Part 1 Jamie and Malcolm

The Beauty salon was where almost everything and everything went down. You could get ya weave put in and get you an outfit all at the same time and be ready for the club when you walked out. The beauty salon was a therapy salon, a sisterhood, and sometimes a boxing ring but I would change being a stylist for anything in the world. I loved my job and I loved that I felt like I did a day full of good deeds every time I walked out of the salon.

“So let me tell y'all how I caught Joel cheating again.” one of our faithful clients Sheila said as Kelley sewed her tracks in. “AGAIN!” the whole salon said at the same time and then started to laugh. “Listen i really think the nigga dont get enough of me showing my ass.” SHeila said laughing. “So what happened?” Kelley asked. “So I got the nigga dirty drunk one night. I wanted some henny dick and that just what I got. The nigga was so drunk that after 2 rounds he passed out sleep. Now I started to doze off too because a bitch was relaxed and feeling good. But Joel's phone was on the nightstand and it was going crazy. I looked at him sleeping like a baby and then over him on the phone. At first I laid down and said nah I wasn’t gonna do it. But then a little voice hit me and told me to put that damn phone up.”

Kelley interrupted Sheila “you went through his phone?” “I sure the hell did. Hell technically the phone is mine it's on my account. So I went through his phone and him and this one bitch was having a good old conversation and she must have been mad about the conversation stopping because he was with me because she was blowing his shit up. I wanted to wake him up out of his sleep but I decided not to because I knew that would have just turned into some shit about how I was wrong about going through his phone. Instead I got turned that nigga locator on that way I could track him. A few days went by and the nigga was ignoring me pushing me to voicemail, reading my messages but not responded. So I tracked the phone.and pulled up on that ass. Imagine his surprise when his car almra stopped to go off and he came out to see me sitting on the hood of the car.” Sheila said laughing.

“WHo house was he at.” Kelley asked, being noisy. “The same bitch he was texting wasn’t hard for me to put that shit together. The bitch sent him nudes with her face in them. The nigga came outside pants falling off and yelling. I tased his ass as soon as he got close. He fell and was screaming. That bitch came outside trying to jump bad with me and I had to let her know this wasn’t what she wanted. That I was the main bitch and she was the side. She started to apologize but I still maced that bitch just cause I was mad.” SHeila said, laughing a little.

“You don’t think that messed up? She was sorry. And hell she didn’t owe you any respect or loyalty she was being lied to just like you it seems like.” I butted in. “maybe so but hey karma's a bitch and so was she.” Sheila said then slapping up Kelley.

Sheila went on telling her story and I toned her out and I told my client to hold on while I answered a text that came through from my man Malcolm.

Hey, baby just wanted to let you know you were on my mind and I’m hoping you're having a great day at the shop. I love you and enjoy your day.

I smiled at the text. My man, Malcolm was so sweet. I didn’t have the issue the women in the shop had. Malcolm came home at night. He gave me the ability to go through his phone. He provided for me, protected me, and just made me feel like a queen. I quickly texted back.

Thanks for checking on me bae I’m good. Just finishing up one of my clients and listening to the normal shop gossip. (so glad we don't get the issues some of these chicks up in here have with they man) I love you and see you later tonight.

I put my phone down and went back to work. “Jamie why don’t you ever have any stories about your man,” Sheila asked. “I looked up from braiding down my client for her sew-in. “honestly I don't have the issue y'all have with Malcolm,” I answered. “Yeah, she got a good one,” Kelley said. “Nah I got one from down south. They play different and they love their women differently.” I said smiling as I thought about Malcolm. “Shit it ain't one nigga on this planet that's 100% good. He fucks up I can bet that he just ain't slip up and get caught yet.” Sheila said. “3 years and he hasn’t got caught? Either that nigga the master of hiding shit or he really is good.” Kelley said. “mhm “ Sheila said, not believing. “I mean I'm sorry Sheila that I’m not like you and stick with a man that cheats on me over and over again. We doing something right over here to keep what we got happy and faithful.” I said intending to throw shade and then looked back down at my client.

The conversation changed for me to someone else in the shop and I focused back in on my job. As I finished sewing my client down she began to pull her bundles out of her purse. “Oh shit,” my client said. “What's wrong?” I asked her. “I forgot one of my bundle. I only brought the 20, and 18 inch. Do you possibility have a 16 inch I can buy.” she said, “yeah girl of course relax I got you.” I said patting on her to calm her down.

I walked off and went to get the bundle. When I came back my client was on the phone. I thought nothing of it because it happened all the time normally we sat for at least an hour when getting a sew-in. I came over and prepared the bundles for install. As I turned around from my workstation back to my client to sew in her first track I dropped my needle. I bent over to pick up the and as I came back up my client was ending her call. As she said I love you too I caught a glimpse of who she was on facetime with and instantly became frozen.

“Jamie you good?” Kelley asked looking at me confused. My client turned around and looked at me. I stared at her with the look of death. “Who were you on the phone with?” I asked her. “Oh that my bae his name Mississippi.” she said smiling. “Nah that my bae and his name is Malcolm and mississippi is where he from.” I said. My client hoped out of my chair quickly and before I could get to her Kelley grabbed me. Sheila laughed from her seat. “Told you none of these niggas are prefect.”

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