Part 1: Kenia, Cree, Diorra and Yharia

When your young Every clique of friends that you see in your school thinks that their crew was going to be together forever. Through thick and thin. Right or wrong y'all thought there was nothing that could split y'all up. Most friendships seemed like once you walked the graduation stage and left for college everything changed. New roads were taken and new friends were made. but not me and my girls somehow someway me and my girls had achieved that forever relationship. From middle school to now almost 30 here we were still friends. Kenia, Cree, Diorra and I had been through fights, college, kids, men and so much more and still stood strong. Shit, there was no one fucking with our clique. We were ten toes down. No one could tell us shit we already didn’t know about each other. We went hard for each other and made it our business to always be there for each other. That was until now. The shit we had just gotten our sleeves into was something totally different for us and I never expected to be in this situation. 

It was like I was watching our whole friendship flash before my eyes. From ponytails to prom, to being there when each of us gave birth to our kids, now here we were gaining a title I never thought would be attached to any of our names killers. I was trying to replay the whole situation back in my head and figure out where it all went wrong. 

Like every other day Diorra while I was home cleaning up. But when I answered the phone she was crying and from the sound of Randy yelling in the background, he was probably drunk again and flipping his shit. Now, normally I would tell Diorra to just come over to my house until he cooled off because it was a proven fact that she was not going to leave this man. As her friends, we had told her time and time again that Randy wasn’t shit and just because she had a son by him didn’t mean she had to put up with his shit. But she never wanted to hear it. She would end up right back with him and as her friends, we would just have to respect her wishes. Even though we knew he beat on her. But we could push the issue or want out for her more than she wanted it for herself. There were certain things we knew about Diorra and her admitting to him beating on her was one of the things she’d never do. She loved Randy and although we could see the type of person he was she would defend him until she was blue in the face. So we stayed in our place as her friends; every few months we noticed her makeup was a little heavier than normal or her lip would be bust. But we said nothing. Even one time her son James who is my godson told me that when Randy comes home drunk Diorra tells James to hide and from the closet, he watches his dad beat on his mom. That was a tough pill to swallow. 

Tonight I swear i was going to mind my business just like i normally did when it came to Randy and Diorra. and let Diorra leave her life. But when I heard a loud boom on the phone and then Diorra screaming and she wasn’t answering when I was calling out her name i couldn’t just ignore it. That was my best friend and stuff that I never saw was one thing. But this was different. I could clearly hear him beating on her. I called Kenia three-way and added her to the call. “Kenia, you hear that?” I asked her. “Yeah what’s going on.” She asked, “I think Randy beating on Diorra.” I said to her, ``Are you there? Help her why are you calling me?” Kenia yelled. “No, she called me and then I heard a loud boom and then this,” I said to her. “Where is James?” Kenia asked. “I don’t know. But we need to help her.” I said, ``Say less I’m texting Cree and I’ll be at your house in about 5 minutes. Bring your bat.” She said. 

In exactly five minutes Kenia and Cree were outside my house and I was still holding on the phone praying that I wasn’t listening to the death of my best friend. In what seemed like seconds We pulled up to Diorra house. Kenia illegally parked her car and we hopped out. From the outside of the house, it sounded like world war 3. I couldn’t understand how the cops didn’t beat us here. Diorra lived on a street full of black people and we all know black people noise and here everything. But fuck it we were here no. we wasted no time using the key that was taped inside the mailbox to get in.

As we rushed in we stepped right into Diorra’s living room which seemed like a war zone. There was stuff on the floor and the couch was turned over. Between Diorra’s screams for Randy to stop and the sounds of his hands connecting to her body neither of them heard us come in. Randy’s back was to us and Diorra was balled up in a corner and Randy 250 pound ass was swinging on her with what seems to be all his might as she tried to cover and protect herself. Kenia jumped in and hit Randy from the back. He instantly turned around and backhanded her and slammed her on the floor. I took my bat I had from home and swung it with all my might at his knees thinking if i could at least slow him down we could all get out of here. But when I hit him it didn’t happen like how I saw it in my mind and I froze when Randy didn’t fall. After Randy rubbed his knees he charged at me and I dropped the bat as I backed up in fear. When I hit the wall Randy wrapped his hands around my throat. I looked around as Kenia who was still trying to get her footing, Diorra who was on the floor and Cree who was going around calling James name. Seem like what I thought was going to be my friend’s last breath was really going to be mine because it was getting harder and harder to breathe and see. 

That was until Diorra came and jumped on Randy’s back while scratching at his eyes. “Leave her alone.” She yelled out. But Randy just flung her off of him, letting go of me and when Diorra hit the floor and he started to pound on her again. As I tried to catch my breath I saw Kenia pick up the bat. Unlike me when she swings she went straight for Randy’s head. The sound of the bat connecting with his head kept ringing in my head as I watched his body hit the floor. 

Now here I am stuck. “Yahaira” Kenia screamed taking me away from my thoughts and back to reality. “What?” I said back still stuck in one spot. “What are we going to do?” she asked me with her eyes big. I stood there looking. I didn't know what to do. Apart from me wanted to run but my feet would move. The other part of me wanted to come up with a plan like I normally would do to get us out of some shit but right here at this very moment, I was having an out of body experience with this man’s body in front of me. 

