Part 1: Malika and Kyle

“This nigga got me all the way fucked up.” I said as I paced back and forth in my living room. “fucking three years and this nigga still doing the dumb shit he was doing when we first got together. I said as I dialed a number on my cell phone and put it on speaker phone. “Hello,” Rachel said when she answered. “Rachel, are you riding?” I asked my best friend. “Riding where?” she responded sounding confused. “Fuck where. are you riding yes or no?” I said “you know I'm always down to ride you my bitch and I'm down for whatever. If you rocking I’m rolling; if you swing I swinging. But this better not be no bull shit.” she said to me. “good is terry black car still at your house?” I asked her. “yeah it's here.” she said still not knowing what going on. “good come get me in his car.” I said to her and then hung up.

   I went up to my room and got my taser, pepper spray, and knife. “this mutha fucker going to learn today.” I said as I head back to the living room. I paced back and forth until I heard Rachel beep the horn outside. I ran out the house and got In the car.  “you better be glad my common sense told me to come to your house, since you hung up on me without telling me where you were.” she said when I got in the car. “my bad” i said to her. “now what going on?” she asked me. “we about to pull up on Kyle ass.” I said to her. “why Malika?” she said looking at me sideways.” cause I’m so tired of his shit. And he’s just disrespecting me now. Domonique sent me a picture of this ass and some bitch at the concert all hugged up and kissing. he didn’t want to take me to the concert so he could be there with some old other hoe.” I said to her. Rachel looked at me and shook her head.

“so I'm an ask you this again why the hell are we going to pull up on him?” I was confused on why Rachel was asking me these dumb ass questions. “because you my bitch and this nigga trying to be funny and play me and we not having that shit. So I'm a meet that nigga right where he at and remind him what type of bitch he is playing with. “ I said “Malika i am personally against this.” Racheal said  “okay, and I was against licking them skittle in the cold and sticking them to Terry care to fuck up his paint. But I did it right because I wasn’t going to let him get away with playing you.” I said to her.

“and I get it. you were a real rider. But not everything between you and your man has to be handled in public. you ever thought that the reason these bitches keep popping up is because you are showing them that y'all home is unhappy.” I wasn’t trying to hear anything Rachael had to say because she was just getting to this neutral point in her life. She use to bug out just like me. “man is you down or not?” I asked her. Rachael sat there and shocked her head fuck it. Where we are going?” she asked me. “his find my iPhone says he at Denny’s, ”I told her, and she drove off. As Rachel was driving my heart was racing. When we got to Denny’s, I didn’t even let her put the car in park before I hopped up. I ran up to his car to make sure he wasn’t in there smoking but the car was empty, so I went inside. I went inside and completely ignored the hostess that was standing in front of the door as I scanned the restaurant looking for Kyle.

when I spotted him I walked over to the table he was sitting at. “so this what we doing now?” I said as I approached the booth they were sitting in. The girl was leaning on Kyle, and they were looking down at something on his phone until I spoke. “Malika what are you doing here?” he asked looking confused but not moving the girl off him. “you know damn well what I’m doing here,” I asked as I seen Rachel come and stand by me. “Rachel why you brought her crazy ass out here to fuck with me?” Kyle asked. “Rachel has nothing to do with this, this between you and me.” I  said to him. “ain’t no me and you with your crazy ass you told me you ain't want me no more and put me out.” Kyle said.

I rolled my eyes. “that didn’t mean we were over that meant I need some time cause you were fucking up, and then you go and do this.” I said to him. “Malika I don't have time for these mind games with your ass I go based off words and actions. right now your making a fool of yourself, and you need to leave,” he said to me. “ I ain’t going nowhere unless your ass comes with me.” I said to him. “oh my god girl he don't want you no more can you leave so we can get back to having a good time.” The girl said to me. I looked her up and down “bitch I ain't talking to you so if you knew what was good for you, you’d shut the fuck  up. And mind your business before I use that cheap as weave to mop this damn floor up.” I said to her. “fuck you, you thirsty bitch” she said to me.

I looked at Racheal and then like a flash of lighting I was off I grabbed the girl by her hair and started to hit her. Kyle slid out the booth and out the way just like the punk he was. After all the time we had been together he knew that trying to step in and break this up was the last thing he should do.

Two male waiters came and broke up the fight. As they were holding me the girl stood up on the chair in the booth trying to now get hype. “its always you lonely bitches that want to put they hands on us cute bitches that your nigga upgrades to.” she yelled. “bitch cute let me show you what I can do to that face.” I said as I started to throw dishes off the tables at her. She was douging every dish and was still talking junk, and I was getting madder and madder. "see this why he doesn't want you, you in here acting like a wild animal." she said. You would think that she would shut the fuck up seeing that Kyle was not trying to protect her from me. The angrier i got, the more the people in the restaurant was moving out my way. The manager had come out and threaten to call the police, but I was still going. I had broken away from the waiter and was trying everything I can to get around them and to this chick since she was doing all this talking.

Finally, I shock the waiters that were on me like we were on the basketball court and I climbed on the booth that got me closer to her, and as I reach over to grab her, she grabbed the metal napkin holder from the table and hit me with it.

I instantly felt the blood rushing from my forehead, and Rachel grabbed me. “we got to get the hell out of her Malika this manager called the cops.” she said. I pulled away from her. “don't touch me. What happens to all that if I'm rocking you rolling shit. If I swing your swing. Now my shit bust open and you talking about getting out of here you better be glad I don't whoop your ass too.” I said to her. “you know what I am going to act like I ain't hear nothing you just said and take ya dumb ass to the emergency room to make sure you don’t need stitches stupid. Now bring your ass on. I’m not going to jail tonight over your bull shit.” she said to me.


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