes with every step and every piece I took off, I knew Shavon was going to give my ass an ear full about my clothes being all over but it was okay.
By the time I got to the doorway of our room all I had on was my socks. Shavon was already in the bed and sleeping like I expected so I quietly got in the bed and cuddled up under her. I wrapped my arms around and instantly my desire to sleep went away as my dick began to get hard as it rubbed against her ass. Shavon moved and I laughed a little thinking that poke woke her up. “Where are you going?” I whispered getting close to her again. She rolled over facing me and told me “not tonight” with an attitude.
I took a deep breath preparing for her to go off on me. I told her I was to play ball with the boys and come right back at 6 pm. But one thing led to another and we played ball until 9 pm and then we went to the bar and had some drinks. Normally i would have hit Have to tell her but my phone had died and my car charger was missing.
I laid on my back and closed my eyes seeing that getting some ass was definitely not about to happen so I figured i would go back to my original plan and sleep off this liquor. “So you decided to come home.” i heard SShavon say. “Yea why wouldn’t i come home. I live here.” i said to her with my eyes still closed. “Mmhm” Shavon responded. I opened one eye and looked at her and then closed my eyes back. “Yo bae listen my head hurts i just want to sleep. So if this is about to turn into an argument can we save it for tomorrow when I’m able to focus.” I asked her. “No agreement needed.” Shavon said then rolled over.
Her behavior caught me off guard and i opened both eyes and looked at her because the room was silent and the Scorpio in Shavon didn’t normally just end decisions like that. After a few moments, I broke the silence as i sat up in bed and asked “what's that stuff in the living room?” clear as day Shavon answered and said “your shit” every bit of drunkness left my body and I instantly became sober. “What do you mean my shit?” “your clothes, your shoes, your PS$ and anything else i didn’t break off bleach. But if you want that stuff too it's in the tub.” she said in this unbothered voice as she laid there peacefully.
I hopped up out of bed thinking she had to be playing. This had to be some type of perk like the youtube couples are doing. I went to the living room, turned the lights back on and I opened the bags. There were my sneakers. I opened one of the suitcases and there were my clothes from the closet. “What the fuck?” I said I walked quickly to the bathroom and the smell of bleach hit me as soon as I hit the doorway. I turned on the light and in the tub was a pair of timberland I had just got, my Kobe jersey, my university gold 12s, and some other stuff that I couldn't even recognize through the bleach stains.
“Shavon!” I yelled not caring about waking anybody else in the building up. There was no answer from Shavon. “Sh-a-von!” I repeated still nothing. I called her name a third time and I heard the sound of her moving in the bed. Before i could call out her name again she appeared in the doorway of our bedroom looking at me with a death stare and her arms crossed. “Yo what is wrong with you? This shit not funny. We don’t play like this. Why did you do this? You can't be that mad because i came home late.” she stood there and rolled her eyes. I went and picked up my Kobie Jersey out of the tub “baby my Kobe Jersey?” i said “man you better be glad I like the neighbors or i would have left eyed this mutha fucka.” she said.
“But why?” I was still confused. “You know why” she responded “because I went out to have drinks with my boys after playing ball and i didn't tell you? This shit is extreme to do over something like that my phone died so i couldn’t hit you up.`` I told her. “Yo stop lying,” she yelled. “Nobody is lying to you. I'm telling you the damn truth you can still smell the Henny on my breath and if that's not enough you call Joe Ker, Malik, or Randy and ask them where I was.” I told her. “I'm not calling and asking them niggas shit they will lie for you with a straight face. Fuck them and fuck you. I want you out of this house by the time I come home from work tomorrow.” she said as she turned around and walked back into the room.
“Out? Out of where?” i said following her “out of my house” she answered as she got back in the bed and neatly pulled the covers over her. “Yo what? I'm not going anywhere you tripping. I live here we can get through this little petty shit ain't no reason for any of us to leave. I'm not even sure why you are taking it to this extreme.” i yelled “i don't trust you. And because I don't trust you I don't want you because without trust we have nothing. Now I'm going to bed. I'm done with you and this discussion. There are covers in the hallway closet you can join your stiff in the living room and sleep on the couch. “Baby,” I said walking to the bed. Shavon rolled over and gave me her back. I got into the bed and tried to kiss her. “Get off of me,” she said, sounding like she was crying. I rolled her over so I could see her face and my heart broke at the sight of her. Tears were streaming down her face and i could tell she was broken and i didn’t know why “we are done” she said as she looked me in the eyes. “No we aren’t and I'm not leaving,” I said to her. “Okay be here when i get off work tomorrow if you want to,” she said as she turned away from me again.
Something about how she said that to me was like a gut bunch. I slowly climbed out of bed and exited the room. I went into the living room and took a seat on the couch i looked at my suitcase and bags she had neatly packed up and put my head in my hands what the fuck had i done.

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