Part 1: Karter and Princess

There is nothing worse than the look of disappointment your parents have on their face when they sit behind you in a courtroom while your facing drug charges. If I wasn’t a fuck up before I definitely fit like I was one now and I’m sure my parents felt the same way. I was possibly going to jail behind a boy they told me not to date, who turned into the same guy that I decided to stay home for instead of going to college. who is now the same guys who are missing from this courtroom? I turned around and looked at my parents sitting behind me. my dad held my mom comforting her as her eyes filled with tears.

This was only one result of this tragic situation. My parents still had to face the fact and explain how I their daughter, a preacher's daughter got arrested for drugs. When the people at my parent's church got word of me being arrested they set in on my parents hard; asking them how could they run and control a church when they could even control their child. But let be honest I was a child I was an adult and as much as my parents showed me the right way to go it was my decision to go that way and often time I was going to make mistakes and this just happened to be one.

I was everything my parent prayed I wouldn’t be I had tattoos, piercing and I clubbed on Saturday night but still somehow made it to church Sunday morning, sometimes hung over. A Lot of these changes happen when I got with Karter. I got tired of being called the church girl and when I saw how Karter lived the club hopping, weed smoke, tattoos and everything else I did my best to be the girl that fit with him. I thought we were perfect for each other as he was a real man and I was his ride or die chick. But I should have listened to my parents then I could have avoided all of this.

it all starts like with what seemed to become our normal routine. It was the weekend and Karter wanted to party and have fun without me bothering him so he picked a fight with me. Normally I would stay home and cry and be bitter about it. But that this night I had a change of hearts. I called up my girls and I told them we were going out. Toya was easy she was always down to shake her ass I mean it was big enough and she was the Twerk Queen. Tia, on the other hand, took some work. She was a goodie two shoes and the only way we got her out was by promising her that I would take her to get her favorite meal after. She was all in then. I got dressed, being sexy was the key. Karter clearly didn't know what he had or was going to miss out on so I figured I’d go show off and be a tease a little bit.

the best part in my head was Karter would never know because he didn’t want to be disturbed anyway. Just to make sure he didn’t try to disturb my fun I put my phone on do not disturb. it was my way of being able not to be bothered but at the same time still seeing if and when he texted or called me.

the girls and I were all the way turnt up and the club was lit. I couldn’t front my girl and I was the center of attention for almost every guy in the club. We had niggas buys us drinks and asking us to dance but like a dummy, I was still checking my phone every few minutes to see what Karter was saying. I knew the fact that I wasn’t responding to him was pissing him off. he was texting me things like. oh so you not going to answer me, Princess stops playing with me and answer your damn phone. don't make me come to your house. he so used to the fact that when we argued I would blow his phone up that the fact that I was not doing that was blowing his mind.

Toya ended up snatching my phone from me. “you did not make me get dressed up and put on these damn heels for you to be in your phone.” she said. “okay okay let's go dance” I said to her. we took two shots and headed to the dance floor. as I wined on the dance floor and sexy dread-head guy come on and behind me. So I did what I do best and showed him what these hips do.

it was long before I felt someone pulled me by my arm. they yacked me so hard that I almost thought it was my dad coming to pull me up and out that club. but when I looked it was Karter. “so this why you not answering your phone because you in here shaking your ass on the next nigga.” he said looking pissed. “karter take your hands off my friend.” Toya said. “bitch shut your lonely ass up and mind your damn business this ain't got shit to do with your thotting ass.” Karter said to Toya.

“Karter! Let me go. You're hurting me and making a scene.” I said. The dread-headed guy I was dancing with stepped up to Karter. “yo what the fuck is your problem son?” he asked. I butted in quickly trying to stop the situation before it escalated because I knew ow this could turn out. “hey it's not like that he’s my boyfriend.” I said looking at the dreaded guy and trying to separate the two of them. “yeah I’m her man, so you better back your ass up before i beat your ass in this club while you trying to be tough. Karter said.

the dread-headed guy stepped closer and Karter friends moved forward. “yall chill this not even necessary.” Toya said now standing between them with me. “yeah baby boy chill like these females said because this ain’t the problem you want.” this was the thing I hated about Karter was his damn mouth. the dread-headed stood there glaring at Karter still saying nothing. “so what you want to do bitch…” as soon as the words rolled off Karter's tongue the dread-headed guy hit him.

