Part 1: Jay and Robin

“Son are you sure you're ready for this?’ my mom asked me. “mom yes I love Robin and I want her to be my wife.” I said to her. “but it just seems so quick.” she said to me. “yeah to damn quick if you ask me. I mean she has another man’s baby bro. You sure you don't want to wait to she drop that load, find out if you even like the baby or her as a mother then see if you still feel the same way. My big sister Tabitha said. “An our baby is not a load. and  I don't need the baby to be here physically i already know I love that little girl like she mine. When I heard her heartbeat at the doctor's office, I cried. I have been on this journey, and there is no turning back or running for me. I’m all in I love this baby, and I love Robin.: I said to my sister. “bro still all that sounds good right now, but I think you should wait like clearly something is something with her if her baby daddy don't want to be with her and raise their child. Tabitha said. I looked at her and before I could say anything my mom reached over her dining room table we were sitting at and grabbed my hand to bring my attention to her. “baby if you are truly happy and you feel God has put it on your heart that this the one then so be it. Just know momma got your back and I support you 100%. I will love Robin and him baby with everything in me because she had brought back happiness in the baby that I hadn’t seen since before your dad passed away, God rest his soul.”

   I looked over at my sister, and she rolled her eyes. then I looked back at my mother. “thank you, mommy, I truly appreciate it.” I said “No need to thank me. you're my son I am always going to stick by your side.” she said. “well I say don’t do it.” Tabitha said “oh Tabitha hush up and stop being so bitter. You judging that girl by her past like you don’t have two kids who daddy your not with.” my momma said. That's what I love about my mom the most. The Christian in her made her such a loving person, but she was never afraid to speak her mind and be truthful with people.

   Tabitha sat at the table with an attitude. “no matter how you feel about it sis I hope you're there on Saturday i plan to ask her at the baby shower.” I said. “because your my brother and daddy would turn over in his grave if I didn’t I will be there.” she said as she got up from the table and went upstairs.  I was pretty hurt that Tabitha was acting this way. We were best friends, not just sister and brother. I expected her to be happy for me especially because she knew how happy Robin made me. “baby doesn’t worry about your sister she will come around. She is just overprotective because your her baby brother and she loves you and doesn’t want to see you get hurt. But that doesn’t matter right now, Have you picked out a ring yet?” my mom said to me.

   I got up from the table and went over to my coat and pulled out the ring box that I had been carrying on me for a few weeks now. I went back to the table and set it down. As my mom opened the box I said, “Robin and I have been talking about marriage since we meat it seems like. I know she isn’t a fan of rings and could care less as long as the love is real so I thought this French-set halo diamond band engagement ring was simple and beautiful just like her.” my mom looked at the ring and smiled. “you did good son real good. This ring looks like you put thought into it and didn’t just go in and pick out the first ring that you saw was in your budget.” she said to me. “I did mom. I put a lot of thought and time into it. I went back and forth to the mall looking at it and trying to hide what I was doing from Robin; which was hard because she always wants to go to the mall with me.” I said with a laugh at the end.  “she’s a woman son we love shopping.” my mom said. “mom I hope your not mad but I took some of the money daddy left me and used it to get the ring.” I said nervously about what my mom was going to say. “ you're a grown man Jay. Your daddy left you that money, its none of my business how you spend it. I know he is probably in heaven right now smiling about this decision you made.” she said to me.

   My mom and I sat talking more until I got a text from Robin. The maternity photos are here. I am waiting for you so we can look at them together for the first time. I smiled at the text. “momma I got to get ready to go. Robin and I have some last minute stuff to do for the baby shower. I told her. “no problem baby let me walk you to the door.” she said as we got up. we got to the door, and I kissed my mom on the cheek. “good night momma I love you.” I said  “good night sweetie. I love you too. Drive safe.” she said. “I will and momma tell Tab I love her too. I’ll see you guys on Saturday.” I said. “okay baby,” my mom said, and then she closed the door and I got into my car and pulled off. After that night it seemed like Saturday came quick. I got dressed in my light pink shirt and white pants and headed over to Robin house. When I got there, I sat in the living room while Catrina finished getting Robin ready. When she finally came downstairs, she had her faux locs (that I had been calling twist and she been correcting me) down and flowing. Her make up was perfect i loved the fact that she didn’t cake her face up but just enhanced her beauty, and she had on her light pink dress that was trimmed in gold and hugged her baby bump. I got up off the couch and hugged her. “you look breathtaking.” I said  before kissing her. “thank you handsome.” Robin replied to me smiling. “let go celebrate the arrival of our princess.” I said to her as I opened the front door for her.

