Part 1: Paris

Ever seen your life flashed before your eyes? I have. it was at this very moment that I seen all sixteen years flash before my eyes and I was more than sure that my dad had slapped the black off of me. Some people probably say that I provoke it and maybe I did. But you come up with your own thought as I tell you how I all went down.

   I remember walking in the house trying everything possible not to wake my dad. it was midnight and I knew if he found out that I was out this late on a school night he was going to kill me. I hadn’t planned on coming home this late but one thing led to another, my boyfriend Monty and I got into a fight because I wouldn’t let him go through my phone and I ended up having to call my best friend Tawanda to come to get me.

   she wasn’t a fan of Monty’s at all. so the fact that she had to sneak out her house and risk getting in trouble with her parents made the literature she gave me even longer. she asked me how long was I going to let him do this to me get into his crazy moods and hit and verbally abuse m before I said enough was enough and left him alone or went upside his head. I explained to her that he doesn’t do it all the time and that he was under a lot of pressure. I mean how would you feel if you were eighteen fresh out of high school and thought you were going off to the arm that you had been training for all your life just to get a letter that they could not take you before they felt you were mentally unstable. All his friends were off to college and he was here alone with a label on him just like they did his dad. All I was trying to do was keep him from killing his self like his dad did. so if I had to take a few punches here and there and getting called out my name. it as fine. t was worth it to me because I loved him.

   I sat in the car and listened to Tawanda go off on me before going into the house. When I started to creep up the stair the living room light came on and I heard my father’s voice. “Really Paris?” he said. “Daddy… what are you doing up?” I asked. “no the question is what are you doing just coming into this house. Its midnight and you have school in the morning young lady.” he fussed at me. “Daddy I know I’m sorry it's just…” I started to say but he interrupted me. “No sorry Paris.” you know better. we have this issue time and time again. you are supposed to be in this house at 10 pm no later. If that boy can’t seem to follow my directions and have you in this house by that time then Y'all don’t need to be together.” he said.

   Like always I went into defense mood about Monty. “daddy it wasn’t Monty’s fault.” I said. “you right it wasn’t Monty doesn’t live here and he isn’t my child you are. you know what time I said to be in this house. you felt out of here with this house looking a mess and no dinner cooked.” my dad fussed. “daddy I lost track of time I was supposed to be home a long time ago to get all that stuff done before you knew.” I said. “this is my last time telling you Paris you not grown. living under my roof means that you follow by my rules. your only sixteen. so do your school work, have your butt in this house no later than 10 pm, make dinner and clean up. I don't require much. everything you want and need is supplied for you all you have to do is those simple things. he said.

   I put my head down and shook it. “can I go to bed dad?” I asked. “why are you in such a rush to go to bed, what you tired from? were you having sex with that boy? you better not have been having sex with that boy Paris because if you get pregnant you and that baby are getting out of my house.” he said. “anything would be better then here anyways.” I mumbled under my breath. “what did you say come here Paris come to say it to my face.” he said. I came down the stair. “ I didn’t say anything.” I told him when I was right in front of him. “that's what I thought. go to your room your grounded.” my dad said.  I instantly got mad. All you want to do is late me in this house so I can be your maid. well, I’m not dad and had you not cheated on your wife with a man you wouldn’t need me here to cook and clean up after you.” I said.

I was so mad that I didn’t think before I said it. my dad backhanded me. “this is my house Paris mine. you know nothing about what happens in my bedroom or what cause your mother to leave. Stay in a child’s place Paris or pack your stuff and get out. But if you do remember not to pack not one thing I paid for.” my dad told me. holding my face I turned and went up the stairs. I went into my room and closed the door as I cried to myself.  then I picked up my phone and sent a text to Monty. That's it I can’t take it anymore. He’s not about to keep hitting me. I’m moving out. Monty texted me back and said cool boo you know you can always come and live here with me. I can come to get you and yourself tomorrow if you want. I told Monty to meet me at my school and from there we could come to my house and get my stuff while he still at work.

when I got to school I filled Tawanda in on what I had planned. She tired all day to change my mind. But as stubborn and hard headed as I was I thought I knew what was best for me. But I wish I had missed my friend and went back home. The first two weeks at Monty’s house was okay. But week three was when the shit hit the fan. I had been studying for my SAT’s and time had gotten beside me. when I heard Monty pull up. I hope up and went into the kitchen to figure out what I could cook because I knew Monty was going to flip that nothing had been cooked.

When I heard the front door close my heart hit my feet. “hey baby.” Monty said as he came into the kitchen.  “hey babe.” I said as I gave him a kiss. “whats for dinner?” Monty asked. “umm baby how about pizza.” I suggested. “why would I eat pizza when my woman has been home and had the opportunity to cook me a good meal.” Monty said back to me. “Baby I got caught up studying for the SAT’s on Saturday, I didn’t realize how late it was,” I explained. “SAT’s what you studying for those for?” he asked. “so I can get into college.” I answered back. “but you're not going to college your not about to leave me like everyone else.” Monty said.

I was confused on where this was all coming from. “Monty you know it has always been my dream to go to college and study journalism. what do you mean I'm not going to college.” I said. “just what I said Paris your not going to college. you're going to finish high school and get a job and we are going to be happy. Now make some dinning. I’m going to take a shower.” I walked over to the fridge as Monty walked away and mumbled under my breath.  “I’m going to college I don’t care what you say.” out of nowhere I felt Monty’s hand in my hair and then he pushed my head into the freezer door. “watch your mouth” he yelled.

my nose started to bleed and I could feel the knot forming on my forehead.  I stuffed some tissue up my nose and started to cook. when I was done with dinner and had served Monty. I realized my phone was ringing it was Tawanda outside tell me she was he to pick up my notes from class since she missed today. I told Monty I was going outside for a few moments to give Tawanda my notebook and I’d be back in.

when I got outside and got into the car Tawanda started to shake her head. “really Paris? this nigga put his hands on you again. That it I’m about to take this metal bat in the truck upside that nigga's head.” she said. “relax Tawanda it's not as bad as it seems.” I said. “ it's not as bad as it seems? Paris are you fucking serious. look at yourself. why not just go home to your dad.” Tawanda said. “whats up difference. They both hit me at least I know Monty loves me. I have been gone for three weeks and my dad hasn’t even bothered to call and see where I was. Now how is that love? so explain to me Tawanda why should I go back to that.” I said looking her in the eyes as tears started to form in mine.


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