Part 1: Rashad, Xeina and Yanni

Nigga ain’t shit! I swear and they know it, they know it, they know it, it was blasting through my car speakers as I made my way to my baby daddy's house to get my son. “Inayah Lamis I feel you girl,” I said out loud to myself praising the artist as I danced in my seat to the song. The music stopped and the golden girl's theme song started to play. I hit the button on my dashboard and answered quickly. "Hey bestie." I said in a happy mode. "Hey girl what you doing." Shante asked. "Nothing on my way to get Dax from his daddy house." I said. "you mean from his daddy bitch house." she responded. "Hell I don't care who houses it. My baby got a safe place to go to spend time with his raggedy ass daddy and that's all that matters." I said to her. "mmhm" she said back to me.

Now here's the difference between me and Shante. Shante was still in love with her baby daddy Loe and was fucking him whenever she could. and that was with her knowing that he had a whole new girl that he was with. And when she didn't get dick or whatever else she wanted from him she threatened to take him to court for child support. Me on the other hand I didn't give two fuck about my ex. He was the homie. My only concern was that we raised our son properly.

"So whats up?" i asked. "was going to see if you wanted to chill tonight and go out." she said to me. "so now ya ass want to go out. I blew ya phone up last night because I was home alone bored and you ignored me ." I said to her. "Shit my bad girl. Loe brought his ass over." she said to me. "Shaking my head. as much shit as you talk about your baby daddy you still let him come over and dick you down." I said to her. "Shit why go out and hunt for a new dick when I got a perfectly good dick that I already know right here." Shante said back to me. "Because he got a girl." I said to her. "Not my problem I don't owe that bitc no loyalty. and shit i had him first" she said, getting an attitude. "you don't owe her loyalty your right because that's not your friend. But shit what about respect from one woman to another. you out here playing little girl games like we not grown ass women."

"Listen we all can't be like you and your baby daddy's new bitch and be best friends," Shante said to me and i could tell that I had hit a nerve. "it's not about us being best friends it's a respect thing. At the end of the day I'm not going to hate Xenia because she is with Rashad. me and him were tired. We didn't work. I went through the heart ache and headache with him and after it all I walked away with a handsome baby boy. Hell Xenia makes sure Rashad does the stuff he needs for our son and that's all I can ask or want. The fact that me and her vibe is just icing on the cake." i said. "That shit is funny if you ask me. That bitch probably be clowning you with her homegirls when your not around." Shante said.

This wasn't the first time I and Shante had this conversation about me and Rashad. We had been broken up for about 2 years now. he and Xenia had been together for a year. when me and her met we hit it off. But Shante always felt like it was something about Xenia. but as much as I loved my best friend we were into different places. She was still bitter. So there was no advice she could give me. "Well Dax is coming home tonight so I can't go out. But you can bring Brandon over and we can do a movie night with the kids." I said to her trying to change the subject. "I'll think about it," she said. "okay well I'm pulling up at Rashad house I'll call you back." I told her. "mhmm go in there and play with your new best friend." she said. "Girl bye," I said hanging up.

I pulled into the driveway and got out of my car. I went to the door and rang the doorbell. "hey Yan'' Xenia said as she opened the door and walked away with me following her. "Hey, girl where is Dax," I said as we got to the living room. "Rashad took him to go get a haircut. they should be back soon. You want something to drink?" she said to me. "sure." I said as I sat down and she went to the kitchen. Xenia came back in and handed me a cup. "Thanks... Oh and thanks for looking out for Dax football stuff. I'm a give you the money back." I said to her. "Shit don't worry about it. Rashad wants Dax playing football so he should be paying for it, not you. Can't depend on you to handle everything. So i figured I'd help out since I and Rashad are one." she said to me. "Xenia I don't care what no one says you a dope are chick,'' I said to her.

she laughed a little as she said "well damn what the hell do people say about me." she said to me. "Nah i didn't mean it like that. I'm just saying people expect us to be at each other's neck because of the situation and how we are connected. But I am so grateful that you are with him. you keep him on his shit and you make him better. He's growing as a man and a father because you make that a must." I said to her. "Oh... yeah my friends ask me all the time why I'm so nice to you because you probably fucking Rashad behind my back," she said. "Well, girl you ain't gotta worry about that. Believe me, I'm not touching that man. that's all you." I told her laughing. "yeah that is my baby. But thank you for what you said'' she said. "No problem I like giving credit when credit is due." I said to her. "aww thank you. I just feel like as a woman I couldn't dare be with a man that doesn't take care of his child." she said. "that's real bitch shit" i said to her.

