Part 1: Kayden, Kiara, and London

I remember the day I met London. I was walking the halls of a downtown office building looking for my new business space. When I laid my eyes on her my mouth began to water. She came walking towards me and the closer we got I could tell she had been crying. As our paths cross she put her head down.
I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by to speak so confidently I stopped her. "Excuse me," I said getting her attention. She looked up at me. "your stunning honey." I said to her with a smile. London smiled back like it was the best thing she had heard in a long time.
Then her smile was broken by a voice from down the hall yelling her name from one of the offices. She put her head back down and walked towards the sound of the voice. I watched her walk away memorized still by the beauty i saw in those few moments.
My realtor came out of the office space she had just shown me. "So Kiara what do you think of the space?" Brook asked me. "You should thank London because of her I'll take it," I told Brook. I could tell Brook was confused about who the hell London was, but she didn't care as long as it helped her close the deal.
It was only a few short weeks later and I was all moved in. Once I moved into the building I seen London on a daily. She and i had grown close. We ran into each other a few times at the local coffee shop and the at daily and eventually, we did a proper introduction. We began to tell each other about our lives. London told me about Kayden; he was a lawyer and had an office in the building for his practice. London said she was his wife but lately it seemed like she was only his security.
As time went on I broke down the layers to London I learned that she had a master's degree in business and sociology and dreamed of owning a private practice for kids. But she put all that aside to help Kayden with his dream and seemed to have lost sight of her own goals while she made sure that all his was being achieved.
One night I was working late in my office trying to get my last author of the month book out on time when there was a knock at my door. Confused at who would have been in the building at this time I ignored the knock thinking it was security doing their normal checks and seen my light on. but Then the person knocked again.
I got up from my desk and I opened the door and there stood London with a coffee in hand. I welcomed her in still not sure why she was in the building this late. She sat in front of my desk and told me she had seen my light on when she left about 2 hours ago to go home, and since Kayden was away on business and she was home bored she took a risk to come back and see if I was still here and bring me a coffee to get through my workload.
I smiled and thanked her as i sipped the coffee. We had talked plenty of times about the late hours that I worked to please my clients. After all our lunch dates together, London just so happened to get my coffee just right. I sat at my desk type and London sat in silence until I looked up and realized she was just staring at me. "What's up London why you just looking at me," I asked her. "Kiara can I tell you something." She asked me. "Yeah what's up?" I responded back putting my pen down and giving her my full attention. London got up and walked around my desk to me, she lends on the corner of my desk and said: "do you want me."
I was shocked by her question "What London?" I asked feeling a knot in my throat. London opened her long trench coat that she had been wearing lately because the fall weather was setting in. Under she had nothing but a red bra on and some red lace panties to match, that also went with the red pumps she had on. She moved my chair so that I was facing her. "You heard me, do you want me." She said again.
I uncrossed my legs and planted both my feet firmly on the ground to control myself. I had always imagined what her body looked like and what she tasted like and she was here in front of me. I was so turned on by the way she was coming at me that it felt like my vagina had a heartbeat. But for some reason, I couldn't speak.
London still leaning on my desk lift her foot and put it on my chair right between my legs and through my dress pants used the tip of her shoe to rub on my vagina. "You don't have to tell me, I know you do. I've seen you watching me and looking at me every time we go out. My husband isn't big on eating pussy or even having sex for that matter so I definitely want to see what that mouth of yours do."
I licked my lips still not saying a word. London moved her foot and stood straight up and took her coat off and let it fall to the floor. I stood up and kissed her lips softly and worked my way to her neck. The way her breath was going I knew I had found her spot.
As I worked my way from her neck to her breast I used my hand to unsnap her bra. When those chocolate form breasts were released to me I waste no time going in sucking and licking on each tit and nipple one by one. Sometimes bring them together to keep the movements quicker.
As I massaged London's breast with my tongue and mouth I eased my hand into her panties. As my fingers enter her, she let out a soft sweet moan. Damn, she felt just as good as I thought she would. Her lady box was tight, warm, and super wet.
I took my hand out of London's panties and eased her up on my desk. London laid on her back and lifted her bottom for me to remove her panties. As I slid them off I kissed the top of her foot that was visible from her heels. Then I kissed up her thighs. When I got to her inner thigh I started to lick her. The way she was moving on my desk I knew she was ready but I teased her a little bit more. I licked and kissed the lips hiding her clit. Just before I knew her irritation had set in I separated her lips and greeted her clit with the warmth of my mouth.
London moans and grabbed my hair I had straighten and hanging down. I sucked on her clits and did trick with my tongue on it while fingering her gently. I listen to the music her body was making from the sounds of her moan to the sound of my fingers entering her walls. I kept going as she moaned out for more. Until she started to climb up the desk saying she was about to come. I grabbed her hips and looked up at her while still sucking on her clit. She looked down at me with sexual but passionate a look and said "oh shit." Shortly after I was greeted with the taste of her sweet nectar.
I got up and wipe my face and began to walk away. When London grabbed my arm. "Where are you going? Its my turn" she said as she pushed me into my chair and unbuttoned my pants.
London and I had these meetings for a few weeks during the times when we would normally go to lunch or when Kayden was out of time. Shit, we were doing it whenever we could. After one round London told me she wanted me to help her leave Kayden and I was shocked. I mean I knew my head game was good. But never good enough to make someone leave their husband.
I asked her how she wanted to do it. She smiled "the same way you got me to open up to you. Once you get him talking to you. We'll set up a meeting and I'll break the news to him." She said
So, as she requested the next day I went to work turning on the charm. After a short period of time, Kayden came around. He would laugh and talk to me and compliment my beauty. London told me the date and I set it up for Kayden to met me at my office that night.
London got there first. We talked and I knew she could tell that I was a little uptight about the situation she now had me apart of. She walked up to me and squatted down. Come here bae let me help you relax she said as she pushed up my dress. Just before I hit my climax there was a knock at the door I struggle to get myself together as London stood behind the door.
It was Kayden. "Come in, I told you I have a surprise for you,” I told him. Kayden looking sad said, "I'm sorry I can't my wife expects much better from me." I stood in the doorway looking at Kayden as if he was crazy. this fool thought I wanted him when all along I been fucking his wife.

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