Part 1: Shanel

Boom, the sound of the door made when it flew open and hit the wall as me, and big Mike walked in. Jalen was so busy fucking on this light skin bitch with a stiff red wig and smacking her on the ass as she rode him on the couch in front of the window overlooking the city that he didn't even hear us come in. I stood there watching for a moment as I shook my head.
Bang, the sound rang out in the living room as I put a bullet hole in the wall right above their heads. "Oh my god," the girl said with an annoying ass voice that remembers me of Cardi B. She turned and looked at me, covering her breast, and I looked her up and down, entirely not impressed. "What the fuck Soso" Jalen Yelled out.
"What the fuck Jalen?" i said back to him. "You know her? Is this your bitch? Don't tell me you got me in here fucking on you when you got a girl a bitch crazy enough to shot at the both of us." she said, looking at Jalen as she still sat on his dick. "First off Ronald Mcdonald addressed me correctly, its Mrs. Bitch to you. Secondly that nigga is broke and this pussy is way to expensive for him to even smell. I wear real red bottoms unlike those knock offs I saw at the door as I came in. Thirdly I'm not crazy enough to just shoot at all I'm actually bold enough to actually shoot you. So before I push that raggedy ass wig you got on back even further I suggest you get your shit and be dismissed bitch." I said to her.
"Bitch you must not know who I am…" she started to say as she got up off Jalen. Jalen went to reach for her to warn her, but I beat him to it when I cocked my gun. "Bitch I don't know or care who you are. But let me tell you how you gonna be a dumb dead bitch in here if you try me." I said, pointing the gun right at her. She must've realized how serious I was because she stopped in her tracks for a moment and then started together with her stuff.
I lowered my gun as she and Jalen put on their stuff. As shortly began to walk out, I was still feeling some type of way about the audacity she had to say the things she did to me. So as she passed me, I made it my business to make sure I Laila Ali that ass. I hit that bitch so hard she rolled around on the floor like Patti Labelle holding her face. I lent over her and said, "Now bitch you know who I am Soso and don't you forget that shit." i stood up and turned to big mike, who had been standing off to the back. "Get this hoe out of here and make sure she understands to keep her mouth closed about what she seen or heard here tonight." I said to him. "You sure about that? You don't need me here with you?" he asked. I loved how Big Mike looked at me as a little sister and protected me like one too. "Nah Im good." I said to him; he nodded his head and helped shorty off the floor and out the door.
I walked over to the loveseat that sat across from the couch Jalen was sitting on and sat down. I lent over and took my heels off, adjusted my d cup breast in my shirt, and then made sure that my iced out Soso necklace was sitting on my girls just right. "Damn Jalen so this what we doing? Momma out of town now you in here with weed and a gun on her table and fucking bitches on her couch." I said to him. "Man…you worried about the wrong things. What you need to worry about is quicking that whole you just put in the wall before my momma come home." Jalen said as he leaned forward, picked up a blunt off that table, and lit it. "Boy ya momma gonna have bigger issues than that wall." I said to him.
"What? I know damn well you ain't threating my momma." Jalen said, getting hyped. "Boy you better pipe down.'' I told him as I gripped my gun a little tighter. I saw Jalen's eyes look at the gun and quickly jumped up and snatched it off the table. "Dumb asss nigga. You know if you stay ready you aint never got to get ready or worry about being caught slipping." I said to him as I pointed the gun at him. "Man Dr. Seuss stop with all the damn nursy rhym and tell me why the fuck you here." he said to me.
"Now you know damn well why I'm here," I said to him. "I don't know shit," he said, blowing smoke in the hair and heightening my anger because I felt like he was playing in my face. "Let me break it down. First you became a snitch bitch which is crazy because I never thought you would be dumb enough to bite the hand that feed you. Then you became a punk and hid like I would know where to come and find your ass." I said to him. Jalen looked away, letting me know he knew exactly what I was talking about. "You were nothing, ya daddy left you and ya momma for that white bitch and it was Sincere and I that made sure you was good. We made sure you were so good that look ya momma is like tha jefferson with an apartment in the sky." I said to him, now cocking the gun.
"Shanel let me explain." He pleaded. The fact that he was calling me my real name let me know that I had put fear in his heart. "I'm listening," I said to him. "They were going to give me 25 to life. How was I supposed to take that for some shit I didn't do." he said. "Like a damn man and know that you would have been good and your family would have been good cause we would have seen to it." I said to him. "I couldn't do it. I'm not built for jail. I got a daughter on the way." he told me. I shook my head. I looked away for a moment. "So what now?" Jalen asked.
I turned back to him. Looking him dead in the eyes, giving him the answer to his question. "So that it Sincere sends you to handle his dirty work." Jalen said as he took another pull from his blunt. "He didn't send me. I volunteered I figured since I was the one to bring you in this shit I had to be the one to take you out "I said to him. Jalen nodded his head. "You took it to damn far you snitched, wrote a statement and agreed to be a witness. I can't let you tear down everything we built." I said to him. "Sincere is tearing down everything y'all built and you going to burn in hell trying to be Harley Quinn while that nigga play Joker."
That was it; before I knew it, I pulled the tiger and put two bullets right in the middle of Jalan's forehead. I stood up and slid back into my shoes. "And bitch Harley Quinn aint got shit on me I'm Shanel Graham I ride for mine." I said as I took the lit blunt from his dead hand took a pull. I headed out, closed the door behind me, and made sure not to forget to slide the key back under the doormat before putting on my sunglasses. I walked down the stairs and out to my Mercedes G-Wagen and pulled off quickly.
As I rode, I picked up my burner phone and called Sincere. "Hey baby he said as soon as he answered. "It's done," I said to him. "Damn bae, you cold. Only a real bitch kills their own cousin," he said to me with a little laugh. I didn't think the shit was funny at all. "You gotta do what you have to to save the empire," I said to him. "I love you, Bonnie," he said to me. "I love you too, Cylde. Be home in a minute," I said back before hanging up and tossing the phone out the window into the water as I drove across the bridge.

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