Part 1 : Lamont and Crystina

 “If anyone has a reason why this man and woman should not be married speak now or forever hold your peace.” Pastor Bryan said. As I looked into Lamont's eyes with tear rolled down my face. The people watching probably thought I was crying tears of joy that had taken over me. They probably thought I was the luckiest woman in the world. I was marrying the man of my dreams, and the father of my son. Not to mention I was marrying into one of the top families in ministry.

But they would be so wrong. I was crying because I wasn’t sure if I was making the right decision. I had spent the last four years in a relationship with someone I didn’t ever imagine myself with. I force myself that this was the life for me when I wasn’t sure if it was. I was in way too deep and had been sinking for a long time now.

This wedding had been nothing less than a cruise since the day Lamont asked me to marry him. The proposal was big and grand in front of a church full of people. The engagement party was full of people I didn’t know or feel comfortable around. Now today I am standing in one of the biggest churches in Huston Texas will 500 guests looking at me and I’m sure I only know 100 of them. This was so not me.

When I and Lamont meet my dad was just getting into the ministry as a minister. And when my sister Monica told the family that Lamont Williams wanted to take me on a date my parents jumped at it. So, when a church boy comes along and your parents like him and you guys date and finally he asks you to marry him you say yes. Despite all the things that are going on.

Everything leading up to today was flashing before my eyes. The surprise baby momma, the crazy ex, and everything else. What am I doing here the thoughts went through my head. I turned and looked at my parents that were smiling with joy. Their eldest daughter was finally getting married. I looked at my best friend Kelly who was my maid of honor. As she mouths to me. So, what are you going to do?

I looked back to Lamont with tears now streaming down my face faster. “I can’t do this” I whispered. “What?” Pastor Bryan says “I can’t marry him today.”  I said out loud. My parents hopped out of their seats and so did his. Before I could example Lamont grabbed my arm. “you did not bring me all the way here to embarrass me.” He said to me with anger in his eyes.

My dad and brothers started to walk toward the altar. I pulled away and told them I got this. My best friend whispered in my ear “Crystina let me just tazze his ass one good time.” I turned and looked at her. “Kelly, we are in a church.” I told her. “the Lord knows my heart” she answered.

Lamont’s dad spoke up. “what is going on here?” I turned and face the audience “Mr. Williams for the first time since I started dating your son I am choosing me.” I said. “Crystina baby what’s wrong with you?” my mom said. “What’s wrong with me?” I said shocked. “Mom when this man approached me I didn’t want anything to do with him. I wasn’t attracted to him and couldn’t see myself being with him. But you and daddy said to give him a chance because you guys were trying to grow in ministry. So, I did it. Figured that his personality or something would grow on me and I would possibly see him in a different way.

Dating him came along with a lot of pretending, sideways looks, and even his ex in my face. But I stuck around. “Crytina…” Lamont said. “boy shut up and let her talk,” Kelly said. I looked at Lamont and grabbed his hand. “When I got pregnant with Caleb I was shocked. But after talking to my parents I found joy in the life I was going to be bringing into this world. I had never imagined that I was going to be a baby momma. But when I was 5 months pregnant I found out I wasn’t the only baby momma.

When Caleb was born I thought I would possibly love you because you had given me such a great blessing that I never wanted to be without. I even tried to be the bigger women and reach out to Adrianna and find mutual ground. I wanted Caleb and Andrea to be able to grow up and have each other in their sleeves without stress. Because no matter when what you and Adrianna had come to the light these kids were sister and brother.

But because of the hurt, you caused Adrianna she could help but take low shots and tell me how you were still sleeping with her throughout my whole pregnancy.” “He sure was,” Adrianna yelled out from the coward. Kelly stepped out her shoes. “let me get her” she said. “Relax,” I told her.

I looked at Lamont “look even after that I still remained a lady and didn’t push the issue. So, you could have a relationship with your daughter. That’s why even after her and her friends jumped me at our home in front of our son; she’s still sitting in the audience of our wedding. “what?” my sister Monica scream out. “oh, hell no” Kelly scream. Even my other came out of character and stepped out her shoes.

Lamont turned away with an attitude. “I’m going nowhere, know that boo,” Adrianna yell out again. “That’s it this home is mine,” Kelly said while handing my sister her flowers. “she getting out of here,” my mom said. “Everyone relax” Lamont screamed out. I grabbed Kelly by the back of her dress. Caleb ran up and hugged my leg. “Lamont, I cannot completely remove you out my life because we are bonded together. And because of this little boy loves the great father you are to him and sees no wrong in you. I will never downplay who you are or bad talk you. But we are done.”

The church sat silently as they seen what had been painted as a perfect love story fall apart. Then the sound of the doors closing causes everyone to turn and look. I laughed “and another one of your girls enter our wedding.” I said while looking at Lamont.

“what’s are you talking about?” Lamont asked. “Charisma the pictures I got of you and Lamont in bed last week were cute boo and very tasteful. But Kyle the video you sent me this morning of him and Charisma in bed together this morning helped me make my discussion today. So, thank you. Lamont turned and looked at his best friend. I stepped down from the altar and regained my self respect back with my son in my hands.  

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