Part 1: Kadeem and Kyla

It had become my normal routine to be in the bar alone on a Friday night having a few drinks. RayRay’s bar and grill was now my favorite place to be. I was a regular at happy hour. It was a whole in the wall type of bar, but I felt safe. Everyone in here knew each other and the men brought me drinks all night.

When Kadeem walked up to me and told the bartender to bring me another drink I smiled liked I normally did. It was like a routine, a guy buys me a drink I smile. Some get bold and try to get my number others walk off and leave me alone.

He expanded his hand to me “Hello, my name is Kadeem” he said. i shock his hand. “Kyla.” I said. I already knew his name and who he was I had been coming in her for months now and had watched him in here every Friday with what seemed to be his lady.

“well Kyla  I been watching you for weeks and tonight I couldn’t help but come over and buy you a drink and introduce myself.” He said to me with this sexy smile on his face that showed all his pearly white teeth and dimples. “oh you had to introduce yourself tonight because your lady not in here with you tonight.” I said to him as I raised my eyebrow. Kadeem laughed “oh your sassy. I like that.” he said. “okay you got me a drink. Thank you. So what now? How can I help you?” I asked him rolling my eyes.

I was just trying to enjoy my night I wasn’t checking for no man in here. Kadeem pulled up a chair “Relax honey your to beautiful to be this up tight or have this attitude. I don’t mean no harm. I just wanted to get to know you. I’m not trying to rush into nothing” he said. I side eyed him as I put my glass up to my lips “mmhm” I said to him. “Kyla what do you do for work? It must be stressful because your in here every week drinking alone.” Kadeem asked. I looked at him “I’m a teacher.” I told him. “well damn I wish my teacher looked like you back in the day.” I smirked at his comment. “oh shit she smiles.” He said. I laughed. Although Kadeem was corny and kind of annoying I was enjoying the attention. It had been months since I really interacted with a man.

Every since my boyfriend Rashaad was killed it was just easier to be by myself.  I went to work and then home. And on Friday nights here to drink away all the emotions I had bottled up through the week. Its hard to think that less then a year ago I lost the love of my life. and because we live in a time where cops are killer, it hard for them to find other killers.

So I am just left with unanswered question. And to think that I was so selfish and wouldn’t give Rashaad a baby when he asked because I didn’t want to get any starch marks. Now all I have to remember him is his clothes that are still in the same place like he was still alive and old pictures.

The more Kadeem talked and the more I drank I started to notice this man was very attractive. He had a muscular build look like he could sweep me off my feet. A fresh hair cut and goatee that was lined up perfectly. His juicy lips covered half of the line of hair that was under his bottom lip. when he finally took off the shades he was wearing he let me look into the most dreamy eyes ever.

As the night wrapped up Kadeem walked me out to my car. “are you okay to drive home?” he asked me. “Yes I’m fine” I told him. “well it was great talking to you, we have to do this again.” He said. “well we can keep the conversation going over another drink at my house if your not in a rush to go home.” I said to Kadeem as I batted my eyes. He smirked. “sure I’ll follow you.”

We got to my house and I pulled out some wine glasses and a bottle of wine I had in the fridge. We sat on my couch and talked and laughed. “so you live here alone Kyla.” Kadeem asked. “I do now.” I answered.

Kadeem starred in my eyes for a few minutes before he lent in and kissed me. I soaked in the feeling that I had been missing before snapping into reality. “Kadeem don’t you have a woman?” I asked him. “Do that matter at this point? We’re here now.” He stated.  Truth be told he was right. I already got him to my house no point in thinking about his woman. Dealing with her would be his business and if he wasn’t concerned about it then why should I be.

I took his hand and led him up to my bed room. Kadeem kissed me and was so gentle with me. It was almost like he knew I was hurting and vulnerable. I know what we were doing was far from love but I couldn’t help feeling like he was making love to me just like Rashaad use to.

In the morning I woke up and looked at Kadeem. I couldn’t turn back the hands of time or what we had done. As I got up to go to the bathroom I seen Kadeem’s phone on the floor. I picked it up and seen someone name Rina had called him 35 times and sent him 50 text messages. I looked at Kadeem in my bed and shocked my head.

I went to the bathroom and cried. Although I was looking to get over my hurt I had opened another window for hurt to come in because I had given myself to a man that belonged to another woman. There was a price we would both have to pay at this point. Now the question was to tell Rina or to shot Kadeem the way he did Rashaad when he found him in his baby mother’s bed a few months ago.  

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