Part 1: Nikki and Justin

    I looked around the room at all the smiling faces and then at my husband standing next to me. “you ready?” I asked him. “let’s see what this baby is.” Justin said as he kissed me. “Okay 1...2...3,” I said.

   “Its a girl” Justin’s mom screamed out. Justin looked at the pink filling that was coming out the cake with a disappointed look on his face. “Damn dog another girl.” Justin’s friend Castro said as he patted him on the back. I looked at my husband and smiled. “fix your face. you already have two boys.” I reminded him. “yeah I know bae but I also already have a daughter and another daughter means another attitude.” he said smirking. I looked at him and shook my head. “ No matter what as long as this baby is healthy that all I care about,” he told me as he smiled and gave me a kiss.

   People surrounded me and hugged me congratulating me on my first child. “My first grandchild, and it's not a test tube baby.” my dad said. we all burst out laughing. “listen if Justin had not come along artificial insemination was going to be my plan to have a kid. I said as I shrugged my shoulders. “Well thank god for Justin” my grandmother yelled out from the recliner in Justin’s mother’s living room. everyone laughed again.

   then we heard Justin’s sister say “Jewel what are you and Vernon doing here?” my smile quickly turned to a frown when I turned around an seen my husband baby mother and her husband standing in my mother in laws doorway. Justin rushed over to the door because his baby mother was known for making scenes. “jewel what are you doing here?” he asked her. “ I’m here to get my kids,” she said to him in a yelling tone so that everyone could be apart of the conversation. “ I told you I would bring them home like I do every weekend,” Justin said seeming a little nervous.

   justin jr came running towards his mom and hugged her. “Mommy I’m not ready to go home yet. Daddy and step mommy Nikki just cut a cake and I want a piece. Plus I’m a be a big brother.” he said to Jewel in a happy tone. Jewel looked over at me and watched as her eyes went down to my stomach and glared at it as if she was trying to stare a hole into me. Jewel looked at Justin with a crazy look in her eyes. “so that's what are we doing now Justin? is this why you been hiding your little wife from me. scare I was going to beat her up again while she was pregnant.” jewel said while coming further in the house.  

   my sister Samone and best friend Teisha stepped in front of me. “how can you say you beat anyone’s ass when you jumped my sister. that's some bitch shit if I ever saw it” Samone said. “fuck all that! f she feeling bad she can get with me outside right now head up. we let her ass live after she jumped my best friend because Justin and Nikki still wanted to be together and Nikki didn’t want anything to come between Justin and his kids. But this right here, this what we not about to do. she thinks she funny she so let me show her better than I can tell her because of my best friend pregnant.” Teisha said.

   “Everyone calm down and watch they damn mouths in my house. Justin's mom yelled out. “Vernon you need to get your wife simple ass out my house.” Justin’s mom continued to say. “I’m going nowhere without my kids.   JJ, Alex, and Taneisha let go,” she yelled. the kids started to gather their stuff with sad looks on their faces. “No, they're staying right here with me. I’ll bring them home when its time and that's the last time I’m a say it jewel.” Justin said.

   jewel walked over to Justin and mushed him. “I said they going home with me now,” she said. justin’s sister stood up. “jewel don’t make me beat your ass over my brother.” she said. jewel looked over at Jennifer. “really Jen, you on they side too?” Jewel said. “stupid ain’t no sides. you have been mad since my brother and Nikki got together. You can’t tell us what you mad over or why you acting like this. you out here is a bitter baby momma when you left my brother heartbroken and Nikki came along and helped him heal. Not mention your suppose to be happily married to Vernon. So gone ahead and take this dumb shit out of my mom house and let my brother be happy. Damn!’ Jennifer said.

   vernon stepped up towards Jewel and whispered to her. “Let's just go the kids are fine. he’ll bring them home later.” jewel looked at him and rolled her eyes. “Shut up! My kids aren’t staying here to celebrate some baby… Justin what happen to you saying that I was the only women you’d ever have kids with. That your only family was the one you built with me. huh?” she said.

