Part 1: Natile and Bryson

 It was that time of the month the third Saturday which meant it was ladies night with my sorority sisters. It was a Delta tradition that all the sisters from our chapter that resided in the same city met up together.

In New York we made that tradition a monthly one. We meet at one of the sisters homes, A restaurant or nightclub. Then we would drink, laugh and get all caught up on the things that we have missed over the last month. It was well needed for a lot of us. So we got babysitters, ditched our men and businesses one on hold and we let down are hair.

We were all well established woman but our allies were all different with the success that we had. Some of us talked about our children that we’re working our last nerve, the others talked about current endeavors that they were going on, and the rest of us complain about the men in our lives in the things that they were causing. There was either new love stories hot sex stories or complaints about the man we decided to do with.

Me on the other hand I always brag about my baby and tonight was no different. I mean me and Bryson had the perfect love story. We have been together since freshman year of college. We had met while pledging and it was a perfect match ever cents. Meet at Delta and him Alpha. We graduated, and got married and we’re living the dream I was a life coach and Bryson was a publisher we didn’t have kids yet but we were in no rush. We went on great vacations, a list parties, and there was no place in the world that I couldn’t see if I wanted to.

“ I Mean me and Bryson good over here.” I said with a smile “so you’re going to tell me your marriage is just perfect?” Tomecca asked me. “I will say it’s perfect for us.” I answered her. “So there’s no issues.” She responded. “No we have issues just like any other couple. we argued, he does stuff I don’t like and vice versa but we fight through our issues together. Bryson loves me and I love him. The love we share together is unbreakable I told her.” Tomecca a side of me

“Bryson is a cool do he pledged with my husband Richard but don’t underestimate what he might or might not be doing and how happy he is because he is a human being and all humans live. Do you check his phone? Hey social media? How do you check his gym bag? Because even the ones that seem perfect for short.” Nicole said. I looked at her with the side I. No I don’t check any of that I trust him. Plus I know if I start going through his stuff and looking for something that’s when I’m going to find it because I’ll make something out of nothing just because I’m worried.” I told her. 

“Yeah I trust the tone ass thought he was the perfect guy too. And that motherfucker was cheating on me three out of four years that we were married.” Mercedes said. She was normally the drunk one out of all the sorority sisters at every event. She was struggling to make it through her three your divorce because Tone was holding on and she had to let go but it seem like it was easier for him to torture her in that sign of divorce papers. In a divorce was all his fault he’s been three years cheating on her and she found out when child-support papers came in the mail. 

“ listen just Because your man cheated, lied, and all that other stuff doesn’t mean minds does. Mom in a totally different thing yall” I said with the attitude. “Man no one cares about her and her husband she come here every month and brags about him trying to make the rest of us look bad. Her man probably cheating on her right now. And her dumbass don’t even know because she sitting here thinking that he’s just Mr. perfect and he’s Mr. right what a clown. “Ebony left and she said it.

Me and Ebony had cross pass before we weren’t fans of each other but we tolerated each other we’re normally cordial to each other because we had a sisterhood. But tonight this whole heck cross the line in the gloves were off. When it came to Bryson I would do anything to defend him and I relationship. So there’s lonely bitch was not about to speak foul on my relationship. “A I didn’t ask you to care about my relationship or my man. Your opinion doesn’t even matter while you’re sitting over there mad. If you want to care about something or be mad about something be mad because you can’t get a man or keep one matter fact shouldn’t you be going home to your father less son.” I said to her

Ebony stood up and started to walk towards me and I got out my chair too. Joy hopped up out of her seat. “OK ladies take a seat and relax. We are deltas we do not act like this we are going to finish our Meals and act like were in a restaurant.” She said standing between us. “But she…” Joy interrupted me. “But nothing she hit a nerve and you took a low blow as well but y’all are sisters so apologize and have a seat” joy said in a stern voice.

I suck my teeth and roll my eyes. “Sorry” I said like I was a seven-year-old girl arguing with her older sister. It was like Joy was our mom had just yelled at us. Ebony rolled her eyes as well and said “sorry too.” The night went on and we finished our dinner. “OK so what club are we hitting up.” Mercedes said. “I got us a VIP table at club 269.” Joy said. everyone got hype at the table but me. I was no longer in the mood to be out with the girls. “Well ladies I’m going to call it a night and head home” I told them. “Why? I hope it’s not because of that little thing with you and Ebony. Your sisters and sisters are you sometimes.” Joy said. “No I’m good I’m just tired and I haven’t seen my husband all day I want to go home and spend time with him.” I said

Joy look like she didn’t believe me but she didn’t press the issue anymore. We paid our bill and then said our goodbyes. The girls are getting their cars to finish enjoying the night while I headed home.

