Part 1 Lance and Santana

”Here we go with bull” shit I said as my eyes opened from the sound of my neighbor's boyfriend banging on her door. I picked my phone up from the nightstand. ”It's 5:30 in the morning I know they lying and not about to do this,” I said as my neighbor's voice raised and I heard every word clear as day as if I was in their apartment.
My neighbor was screaming and the way her voice was cracking let me know she was crying. ”It's crazy how much a woman puts up with just to be with a man.” I said as I thought back to the days when I was in the same position as my neighbor.
As my neighbors kept going I quickly became more annoyed and over it. ”bae I love our townhouse but maybe it's time for us to move $800 and we can't even get a good night sleep with these thin walls and crazy neighbors. I worked a double yesterday and got to be back at 3pm.” I said as I rolled over to realize I was in being alone. ”lance?” I said as I completely sat up in bed. There was no response. I knew sometimes if he couldn't sleep and I was lance would go downstairs to watch tv. I got out of bed and grabbed my robe and headed down the stairs.
I got downstairs and turned on the living room light on Lance. The whole house was empty just like it was when I got home at 11:30 the night before. I went back upstairs to our bedroom and grabbed my phone ”Siri called Lance” I said angrily. Calling Lance my phone responded as it failed his number. The phone rang and rang. But there was no answer. his voicemail came on. "Lance I know damn well you better be in the hospital or something because if you not Imma put you in one for not bringing your ass home."
I started to pace and think about the possibility of what could have caused this man not to come home. I went back up the stairs and poured myself a drink. "Not even 8am and I'm already drinking." I said as I sat on the couch taking a sip of my drink trying to control myself but the more sat there the more I began to shake. no man stays out all night and actually did anything good. here I was judging my damn neighbor but at least her nigga came home. was all i could think.
tears started to roll down my face as I laid on the couch with my knees to my chest. we had come too damn far to be making these types of moves. here I was waiting for a ring from this man still at 35 and he was still doing the same dumb shit I had to deal with when he was twenty. I had already risked and sacrificed enough for this man and at this point, he did not appreciate it nor me. that was it when he got home i was going to make him aware he had to go. I didn't even care at this point what the excuse was. He was leaving.
My tears eventually put me to sleep. but the sound of the door closing woke me up. I picked up my phone from the coffee table and it was 8:30 am. I could hear Lance in the kitchen doing something so I got off the couch and walked that way. I stood there silently watching him go through the fridge. He spun around and damn near jumped out of his skin. "oh shit bae you scared the shit out of me. what are you doing up this early?" he asked. "what you doing coming in at this time.'' I asked him with a straight face. "huh?" he said looking stupid. "boy if you can huh you can hear so again what are you doing coming in at this time." I repeated. "bae i've been here what you mean." Lance said trying to laugh it off like I was stupid. "funny you weren't here at 5 this morning when the neighbors were fighting and woke me up out of my sleep. I was in the bed talking shit thinking that you heard me and to my surprise I was in the bed alone. i got up thinking you was down here and nope no damn Lance in site.'' I said to him. "bae" Lance said. "Nah no Lance where were you Lance?'' I asked.
Lance stood there looking at me like a deer caught in headlights. "you can speak now?'' I asked. "I was just out." Lance said. "out where Lance?" I screamed. Lance went silent again. I pulled out the chair from the kitchen table and sat down and put my head down. "Santana baby listen it's nothing for you to worry your head about I promise." Lance said as he stood in front of me and held my hand. "you are about to lose everything and don't even know it." I said to him. "what?" he said "the last time you told me last you told me don't worry I ended up with this damn curse and now I'm stuck with your ass because I was scared to give it to anyone else. Well I thought I was stuck with you but I will be in this house alone before I keep dealing with you disrespect."
"Santana I know I hurt you in the past and believe me if I could take away the H.I.V I gave you I would. you didn't deserve that at all. and i owe you my life for still dealing with me and not running my business through the streets. I love you with all my heart. and my heart hurts because I know you hurt." Lance pleaded to me. but i wasn't moved. "So what has you this time drugs again or another woman," I asked him with a straight face.

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