Part 1: Omar and Taleya (unedited)

"Omar this my last time I going to tell you to stop calling me your body momma." Taleya nagged at me as I stood in her living room waiting for Jordan to finish getting her stuff ready to go. "Taleya what would you like me to call you?" I asked her in a voice that let her know I was annoyed we were even having this conversation again.
"call me the mother of your child give me some damn respect Omar. that's all I ask, RESPECT." she yelled. I looked to see if Jordan was coming then I said "lower your damn voice in here, our daughter is in the next room. I don't call you the mother of my child because you haven't been a mother. you are just starting to be apart of her life. a real mother doesn't leave her six weeks old on the father's porch and disappear. so take whatever I call you and be glad I refer to you at all and let you be apart of the Jordans life. ' i told her.
Jordan came out the room with her bookbag smiling. "daddy I'm ready" she said . "okay, let's go, baby." I said as we made our way towards the door. as we stepped into the hallway of Taleya apartment building she asked could she speak to me for a few more minutes. even though I was annoyed and wanted to hear nothing else she had to say because she made these pickups way longer then they had to be. I looked at Jordan and said, "Jordan go push the button for the elevator I'll be there shortly." I watched as my princess went skipping down the hallway and then stopped at the elevator and press the button. 
I turned and looked at Taleya "What?" I said annoyed. "Did you give any thought to letting Jordan spend more time with me? maybe she can stay the night on Wednesdays and I can take her to school; met her teachers and etc. Be able to help her with her homework on Tuesday nights. " Taleya asked. I looked down the hall at Jordan to make sure she was okay. then said to Taleya "she's only seven and she's on a schedule the middle of the school year is not the time to change that schedule. She has gymnastics on Tuesday night and is always in bed no later than 8:30 pm. maybe we can increase it to the full weekend instead of just Saturday nights. I will see how she feel about coming here on Fridays after school and then I pick her up on Sundays." 
the look on Taleya face let me know that she did not like the answer I just gave her. "Omar you can't try and keep my daughter away from me," Taleya said with her hands on her hips and her finger swinging in my face. sad seven years later she was still the same young minded hood bugger. "please understand that is the last thing I am trying to do is keep her away from you because when she gets older I never want her to hate me for keeping you away. she needs you in her life as much as she needs me. But she has a routine and schedule that keeps her in line. i..." before I could finish Taleya yelled down the hall "daddy its here." 
I looked at Taleya "that's my offer take it or leave it. I got to go. Here I come, baby." I turned and headed toward Jordan. "this conversation is not over." Taleya yelled down the hall. I got to the elevator and grabbed Jordan's hand and we happily got on to the elevator. 
when we got to my car I buckled her in and the pulled off. "How was your night Jordan?" I asked. "it was okay." she answered in a sad voice. I looked at her in my rearview mirror because that was odd. Jordan was normally a really happy kid even in some of the worse situation she saw the good. "Jordan whats wrong?" I asked "Nothing," she said back with her head down. "Jordan... Now you know I can tell when something is wrong so tell me, baby. Did something happen? Tell daddy the truth." I said getting a little worried. I tried to look at her in my mirror and the road. 
"well... I don't like going to mommy Taleya house. it's not as fun as being home with you and mommy Vicky. I thought having two mommy was suppose to be fun. but all mommy Taleya does is tell me to be quiet while she sleeps. someone's this lady with a clipboard come over. she makes me get dressed up and she kisses all over me while the lady is there. the lady asks her questions about if she has a job, and stuff and then hands her money. " Jordan told me still sounding sad. I looked at my princess in the mirror and it was clear that one day a week was too much for her I couldn't make her suffer through another day especially when it sounds like Taleya was using her. I left the subject alone and drove home trying to sort out my thoughts. 
when I got home my wife Vicky was waiting for us. when Taleya disappeared and left six weeks old Jordan on my mother's porch. I raised her as a single dad which was the hardest thing ever but I made it happen with the help of my mother. then Vicky came along when Jordan was two. when Jordan was almost four we got married. vicky has been the only mom Jordan has ever known. 
when Taleya came back a year ago begging to be in Jordan's life it was a toll on all of us. We had to tell a young girl that the mother she knew was not her real mother and that this woman that had walked out on her was actually trying to take a roll in her heart that was already taken. it took me and Vicky six months to not only convince our sleeves but to convince our little girl that it was okay to give Taleya a chance. the last two months have been trying. Jordan cries every Saturday when I drop her off to Taleya was even harder. 
"hi mommy," Jordan said as she ran into the house and hugged Vicky. "Hey, baby!" Vicky greeted her with a smile. "mom I missed you." and "I missed you too baby." they said to each other. Just watching the bond that they have made me feel like the luckiest man in the world. "go get cleaned up and we can bake a strawberry cake before we eat dinner." Vicky said to Jordan. She jumped down out of Vicky's arm and ran with joy to her room to put her bag away and clean up. 
