Part 1: Sabrina and Chance

I had watched him from across the room for about 3 songs now. Then I took a sip of my long island and said fuck it I’m a go shot my shoot. I stood next to him at the bar and ordered another round. I could feel him checking me out. So I sucked my stomach in a little bit more and poked my butt out a little further. 
I turned and gave him a look. This was not the first time we crossed paths but the first time the liquor gave me enough courage to act on it. “Sabrina,” I said as I extended my hand... “joevon but everyone calls me chance” I giggle even now thinking about it. I was hot and ready like a little caesar pizza and I was sure ready to give him a chance. I smiled and told him it was nice to meet you and he said the same. 
The bartender brought my drink over and as I went to pay for it he told me to put my money away and told the bartender “put it on my tab” I smiled . “thank you” I said as I turned to walk away from the bar. “ Chance reached out and grabbed my arm “so you going to take the drink and leave?” Chance said. I turned around “do you not want me to go?” I asked. “Shit a sight like you I never want to be without.” Chance said. I smirked and blushed. 
We sat at the bar talking about a number of things. Chance told me about his job at the car dealership and his eight-year-old daughter. I told him that I was a hair stylist at a local salon and no kids. We sat and talked like we weren’t in a club. Girls came up to the bar bumping and touching Chance trying to get his attention. But he stayed locked on me.
I was loving the vibe chance was giving me. His conversation had my mind memorized and when he put his hand on my thigh while talking and looking me in the eye I felt that heartbeat in my woman part come alive. 
So when the lights came in and the DJ said the last song I was head over hills when Chance asked me to join him at this late-night diner. We sat across from each other and I admired this sexy chocolate king that sat across from me. Even the simple things were turning me on about this man, like the way he ate.
“So Sabrina there's no man you should be getting home to?” Chance asked. “It's kinda too late to ask that don't you think”I laughed. “You right... um so young, black, beautiful and single.” Chance said. I just smiled at him. “Excuse me chance ima go to the bathroom ill be back.” I gave myself a pep talk and came back out. 
Chance was paying the bill. “So Queen what are you about to do? Are you calling it a night?” Chance asked me as we walked to our car. I opened my car down as I put something in Chance’s hand. “You tell me...” I said as Chance unfolded the panties I put in his hand. Chance smirked “oh word? It's like that?” He asked. “Yeah it's like that,” I said with a seductive face. “Okay well then follow me.” He said
We got to Chance’s condo and I wasted no time. When he closed the door I was all over him. I pushed him up against the wall and start to suck and kiss on his neck. As I sucked on his neck and listened to his slight moan I unbuckled his pants. And made my way down. His nickname should have been mr.good-bar instead of chance because the baby was packing. I licked the tip before introducing the whole thing to my mouth. Chance let out a moan. I sucked as I massaged his balls. 
I must have been doing something right because Chance let out an oh damn and a refreshing taste. He picked me up and kissed me. “Bedroom now,” he said. He carried me to the bedroom and gently sat me on the bed. “Undress for me,” he said as he lent back against the dresser. I kneeled in bed and quickly started to undress. “No Sabrina slowly and sexy.” He told him.
I took off piece by piece making sure to seduce him with every moment. When I was fully undressed Chance licked his lips. And walked to the edge of the bed. He grabbed me and pulled me to the edge of the bed. “Lay back it's my turn,” he said as he eased me on to my back. This man’s kisses was like he was speaking to my soul. As he traveled the same path I did my insides leaped with joy. From his kisses on my neck to the way he sucks on my breast to the way he kissed and nibbled on my inner thigh. This man was listening to every moan, paying attention to every movement and following directions that weren’t verbally given to him.
And when he finally went in and tasted my happy place everything in me rejoiced. As I moaned out his name “chance” I sat up just a little so I could watch the show he was giving while I enjoyed the feeling. The look he gave me while still enjoying his feasting sent a chill up my spine. This man had blown my mind with conversation and now was sending me into a land of ecstasy. He mouth was as welcoming as a baby wipe and felt so good that he did not forget the clit. 
And as he moved my hands to grab the back of his head and put a little motion in my hip and he put an in a bit more speed on his tongue. “Oh shit, Chance I’m about to come,” I said as I tried to push his head away but he grabbed my hips and wouldn’t let me go. 
Every he swallowed every bit of my nectar. He stood dropped his pants and enter.... “chance.... baby... oh my GOD!” I screamed out.
And then the unthinkable happened. “Sabrina! Sabrina wake your ass up!” I rolled over from my hot dream to my husband staring angrily in a dark room at me. “Were you having a dream about the next nigga in my bed?” Terrence asked me. “Honey, what are you talking about?” I asked him just to sound dumb to the fact that I might have been saying another man name in my sleep. “Sabrina who is Chance?” Terrence asked as he sat up on the bed. “No one.” I answered, “just tell me the damn truth who is he.” Terrence asked with more base and authority in his voice. “Baby no one I promise!” I yelled at him. Because the truth was I couldn’t tell my husband of five years that I was unsatisfied with him sexually and two weeks ago step out on our marriage and had sex with a guy I met in the club

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