    I looked at Justin from across the room with my eyebrows raised “Really?” I said. Vernon yelled. “Jewel lets go.” as he pulled her towards the door by her arm. “that baby will never be a sibling to my kids or even sit on the same platform as them.” jewel screamed as Vernon pulled her out the door. I looked at Justin and shook my head before storming off to the bathroom.

   my sisters and best friend followed me behind me. they banged on the bathroom begging and pleading with me to come out. “Just leave me alone” was all I screamed as I sat on the toilet in tears. then the bathroom door opened. “Go away.” I said. “baby lets me come in and talk to you.” Justin said as he slid into the bathroom. “talk to me about what? what are you going to do explain to me why you baby mother just ruined my party?  or tell me why the only family you have is the one you built with her.” I said crying. “baby I told her that before you. I told her that when she and I were still together.” Justin pleaded.

   “Justin I am your wife and I am pregnant. I should not be going through this shit!” I yelled at him. “baby I know and I am sorry. can you please just calm down. you don’t want to stress the baby.” he said to me while reaching out to rub my stomach. I pushed his hand. “don’t do that, because we both know you didn’t even want this baby.” I said to him. “Nikki what are you talking about. I am super excited to be having this baby with you. you are my wife and I love you.” he said. “no your not. your dealing with having this baby. ain’t that what you told me when I first found out I was pregnant and I asked you if you wanted another kid. you told me if it happened you’d deal with it.”

   “Nikki that was months ago and you asked me that before you even told me you were pregnant. so my answer was based off thinking about the fact that I already had three kids. but I am happy to be having this child with you and I will love her just like I love her siblings.” I rolled my eyes as Justin spoke. “I don’t care this baby is coming no matter how you feel about it. “ I said as I looked down. Justin put his hand under my chin and lifted my head up and gave me a kiss. “Nikki I love you. you know that. stop talking crazy and let go back out here and enjoy this moment with our guest.” he said. honestly, I'm no longer in the mood. I just want to go home. I told him.

   We went back out and I started to say my good nights to everyone. then I noticed Justin and Castro over in the corner talking. I walked over “bae I’m ready?” I said to him. “okay baby cool. So in a drop you off and then drop the kids off and go play ball with Castro and the guys for a little while.” he said smiling like there was nothing wrong with what he just said. “Really Justin?” I said to him. Then his mother jumped in. “Justin take your ass home and be with your wife. she’s not feeling well and she carrying your big head ass baby. basketball can wait to another time.” she said to him. “but mom we only going to play a game or two. that will only take two-hour max. she can go home and put her feet up and before she knows it I will be back.”

   it seemed like as soon as the words rolled off his tongue the how house started to attack Justin. “excuse me!” I yelled. everyone looked at me. “just do what you want. I don't even care just take me home.” I said as I grabbed my coat and headed to the car.

   the ride home was very silent. not even a sound from the kids. when we got to the house I and Justin got out and the kids stayed in the car waiting for Justin to come back out. I went in the house and directly upstairs to run a bubble bath while Justin gathered his basketball stuff.

   once he left I sat in the tube and thought about everything that had been going on until my phone started to ring in our bedroom. I jumped out the tube and went and answer my phone. “hey daddy.” I said as I answered the phone. “hey princess I was just calling to check on you I know you left the party a little upset and bothered. “ my dad said to me. “I’m okay daddy.” I told him. “okay baby girl. just remember the lord never gives you more then you can bare.” he told me. “ I know.” I said with a smile. “well I love you.” “I love you too,” we said to each other.

   once we hung up I got dress and laid down in bed. before I knew it I had dozed off. but I was awoken when I heard our front door close. “Justin is that you?” I yelled. but there was no response.just the sound of footsteps coming up the stair so I figure he had his headphones in like he always did after a game.

   “how was the game?” I asked as I opened the bedroom door. “the game is over.” Jewel said as she stood with a gun pointed directly at me. “what are you doing in my house?” I asked her. “this… this is all supposed to be mine. the house, the man he is now, this life… I gave him three kids I deserve this and with you, out the way, I can have it.” she said right before pulling the trigger twice. The first shot burned through my chest while the second on burned through my stomach.

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