Part 1 Noah and Tammy

”Damn girl I love you” I heard Noah say as I put my pants on. ”what did I tell you about saying that shit to me.” I said to him as I turned and looked at the tattooed muscular man lying in the bed. ”tammy relax I said it cause I mean it you know that.” he replied. I sucked my teeth. ”what?” Noah asked. You don't know shit about love.” I told him. Yes, I do don't try to play me like some little boy I keep it all the way real with you i don't lie to you about anything that's love.” I laughed at his statement. “What’s so funny?” He asked looking confused. “Listen I’m not jasmine. Save that sweet-talking for your wife. “
Noah came to the edge of the bed and pulled me onto his lap. “Listen I keep it 100% real with you about everything because I love you. Shit, I’m in love with you and I care about your feelings. I lie to Jasmine because the bitch is dumb enough to believe it. But you are what I need and who my heart belongs to.” He said to me. “But yet she’s still your wife. And your last name belongs to her. you took vows willingly before god, y’all family, and friends. So forgive me for not believing that I love you bull shit. You may have love for me but naoh you are not in love with me.” said back to him standing up.
Noah stood up behind me and kissed me on my neck. “So what you want? Huh? For me to leave my wife and kid?” He asked me. I turned and looked at him ”kid?” I asked him. ”yeah Jasmine gave me the paper last weekend as a gift. She's two months pregnant.” he said. ”well congratulations,” I said to him with a straight face. ”But that doesn't change shit between us. I can still be a father to my child and leave Jasmine if you want me to.” I starred Naoh in his eyes it took a different type of beast to leave his wife while she was pregnant for his side chick.
But I would be lying If I didn't admit that once upon a time that what I wanted. Everything Noah was saying to me right now was what I wanted when this all first started. i wanted him to love me, leave his wife for me, and be all about me. But that foolish phase wore off and I saw Naoh for the beast he was. But I couldn't shake the hold he had on me so I still continued to show up and let him dick me down.
”Tam? What's wrong with you? Why all this concern about jasmine all of a sudden.” he asked he wrapped his arms around me. “why aren't you concerned about YOUR WIFE. What if she was cheating on you.” I said to him. ”she knows better.” said. ”so you got it all figured out and under control?” I said to him as I rolled my eyes. ”what you want me to leave her?” he asked again. Nah see I got schooled to the game a long time ago I would never want you to leave her because I don’t plan to take her place because then I’d become the fool while you tell the next chick the same shit you telling me now.” I answered. Noah opened his mouth to say something but both of our phones started to go off.
”hold that thought,” naoh told me and then he walked over to the nightstand and picked up his phone. ”hey partner what's up?” he asked. I went over to my phone and turned off the alarm that I had set then I heard Noah say ”yeah I'm finishing lunch now to head back to the station.”
I took my phone and put it in my purse and then I started to finish getting dress. Noah was right for a while I didn't care about his wife I figure if we ever got caught that was his business to have to deal with but lately that question of what if I was in her shoes had been kicking my ass. Noah got off the phone and put it back down. He walked over to me ”why you in a rush? I haven’t had dessert yet” he said in a sexy way. ”isn't your lunch break over” I responded. ”almost but we still got time. Plus check out not until the morning so you can stay here and be ready for when I get off.” he said. ”sounds nice but I got somewhere to be.” I said. ”and where is that?” he asked. ”none of your concern.” I said sliding my shirt on.
naoh sat on the bed ”so your not gonna come back here?” He asked. ”if I'm not busy,” I told him. ”busy doing what Tammy?” he said raising his voice. ”watch your tone. Your not my nigga. And I’m damn sure not your child
So there is no reason to tell.” I told him. ”yeah okay keep playing with me. You and whoever you think you fucking with gonna end up dead and I'm a get away with it. Remember I'm a cop.” he said. ” A I never said I was going to be fucking with someone else. B even if I was you gonna kill me for having a man when you got a wife?” I asked confused. Noah stood up and walk towards me and wrapped his hand around my neck tightly. ”I take care of you. That pussy is mine. don't matter what else I got as long as I make sure your good.” he told me as he walked up to me.
The second alarm I had set on my phone started going off. I pulled the phone out of my purse and turned it off. I looked at him and rolled my eyes. ”let me go” I said as I pulled his hand off my neck. “Don’t know why you got to be difficult Tammy” “I don’t know why you think I’m a be easy and dumb Noah” I said under my breath. “What?” He said. “rent due. Since you take care of me.” I said with my hand out not repeating what I originally said. ”have your ass back in this room when I get off tonight and your rent will be handled. If I got to come looking for you it’s gonna be an issue.” he told me as he picked his pants up off the floor. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my jacket. I got to the door and naoh called out to me “Tammy you heard what I said right.” I looked at him and watched as he picked his gun up off the nightstand. I said nothing I just walked out the door. As I walked to the hotel elevator I told myself. “Time to start to remove all the things that attach me to this craZy Ass man.”


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