Part 1: Rae and Leander

This had to be some shit. I was only twenty-nine and buried my mom and grandma due to breast cancer; I buried my dad and removed both of my breasts and had implants put in to cut down the chances of me getting breast cancer just to be going through this shit.
The metallic taste of blood still filled my mouth as I sat in the car in a daze. Less than 3 hours ago, I was running through the house as hun shot rung out around my head when regular-ass beat I would typically take turned into me, finally swinging back and knocking Leander right on his ass.
“You good?” Leander said as he grabbed my hand, that was sitting on my lap. “Don’t touch me.” I said, pulling from him and adjusting myself in my car, and smoothing out that silk gown I had on. “Rae, no one cares about your fucking attitude. Get your shit together! You know what we have to do so once again. Are you good.” He asked me. “I’m always good. The question is, are you good because you're not as good at covering up the black eyes as me and yours are definitely shining through?” I said and turned in my seat.
I caught a glimpse of our driver Walt looking at me in the mirror with a smile on his face before I looked out the window. And watched as we entered a large gate and drove up to the long driveway to a house that reminded me of my home.
Walt got out of the car and opened the door for Leander. Who then came around and opened my door. I stepped out, and we grabbed hands and walked to the front door like we were madly in love.
The enormous front doors open, and there stood a well-put-together white man and a white woman that looked like nothing on her body was real or natural. “Leander nice to see you, my man.” The white man said, extending his hand to Leander." Always a good time when I’m excited Johnny and Rachel dinner party." Leander said.
We stepped into this grand entryway, and I noticed that Johnny and Racheal had copied me and Leander’s house down to the floor tiles. But I wasn’t mad; it was actually pretty funny. I had picked up a long time ago when Leander brought Johnny into the business that they wanted to be like us. At a few of our parties, Johnny had gotten drunk and made statements about how he would fuck the shit out of me if I weren’t Leander girl, and Racheal always asked questions about if I got my body done or where we got things in our house from.
Johnny and Racheal led us to a big room where tons of people talked with each other and enjoyed drinks, and food servers were walking around. “Go enjoy yourself,” Johnny said to us. “Actually Johnny, before we get too far into the night we need to holla at you and Racheal about some business.” Leander said.
“No problem bro let’s head to my office.” Johnny said, leading the way. We got to the office, and Johnny took a seat behind the desk while Racheal sat on the edge of the desk. I looked at Leander because these two mutha fuckers were trying to act like they were the bosses instead of the worker they actually were. There was no way my dad would have ever let this shit go down.
We took our seats, and Leander started to talk. “Listen, Johnny, it has been brought to my attention that for the last 3 months you have been coming up short,” “short bro? Are you serious? Your postponing is having a good time over a few hundred dollars.” Johnny said, laughing. “Nah, I’m postponing it over a few hundred thousand… 50 hundred thousand, to be exact,” Leander said as he looked at his phone, showing the bookkeeping.
I watched the reaction on Racheal’s face and how Johnny looked over at her. “Bro, there is no way that that’s right. You can dare think that we would steal from you.” Johnny said. “Well, if it’s not stolen, go ahead and get it counted out and put in a bag. I will have one of my boys take it out to the car and we will be ready.” Leander instructed.
“How do we know that you guys aren’t just trying to get us for more money?” Racheal yelled out. “Bitch, we put you on. Why the fuck would we need to get over on y’all.” I said. “Because my husband brings in the biggest money for you guys: lawyer, NFL player, NBA player, rapper, etc.” she said, counting on her skin fingers. “Listen, you fucking build a bear. I don’t know what y’all got going on but from the way he looks at you, y’all know y’all been shorting us.” I said.
“Rae, relax. Let me handle this,” Leander said, putting his hand out. I looked at him and said nothing as I opened my purse, pulled out my lip gloss, and applied some. Leander was talking as I stuck my lip gloss back in my purse, and when I looked back up, Johnny was pointing a gun directly at us. “Now I don’t like being accused of thing so I’m a give you a chance to apologize nigga.” Johnny said. “Listen, Johnny, put the gun down. We just want to talk things out.” Leander said, and I looked at him like he was crazy. So he could beat my ass on the regular, but a Nigga got a gun on us, and he becomes a bitch. I looked at Racheal, and this smile was plastered on her face.
“We talked. I gave you my……” before Johnny could finish talking, I pulled my pistol from my purse and put a bullet in his head. Racheal turned and looked at me, and I smiled as I put a bullet right between her eyes.
“What the fuck, Rae?” Leander said, grabbing me. “Get off me, Leander,” I said. “Why would you do that?” He answered because that nigga was making a fool of you to your damn face and your woman better ass was too scared even to handle it." I said. “There’s a house full of people here; what are we supposed to do?” Leander asked. “Go and enjoy the party; what the fuck do you think?” I said. Leander was sitting there, panicking. I got up and headed to the door, making sure not to leave a track of me behind. “You coming?” I turned and asked him before opening the door. Leander popped up, and I grabbed his hand as we headed back to the main room.
Once we were there, I saw Walt standing off to the side. I left Leander to talk to an older black man as I went over to Walt. I Discreetly handed him my whole purse and said, “handle it,” as I looked him in his eyes. Walt nodded, and by the time I turned to grab a glass of wine, he was gone.

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