Part 1: Kalief and Jade

“Kalief baby slow down,” Jade said. But I was so in the zone the words weren’t registering, even though I could clearly hear her. Tonight was the first time in a long time I did certain things. It was the first time I had been back out with the gang, the first time I had Henny in my system in a while and the first time me and my wife had really had sex since we had found out she was pregnant. 
After almost a year without sex, anything was possible tonight. “Kalief baby... baby!.. you are hurting me. Jade screamed out. I stopped mid-stroke “I'm sorry baby it was just feeling so good. I told her. Baby, I get that... but remember I just pushed out your big head baby seven weeks ago. “ she said laughing. I laughed with her and apologized again. 
I sat on the edge of the bed butt naked and hot. Not sure if it was from the work I was just putting in, the Henny in my system or a combo of them both. Jade crawled behind me and began kissing on my shoulders, back, and neck. I stopped her. “Baby maybe we should just wait to your fully healed I don’t want to hurt you,” I said to her. She looked at me in the mirror we had in front of our bed and said. Mama has shamora next door at her house. I’ve pumped enough bottles for 4 feeding. We got time. I want to do this. All we have to do is take it nice and slow. She said.
As she kissed me I reflected on how much my life has changed over the past year. Jade was fine as hell, but I was honestly in no rush to settle down I was still enjoying my life. but when she told me she was pregnant I stepped up as a man and asked her to marry me. everything after that went by so quick; the wedding, moving in with each other, having the baby. it was all a lot especially seeing that I was only 21. but I was determined to be the man and father figure I never had in my own life. 
Jade started to whisper in my ear “baby it’s been so long and I’ve missed you and the way you feel in me . “ she said in a seductive voice. she got out of the bed and stood between my legs. she slowly and softly started to kiss and lick from my neck down to my chest right before dropping to her knees.
As I looked at her I got excited but I still fear of hurting her. “babe let’s just wait.” I said grabbing the bottom of her chin to have her look up at me. Jade grab my penis and lick the tip of it in a seductive voice she responded. I don’t think he’s agreeing with the words that are coming out of your mouth. Just relax I got this.” I couldn’t lie I want it what my wife was offering she could do some wonderful things with that mouth of hers.
She licked from the tip of my penis down to the shaft sending this sensation through my body. Ask her warm mouth welcomed my penis I let go of the tension and relax. She started off by sucking slowly while she uses one of her hands to get a firm grip on my penis. She sucked and stroked it all at once. Little by little her speed increased and as her speed increased the head got nastier and more sloppy just like I liked it. when she went all the way down and lick my balls; then putting one in her mouth and then the other. followed by both of them at the same time I knew the words that she had spoke before stating that she missed me was true. She took in every inch of me that she could as if I was her favorite candy bar she’s been waiting to devour.
And a matter of time I had managed to reverse the roles. my excitement couldn’t let me sit and have her with full control. I picked Jade up and pressed her back against the wall. I slide in waiting for the sound of her moan to welcome me. Then I started to stroke her nice and slow. Only speeding up when she instructed me to. With her legs wrapped around me, and her nails in my back, and the sound of her moaning in my ear I knew for sure I was doing it right this time.
I took Jade from the wall to the bed and laid her on her back. Then I opened her legs. And began to dive in like it was my last meal. The taste of my wife was one I had gotten addicted to from my first dose. I knew that she didn’t care for being tongue fucked and that the clit was where she wanted me to be. And that’s exactly what I did I licked and sucked on her clit in all the ways her body normally positively responded until she was crawling up the bed and pushing my head away because she was about to cum.
I stood up and planted both feet on the floor. “Rollover, “ I told her. Jade looked at me with a smirk on her face then rolled over and assume the position. I slid and went to work. Enjoying the music of our skin connecting and the vocals of Jade‘s moans. As the moment came and I was ready to cum I let out “oh my God Bianca.” Jade move then looked at me.
me being in a daze I didn’t realize what I had said or what had happened. I leaned in to give my wife a kiss but she moved. “What’s wrong? Did you not finish?” I asked her. “Who is Bianca?” She said with a straight face. “Huh?” I replied. “Khalif doesn’t play stupid you called out another woman’s name as you were coming. so who is she?” She asked. “ baby I don’t know any Bianca I promise.” I told her. Jade got out of bed and brushed passed me “go get my daughter from mama. I’m going to take a shower. She said in a harsh tone then walked away into the bathroom.
When I came back with the baby the rest of the night was silent. I did multiple things to try to get back on my wife’s good side. But all my items that filled. I tried rubbing her feet while she laid in bed but she snatched away from me. I try to help her with the baby but she wasn’t hearing it. She would just rolled her eyes and go ahead and do it she was already doing for the baby. Eventually, I just stop trying to grab the pillow and headed to the couch because it seemed like I wasn’t welcome.
The next day I stepped out for a drink with my boy Giovanni when we got off work. “Giovanni I done fucked up,“ I said to him. “What you have done did now fool,” he asked. “So last night I said Bianca‘s name while I and Jade were having sex,” I told him. “What the fuck my nigga yeah you don’t definitely fuck up now.” He said looking at me surprised. As I started to explain the situation to Giovanni my phone started ringing. “Hold on it’s Jade… Hello babe? “ I said. “You’re daughter needs some more milk and pampers.” She said still sounding angry. “OK, I’ll get them. Do you want me to get you… “Jade interrupted me “bye.” 
I set the phone down on the bar. “Man I done fucked up big time. She won’t even have a full conversation with me.” I told Giovanni “bro she’s hurt she thinks you had sex with another woman and you’re cheating on her. Who is Bianka anyways?” Giovanni said. “Man shes a nobody. She’s this Puerto Rican chick that works at the job. We've talked here and there; even passed a few text messages. We had lunch a few times but nothing major ever happened. She knows I have a wife and a daughter that I love dearly.
Giovanni looked at me and shook his head “bro you’re going to have to go home and explain this to your wife because truth be told you may not have touched Bianca but you thought about it. That’s why her name came out of your mouth in the middle of you having sex with your wife. I took a deep sigh because was right Giovanni was right. I and Giovanni talk some more about different things we have going on in our lives. we threw back some more drinks and then headed home.
When I got home the whole house was lite up. I got out my car and went to the door. I stuck my key in but it didn’t work. I start to knock but there was no answer even though I could hear moving around on the inside. So I knocked harder and started to scream Jade‘s name.
Our front door flew open and there’s Jade‘s mom. “Hello, Miss Rose thanks for opening the door. Excuse me.” I said. She blocks the doorway and passed me a bag. “You no longer live here.” She said with a forceful tone. I started to laugh. “Miss Rose come on, it’s too cold to be out here joking. let me in my house.” Jade came from behind the door and put her hand on her mother’s shoulder. “Mom I got this can you go ahead and go check on your granddaughter for me please.” We both watched her mother walk away and then looked at each other. 
“Jade, what’s going on? Why is my key not working anymore?” I said. “You should really work on hanging up your phone.” She said as she crossed her arms standing in the middle of the doorway. I looked at her confused. “Jade what are you talking about,” I asked. “Oh nothing don’t worry about it just know I know who Bianca is now. Hopefully, she’ll have room for you when you go and tell her I put you out; for lying about something I gave you the chance, to be honest about.” Jade said her final words as she closes the door and locked it.

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