before my eyes, a whole brawl broke out. it was karter and his boys against a bunch of dread heads that seem to have come out of nowhere. Had Toya not pulled me out the way when she did I would have gotten hit and probably hurt. they fought for a while even with the bouncers trying to break them up. it wasn’t until someone let off two shots that everything stopped and everyone cleared out the club.

now looking back I see how dumb I probably seemed. I was outside the club looking high and low for Karter instead ofgetting my ass in the call and getting the hell out of dodge. when I finally found him his lip was busted and he was bleeding from above his eye. I could hear the police coming so I told Tia to drive my car since she hadn’t been drinking and I’d ride with Karter to make sure he was good. when I was able to I would catch up with them.

tia tired to convince me not to go with Karter but Karter being the rude person he was told her to mind her damn business and do as she was told. Tia said okay and she and Toya got up out of there. Karter and I made our way to his car. He was trying to drive but I begged him to let me drive so he could apply pressure to the cut over his eye. he finally agreed and we drove off.

as I was driving Karter started yelling at me. “all this could have been avoided had you kept your ass home. but no we argue and then you take your ass out with your thotting ass friends and act like a fucking hoe.” he said. “karter stop calling me a hoe. I wasn’t doing anything hoe like. all I did was dance with the guy. I wasn’t fucking him.” I said. “Princess doesn't tell me what to say because I know what I saw. so I am going to say what I want because you are my woman. once you learn how to fucking act we will be all good.” he was saying then I interrupted him. “Karter,” I said then he slapped me. “shut the fuck up when I’m talking you don't talk just listen. That your fucking problem you don't listen. he said.

I swerved from the force of the slap. I looked at Karter. “what the fuck is wrong with you? why would you put your damn hands on me.” I asked him. “maybe if I start beating your ass you will learn how to act.” Karter said. as he spoke I noticed the police lights behind us. “fuck!” Karter said as he turned around and looked. “pull over and be cool.” he said to me.

I pulled over and the cop got out his car.” license and registration please.’ the cop asked. I handed the cop the information and he walked back to his car. when karter saw that the cop was in the car he said to me. “when that cop comes back I need you to flirt your ass off. do whatever you have to.” he said. “why would I have to do that he just going to make sure my license good. which it is and then he is going to check and make sure the car is valid and then we can go.” I said looking at him like was this his first time he got pulled over.

“the car not valid, my plates are suspended that's why I said to flirt with him because if he checks this car we going down for drugs,” Karter said. I instantly got nervous and angry at the same time. what type of half-ass drug dealer drove around in a car with invalid plates when he had drugs in the car. the cop came back shortly. “have you been drinking?” he asked. “no sir just trying to get my boyfriend home safe so I can kill his cut.” I said. The cop shined his flashlight in the car at Karter. then he looked back at me. “I’m a give you a break tonight. I only checked your license and its clean you appear to be trying to do the right thing to get home safe and get him cleaned up,” he said handing me back the stuff.

I let out a sigh of relief when the cop walked away. I pulled off and drove as carefully as I could to Karter’ house. when we got to his house I turned off the car and got out. “where you going” Karter asked. “in the house”I answered him back in an annoyed voice. “Nah them drugs in the car need to be dropped off.” he said. “okay so go take them and I’ll be here when you get back,” I told him handing him the keys. “Nah you're going to take them because I can’t go nowhere like this,” he said.

“Karter I don't know nothing about this. I didn’t even know you sold drugs until tonight .” I said pleading with him. “aww the church girl scared of some real life shit.” Karter said teasing me. “Karter that ain't right I don't know nothing about this stuff. “ I said. “princess just drove over to the address I text you. when you get there they’ll do the rest and then you come back.” he said. “But Karter..” I began to say then he grabbed my face. “you love me right?” he asked. “yeah you know I love you.’” I answered. “Then do this for me,” he said.

I took the keys back from him and got in the car. I had never been so nervous in my life. I was driving trying to be extra precautions not to make any mistakes. But I was so in a panic that I ran a stop sign causing a car accident. when the police arrived on the sign and got me out the car they searched the car and found the drugs.

the hardest part was having to call my parent and ask them to come to bail me out. Karter called me the next day and cussed me out. he told me I was a dumb bitch and called me every name under the sun but the one my parents gave me. He wasn’t even concerned about my safety all he called about what that the package wasn’t delivered. he hung up on me and hasn’t spoken to me since. Now here I am in this courtroom pray. Lord if you figure out a way to get me out of this one I will go back to being that church I was supposed to be.  


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