I had grown up in the hood all my life. Shooting and people dying had become the norm. We didn't walk to the store after dark because they did drive-by shooting so often. WHich put me and my girls in a situation where we knew niggas that passed away but never had I seen a dead body in person until now. “What the fuck? I’m not going to jail. Orange ain’t my color and I’m too cute to be Big bertha bitch” Cree said. “Cree are you fucking serious this shit is not about you. Damn!” Kenia said, “what the fuck do you mean I’m here if one of us goes down all of us go down.” Cree said. 

Cree and Kenia kept going back and forth as I stood there stuck trying to get my head in the right place to be the problem solver I normally am. I was trying to tune Cree and Kenia out because This was nothing new. They always argued about something. Which was expected because we called each other sisters. They normally bumped head because Kenia was the know it all friend of the group and Cree was self-centered and selfish. I hate to call her that because she had a pure heart but it was true if it wasn’t about her it didn’t matter. And she was never going to do anything to affect her looks. She was the only one out of all of us that people really didn't know had a kid because she took nothing but pictures from the shoulders up during her pregnancy and hide when she got too big to cover it up. even though her son is now 5 there is no sign of him on her social media or in her presence.  

After a while, i couldn’t take it anymore. My mind was racing and them arguing was not helping “Shut up!” i screamed out. Cree and Kenia both turned and looked at me. “You shut up,” they said at the same time. “This is the wrong time to be arguing,” I said to them. “Man at the end of the day I had nothing to do with this. I was looking for my nephew.” Cree said. Kenia sucked her teeth. “You think that the police going to want to hear that when they find this man lying here dead. We need to come up with something and quick.” Kenia said. In that quick second, they were back to arguing again. “Shut up!” I yelled out again. “We need to make sure he is actually dead,” I said to them. “His ass hasn’t moved yharia. So he’s dead.” Kenia said. “Maybe he is unconscious,” I said to them. “Well, your the LPN get in there and check his pulse and shit,” Kenia said in a smart voice. “Shit I'm not touching him and have my fingerprints on him,” i said  

We stood there silent looking at each other, not sure what to do. It was at that very moment our attention went to the corner of the room when we heard the sound of crying. I was so shocked and Cree and Kenia were so busy arguing that we all had forgotten about the whole reason we were here. “Diorra sis are you okay?” I said as I walked over to her and kneeled down. She lifted her head up and looked at me shaking Her lip was bust, she was bleeding from her forehead, her eye was black and no telling what other damage was done that I couldn't see. “Get me a towel,” I said. “Diorra are you able to get up are you feeling any pain anywhere?” I asked her. But She wouldn’t talk she just kept crying and staring off. 

Kenia brought a wet rag from the bathroom and kneeled down next to me. Cree stood behind us as I cleaned Diorra’s face. “Dee I need you to talk to me, so I know your okay and that we can possibly get you out of here,” I said to her. “Diorra where is James?” Cree asked. “Dee!” Kenia screamed. “You killed him,” she said shaking. “What?” I said not sure if I heard her correctly. “ MURDERS!” she screamed from the touch of her lungs sounding angry. “Dee, what are you talking about?” I asked her. She pushed my hand and push through us and crawled over to Randy’s body and laid across him. 

“Baby, I’m sorry. Come back to me. Please don’t leave me.” She cried out. “This bitch has lost her mind. This nigga was in here acting like Mike Tyson on her ass and she mad at us.” Kenia said. “Kenia not right now,” I said to her as i went over to Diorra and sat on the floor next to her. “Dee you know we didn’t do this on purpose we were trying to help you,” I said. “ I didn’t ask for your help.” She said with an angry look on her face and tears coming down her cheeks. “So calling my phone wasn’t asking for help?” I snapped at her. “See this why i should of followed my jut and stayed out of this when you called me. This bitch is clearly hypnotized by the dick.” Kenia said. 

“Fuck you!” Dee said. “Bitch fuck you! we should of let his ass kill you.” Kenia said back. “Y’all chill we are all just in an emotional spot. But we need to find James and get the fuck up and out of here.” Cree said. “Cree is right. Diorra where is James?” I asked. “Don’t worry about my son. You need to worry about how you going to tell your kids why y’all going to jail because I’m calling 911.” She said to us. “See this bitch has never been loyal. She is willing to fuck us over and take us from our kids all over from dick that made her a fucking punching bag.” Kenia said. “Dee we are your sisters. You wouldn’t do that to us.” I said to her in the sweetest voice i could. “Dee I didn’t do anything don’t include me in this,” Cree said. “Murders!” Diorra screamed repeated. 

“Man fuck this,” Kenia said picking back up the bat. She walked back over to Diorra and put the bat in her face. Do you want me to Jacky Robinson your ass too? Then you and him to be Ike and Tina in heaven together?” She said. “Kenia, what the fuck are you doing?” I said to her. “Saving our asses. Unlike y’all, my two daughters don’t have a father he’s dead. So although I know Dee’s pain I’m not letting no one and I do mean no one takes me away from my kids.” Kenia said. I looked over at Cree and she looked just as lost as I felt. 

“Get your ass up,” Kenia yelled. I knew she was talking to Diorra but I was so scared that I stood up too. “Now we are going to knock some more of this shit over on our way out and make it seem like a robbery gone bad. Diorra if you yell, scream or do anything stupid that's ya ass I promise. Now everybody move.” Kenia said. “We did as Kenia said and within minutes we were outside in Kenia car and pulling off and although we were all out of the house alive I was sure if our friendship was still alive. 

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