I and Vicky went to the kitchen. "so how did it go this time?" Vicky asked me. "as stressful as all the other times. now she wants Jordan on Wednesdays too. and Jordan told me in the car that a lady comes to Taleya house and asked them questions and gives them money." I told my wife. "Well, I hope you told her hell no to the Wednesday thing. and what do you mean ask them questions and give them money. Do you think she's using Jordan?"Vickey yelled. "I don't know. Jordan also told me in the car that she doesn't like going over there, all Taleya does is make her do is be quiet while she sleeps."I told her. "so why are we going through all of this? why are we making our daughter go through hell and high water just so Taleya can use her. Tell her no more and we go back to living our normal lives." Vicky said. as she took a mixing bowl out the cabinet and slammed it on the counter. jordan came rushing into the kitchen and we ended the conversation. 
a few days passed and then Taleya called me. "hello?" I answered. "hey, I just wanted to see what time I could expect Jordan on Saturday?" she said. I sat in silence for a while "umm, she hasn't been feeling well so I don't think its a good idea for her to come this weekend. " I told her. Taleya didn't respond right away "oh... okay," she said. "Taleya question. Are you getting some type of assistance or something? is that why you want Jordan so much all of a sudden. " I asked her. "Omar you have no right to accuse me of anything," she said and hung up quick. 
that night as I and Vickey laid in bed I couldn't rest. My heart was heavy do I give Taleya the chance an the benefit of the doubt that she might not be using my princess and does want a relationship with her daughter. Or do I keep my daughter and make her and my wife both happy. 
Saturday came and we decide to cook out. Vicky and Jordan were all smiles and laughs. my home was back to the way it uses to be. then the doorbell rung. I left Vicky and Jordan in the backyard as I went to answer. "Hey, Omar, where's Jordan? I figured I'd come to her since she's been sick." Taleya said. I stood in shock looking at her. Vicky screamed from the back "bae the hotdogs are burning " Taleya looked at me. "Omar whats going on?" she asked. Vicky came in the house from the backyard with Jordan following behind her. 
"Oh, we have company. Hello, I'm Vicky, Omar's wife." Vicky said extending her hand to Taleya. "Your Wife? Do you have a wife? what about your family. What about me? what about your daughter?" Taleya asked. "Taleya this is not about me. This is my family. Don't do this its a kid in the room and we are all adults." I told her. : Omar for the first time I agree with you that this argument is not worth it. Just give me my daughter. so I can take her since she's not sick." Taleya said as she grabbed Jordan. "Mommy please don't let her take me," Jordan said crying and reach for Vicky. 
you could feel the anger that brought Taleya. "you got my baby calling this white bitch mommy? Really Omar? This way you didn't want me to get her, because yall in here playing house." Taleya said. "White Bitch? excuse me? you're in my house. to make something clear I have been taking care of this little girl since she was 2 because you checked out on her. I love this little girl like she's mine and you can't change that. but her heart is big enough for the both of us. so show me, my house, and my family some damn respect." Vicky said. 
Taleya walked up to Vicky. "first of all, I wasn't talking to you. You are irrelevant to this because only I and Omar made Jordan. as for me checking out as you say... don't speak of my situation unless you honestly know it." Taleya pulled Jordan towards the door. "We're leaving," she said 
Jordan began to cry harder. "Taleya stop and look at what you are doing to Jordan. She's crying!" I yelled as she kept dragging her towards the door. "fuck you, Omar. You're a liar. you're trying to keep my daughter away from me. I'm her mother I have rights. you don't have sole custody of her so I'm taking her." Taleya yelled. 
as I listen to Jordans cry, Taleya cussing me out and Vicky telling me to do something. I started to feel like the room was spinning. "EVERY ONE SHUT UP!" I screamed. all three females looked at me like I was crazy. I stepped towards Taleya and loosened Jordan from her. "Jordan go to your room. My daughter is not leaving this house with you." I said. "right" Vicky chimed in from behind me. Taleya got ready to say something but before she could I said "Vicky I don't need a man. now listen to me and listen well because this is the last time THIS will ever happen. that little girl needs and can benefit from having all three of us in her life. Taleya, Vicky is my wife. whether you like it or not she is the only mother figure that Jordan knew for most of her life. respect her and take a chance to get to know her. she can possibly help you break through some walls with Jordan because she is unhappy with you. and whatever you are using Jordan for that you get money for cut it off today. If money is an issue we can help you find a job, but my child has never been in the system and isn't going to be now. Vicky, she is Jordan's mother, stop passing judgment. Now both of you grow up before I remove Jordan from the both of you. she is too young for what happened here tonight." I said.
"But..." I interrupted Taleya and got close to her. "and the next time you ever even think about threating to take my daughter from me remember this I am her parent. I am actually do have sole custody because you never came to the court date. Don't make me be an ass hole. Now leave!" Taleya looked at me and then Vicky. "this is not over!" she said as she opened the door and slammed it close behind her. When the door closed the room stopped spinning. But my heart was still racing. Jordan came rushing out from her room and jumped on me. "Thank you for saving me, daddy."

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