Monica Part 1

"Momma I don't wanna do this please don't make me," I cried out. "Wipe your face, you want somewhere for you, Erica and I to live right?" My mom said back from the corner of her mouth with her teeth together as we approached the hotel room. "Yes, ma'am," I answered, "then do this for mommy Moe. I promise it will only be this one time and then never again." She said as we got to the door. She fixed me up, and I looked at her. If broken women were in the Dictionary, it should have been a picture of my mom. Cause she was broke and broke down. She turned to the door and knocked. My 16-year-old heart was beating out my chest. Then the door opened, and I stood there looking at the light man who had a scar from the top of his left eyebrow to his hairline.

He took my hand and began to pull me into the room. But my momma stopped him. "Ant before you take my baby, where's my money?" She asked. He pulled a wad of cash from his pocket and handed her a few bills. "Moe baby me and Erica are going to waiting for you in the car." She said and then kissed my cheek. I looked at her, scared, hoping she would call this off.

The man pulled me in, and I looked around the room at the guns he had out and the drugs. The door closed, and he locked it. 

The sound of the prison gate closing behind me took me from my memory of the day that got me placed behind that gate. I had served eight years in jail, and now that I was out, I was just as alone as I was when they brought me out of that hotel room in handcuffs, and I was looking for my momma. 

I know the day you lost your virginity was supposed to change your life. Still, no one told me it would put me behind bars for eight years for prostitution and drug use, cause me to miss high school graduation, prom, seeing my baby sister grow up, and losing a relationship with my mom. I had spent three years out of my eight having a pity party for myself. Now that I was free, I wasn't doing that. 

I had hoped my little sister Erica could pick me up today, but work wouldn't give her the time off, so on a bus, I'd go. As I sat on the bus, I was nervous about what would happen next. I was a girl when I left Syracuse, and now I was returning a woman. 

It seems like it took no time for us to get to the bus station. I took a deep breath and got off the bus. I walked through the bus station to the front door to catch the city bus. As I stepped out of the building, I heard my name being screamed "MONICA" I dropped my bag as I took off running when I saw Erica lent up against a car. We ran to each other and hugged. When I finally let her go, I asked her, "I thought you were at work and couldn't pick me up" "I was at work and couldn't get the time off to drive up to the jail to get you. But you should have known that my ass was going to take an extended lunch to be right there for you when you touched down." she said smiling. "Thanks sis," I said to her, picking up my one bag. "Shit, that's what sisters are for. Get in the car I'm a take you to my house and show you where you staying," she told me. 

We drove through the city, and not much had changed. Erica actually lived right in our old neighborhood. I got out of the car, looking around. It was like the air went from being fresh and free to smelling like poverty and weed. 

Erica let me in the house super excited. She took my bag and dropped it at the door. I looked around as she pulled me through the house. Despite what the outside looked like, Erica had the inside of her house laid out nicely. Fancy white furniture, pictures on the walls, and shit. It felt like home—something we didn't have as kids. 

She led me into a room that was at the top of the stairs. "So this is your room. I've been setting it up since I found out you were getting out. I walked into the room and admired the decoration. "You know you didn't have to do all this for me," I told her. "But I did," she said, smiling. I sat on the bed and felt like I was floating on a cloud. Eight years of a prison bed made me appreciate any other type of bed. "Thank you," I said to her.

"No need, now I was thinking we should go out tonight," she said. "You see that little bag? That's all my belongs Erica, I don't have shit to go out in. Maybe once I find a job and get settled, we can." I told her. Erica walked over to the closet and opened it. "You got more than enough to wear, I've been grabbing you cloths, you got everything from leggings to dresses." she said. 

I walked over to the closet and looked at the closet full of clothes with tags on them. "All these are mine?" I asked as a tear rolled down my face? "Yes, now be dressed." Erica said, wiping my face before she began to walk out of the room. She stopped and turned around at the door. "Oh yeah, theirs a phone in the box in the top draw of your dresser. I already set it up and programmed my number. I'll see you when I get off. Welcome home big sis. Make yourself comfortable. I love you," she said to me and then walked out. A few moments later, I heard the door close. 

It was after eight o'clock, and I was all dressed up in a red strapless bodycon dress and wedges sitting at the bar. Erica had texted me and said she was running late getting off work, and she meets me here. So I grabbed a cab with some money she had left in a secret stash for me. 

I sipped a long island ice tea as a high yellow fine-ass man walked up to me. "Excuse me, I don't mean to be a bother but I've been watching you from across the room and I had to come over and tell you that your beauty is breath-taking." she said as I blush, moving my curly hair. "Thank you," I said. "Im Delray but everyone calls me stone." he said, extending his hand. "Monica. But everyone calls me Moe," I responded. "Well, Moe, can I join you?" he asked. I motioned for him to take a seat. We talked about random things, just laughing and vibing. Stone was fine as fuck, and his door cologne was mesmerizing. I was trying to control myself, but eight years in jail added to a fine as a man who seems genuinely interested in me. It had me super wet and horny. 

Being in jail gave me the mindset to live once I got out, so I led over into Stone and whispered in his ear seductively. "Meet me in the bathroom." then I walk off. Only turning back for a moment to see Delray watching me as he licked his lips. 

It was only a few minutes later that Delray appears in the woman's bathroom with me. He locked the door before coming over to me. He wrapped his muscular arms around me and began to kiss me. I closed my eyes, taking in the moment. He lifted my dress and pulled my panty down. I stepped out of them, and Stone picked them up and smelled them before sticking them in his pocket. He lifted me onto the sink, and I helped him buckle his pants. 

Delray bent down just a bit, putting his mouth on my pussy. I moaned out as I placed my hand on the back of his head. The way his tongue massage my clit and the gentle soak he was giving was terrific. He stood back up with his beard glowing. And kissed me again before saying. "You taste so damn good." "You got a condom?" I asked, praying he didn't say no. He reached in his pocket and pulled out the gold wrapper. He ripped it open and slid it on.

I prepare myself for his entrance. When he entered me, I was exploding with joy on the inside. This was only my second time in my life having sex, so there was a slight bit of pain. But after that, it was heaven. He pounded my pussy out as he pulled down the top of my dress, releasing my c cup breast and soaking on my hard nipples. I put my head back on the mirror, letting out a exhale of pleasure. I let him take me on this ride until we both released. 

Delray backed up and went to a stall to remove the condom. I got down off the sink, wiped myself off with a wet paper towel. "Can I have my panties back?" I asked as I straighten out the top of my dress. "Nah, those are mine to remember the moment just in case I never see you again." I smiled and laughed a little as I pulled down my dress. 

I unlocked the door and headed out first back to the bar, and ordered another drink. I watched as Delray came out, and we made eye contact. I made a mental note to get his number before I left. "Sorry I'm late," Erica said as she approached the bar on the side of me. "It's all good sis," I said. The bartender came over, and Erica ordered sex on the beach and then looked down at her phone and started to text. "Who you texting over there?" I asked. "My boyfriend, he's somewhere in here? Give me a moment I'll be right back," She responded. I nodded my head and enjoyed my drink. 

A few moments later, I heard, "sis this is my boyfriend" my heart dropped when I turned and seen Delray with his arm wrapped around Erica.

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