   When we arrived at the venue, I was so excited to see what all our money had gone into. When we walked in, there was a big pink sign at the entrance that said It’s a girl. We thank you for joining us today on August 18th to celebrate the soon arrival of Princess Ari'onna in Gold letter with a picture of a black baby girl in a tutu with a crown on; similar to what our baby shower invitations looked like. When we walked in, we stopped dead in our tracks. I was completely speechless. Then the venue was so beautiful. Everything was decorated in the same light pink color that we were wearing and trims of gold. There was a projector playing the photos from the maternity shoot we had taken. There was a gift table with a three-layered diaper caked as the centerpiece and at the front edge of the table was gold letter that spelled out our babies name. There were two white and gold chairs in the front of the room that looked like they belonged in a castle for a king and Quen to sit in, with a beautiful backdrop set up behind it. When we turned and looked to our left, there was a  sweets table that had everything from pink colored cholocate covered pretzel to pink starburst on it and right in the center was our three layer cake topped with a gold crown.

   The event planner walked over to us as we took everything in. “so what do you guys think?” she asked. I looked over at Robin, and she was crying. I grabbed her hand. She wiped her face and said, “everything is perfect, better than I imagined or even expected.” Robin let go of my hand and hugged the event planner. “I’m so glad you like it. I do see that some of your guests are starting to arrive so let get this celebration started,” she said as she lead us to the chairs in the front.

Little by little all our guest filled in. I was so happy to see that so many of my family members ad come out to support me. But I have hurt that my mom was here, and Tabitha wasn’t. But I could let that effect today. I was okay being happy as long as Robin had a smile on her face. We laughed, mingled with the guest, played games, got tons of hugs and ate good food. Then it was time. I had already made the event planner aware of what I wanted to do so she had everything set up for me. But I was nervous, and my palms were so sweaty, and I was completely nervous. It wasn’t until I seen Tabitha walk through that door and smile at me that I felt like I could do it.

   I grabbed the mic and got everyone's attention. “first I want to thank you all for coming out and helping us celebrate the arrival of Princess Ari’onna. I am so blessed to have been able to go on this journey with this wonderful woman. Through the good, bad and the ugly, there is no better person I would have wanted to experience this with. Robin I know today has been an emotional day for you, but I hope it was as close to perfect as can be. But I want to show you this small little clip. The event planner hit play, and a video from Robin’s parents started to play. It was important for me to take this moment and share this video because her parent could leave Maryland due to her mom being in the hospital sick. “my beautiful daughter I am so excited that you are becoming a mother. I have watched you grow into this wonderful woman, and now I know that you will be a wonderful mom because you have always been such a big help with your brothers and sisters. When I am feeling better, I’ll be on the first thing there to spoil and love on you and my grandbaby.” her mom said. I looked over, and Robin was crying.

   Her dad comes on the screen next, “it still blows my mind that my baby girl is becoming a mom. I always said I would protect you and now you are going to have your bundle of joy o protects and watch grown the same way your mom and I watched you. I am so glad this young man Jay has come into your life to help you raise this blessing. Jay, you hold down my daughter and my grandbaby. I love Y'all. Robin Jay has something he has to say.” The clip stopped, and I walked over to Robin “Robin baby it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that you make me the happiest man on this world. You are opening the door for me to raise this Princess with your mean everything to me. I plan never to let you or her down, for this family is my number one priority. With that being said I want to make this family official and with permission of your parents ask you to be my wife.” I said as I got down on one knee and pulled the ring out my pocket. Everyone started to cheer, and with tears in her eyes Robin nodded her head and said yes.

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