As silence came over the room the front door opened and Dax came rushing in. "mama" he screamed. "hey mommy's baby. let me see this hair daddy got you." I said checking my son out. "Daddy got his boy wave spinning." Rashad said as he slapped up Dax. "are you ready to go home?" I asked him. he nodded his head. "okay go get your bag." I told him and Dax jetted off. "So Dax has football after school I can pick him up but I don't know how he's gonna get there because I have to help my mom." I said. "man it's always something." Rashad said. "man don't start your shit. you want him to play so the least you can do is help out." I said. "Before you start arguing and Dax come back in here I will take him to practice and stay with him until you get there Yanni." Xenia said, diffusing the situation. "thank you" i said looking my baby daddy up and down.

Dax came out with his bag and we headed out. We got home and I got a fixed dinner. I checked his homework and then got him ready for the next day. Once he was settled into bed I showered and poured myself a glass of wine and headed to my room. I dozed off but was awoken by the sound of something downstairs. I jumped up and sat up in my bed to make sure I was not imagining it. But I heard more bumping and moving. I got up, grabbed my phone, and ran to my son's room. "Dax get up!" I whispered to him. Dax got up ready to talk and I covered his mouth. We ducked into Dax's closet and I called 911. "911 what's your emergency?" the lady answered. "someone is in my house." I told her. "do you know who it is?" she asked. "No" I whispered. "are you safe?" she asked. "I and my son are hiding in his closet," I told her. "Okay stay here stay quiet help is on the way.

I hung up and held Dax tightly. trying not to show him that I was scared. "mommy I'm scared whos in our house?" Dax whispered. "baby it's going to be okay the police are coming to help." I tried to reassure him. "I want my daddy" Dax cried, I pulled out my phone and made another call. "Yo," I heard Rashad's voice. "Rashad?" I said "yeah" he answered with an attitude. "we need you," I said. He must have sensed the fear in my voice because his voice changed. "What's going?" "someone is in the house! me and Dax are hiding in the closet waiting for the police to come." I told him. "i'm on my way." I heard him say.

It seemed like it was taking forever for some to show up. but I could hear the unwanted guest coming up the stairs. but then there was a loud boom. and the sound of fighting and yelling. it was a few more moments before I heard police sirens. by this time Dax was crying into my chest and I was trying not to cry with him.

Finally, the closet door flung open and I shielded Dax. "Yanni come out." Rashad said. "daddy," Dax said as he ran out the closet to his dad. I crawled out of the closet and looked at Rashad. his shirt was ripped and he was bleeding on his hands and arms. "are you okay?" I asked him. "we will handle it later but right now the police are down stairs." he said as he ushered me and Dax downstairs. The police had a white man in handcuffs that looked like he was on drugs. His eyes were bloodshot red and his clothes were dirty. "ma'am do you know this man?" the officer asked. "no" I asked, "I want him out of here and we are pressing charges." Rashad said. "is this your home?" the cop asked Rashad. "yes and this is my family." he said. I looked over at Rashad but said nothing. The cop shook his head and they escorted the man out. There were few more questions asked, pictures were taken and other things done by the police before they finally left. But Rashad handled that as I calmed Dax and got him back to bed.

Once the police were gone and Dax was asleep I headed back downstairs. "are they gone?" I asked. "yeah... But I'm stay here with yall tonight I'm not to confident in this door." Rashad said. looking at the locks on my front door. "okay that's fine I will feel safe with that." I told him. "just give me a cover and I'll sleep on the couch." he told me. "well before that come upstairs and let me help you get some of that blood off you." I told him.

We went upstairs and to my bathroom and I had Rashad take off his shirt and I took a wipe rag and started to clean him up. "Thank you." I said to Rashad. "for what?" he asked. "coming when i called." I answered. "Listen my son leaves here. and no matter what you are the mother of my son and I am always going to be there to make sure you and him are safe." I looked him in the eyes. I don't know what came over me but I went in and I kissed Rashad.

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