When I got home I sat in the driveway for a few minutes just going over the events that had went down at dinner. The things that the girls were saying we’re ringing through my head. “ could Bryson be cheating on me?… No he doesn’t even look at other women and he is home all the time. I can account for all his whereabouts I know his routine like the back of my hand.” I said to myself. I got out the car and went in the house it was almost 1030 so I figure Bryson was in the bed sleep.

When I got up to the bedroom I seen Bryson was fire from sleep. There was my husband sitting on the edge of the bed with another man sucking on his penis. Before I could think about it the words came out my mouth and a loud yell. “You’re gay!” They both jumped and looked at me startled. “Natalie what are you doing here?” He said standing up and pulling up his pants. “The better question is what the hell are you doing” I asked him. “It’s not what you think. Let me explain baby.” He said walking towards me and grab my hand. I snatched away from him and looking at him like he was a complete stranger “I’m listening but don’t touch me” i said.

“I’m not gay but I do enjoy male company and I have for a few years. Mark is my male lover. For years now me and him have gotten together on the nights that you were out with the girls or whenever I can get free time.” Bryson said I looked at him and then looked behind him at the man standing in the corner of our room “all this time I thought that you were the perfect husband and my husband has been with another man. Bryson you’re gay that’s gay there’s no other way to put it but I’m gonna tell you this this needs to end tonight I am your wife what the hell is wrong with you do I not please you honey baby am I not sexy tree are you not attracted to me what do we do to make a change right now what can I do to make sure that you’re not doing it I’ll do better I’ll be home or I would do whatever it takes but this you with him this whatever you do with him it ends tonight” I said to him.

Mark stepped up “Bryson I’m going to leave.” He said Bryce and grab him. “No stay we’re going to work this out because I am honestly over having to hide you and keep everything a secret. Natalie you are my wife and I love you dearly and that will never change my love for you is why I married you. But I also love Mark to. I’m not gay but I love him and he knows and understands that I am not gay and that you are my wife. Now you can find a way to move forward with me and love me for who I am or you can leave. But understand that I am not giving up Mark in anyway shape or form. 

If you leave me understand that you are leaving with whatever you walked in this situation with because the money the cars in this house are all mine in in my name. Even the royalties from your book are mine and half the money that you made through that life coaching business that you have are mine because I am a silent partner. So you decide.” Bryson said

“Bryson baby I love you you don’t have to have him we don’t need him I would do whatever it takes we can have the baby you’ve been asking for we can do this.” I said to him “Natalie decide!” He yelled as stood there thinking with tears streaming down my face how to hell did my life get here. finally opened my mouth “ fine! So be it. You can have him but whatever y’all do will happen underOur roof in that guest room down the hall no more sneaking no more secrets I know so I know and I will handle this but you wanna embarrass me you were not sneak around where people can find it in a come back and tell me if you’re gonna do it do it here.” I said. Bryce and kiss me on the four head with a smile on his face “I knew you would understand.”He said

Days went by and then those days start to weeks and before I knew it it was a month later and it was a girls night again. And I needed it. This new lifestyle had to go toll on me mentally physically emotionally and spiritually. To hear my husband making love to another person but even worse off to another man down the hall drove me crazy. Days went by and then those days start to weeks and before I knew it it was a month later and it was girls night again. And I needed it. This new lifestyle had to go toll on me mentally physically emotionally and spiritually. To hear my husband making love to another person but even worse off to another man down the hall drove me crazy.

I got to dinner and everything seem normal everyone was doing the same old routine the same stores the same complaints but me I sat there in silence sipping on my drink ordering another one after another after another. “Natalie you’re pretty quiet tonight what’s up with your girly?” Joy asked. For the first time I felt like I couldn’t hold on anymore it was coming out I was letting go the tears started to pour down my face I didn’t hear about my make up I didn’t care who was looking at me I didn’t care. And I screamed “my husband is gay!” All my sorority sister stopped and looked at me along with half the restaurant but I didn’t care this was a secret I refuse to hold onto I need it out I needed to understand that my husband wasn’t perfect. 

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