Part 1 James and Latrice


There was something about waking up in this man's arms that felt so right when I knew it was wrong. There was that feeling of security, love, and caring mixed with a lot of risks. I knew nothing was perfect but this was definitely close to it. As we laid in this bed I found pleasure in watching him sleep and just thinking. I had so many questions and so many thoughts. But the biggest question was Why. I had been married for three years now and within the last two years, I hadn’t been half as happy as I was currently. This man was honestly all I needed I thought to myself as I laid my head on James' chest and listened to the sound of his heart. 

There was something about this 6 foot 1 Carmel man. That still gave me butterflies. From his smile. To those perfect lips. That salt and pepper beard. The feel of His muscular arms and chest as he held me tightly, to his magic stick that took me to a magical place every time I let him enter me. I was realizing more and more that with James was where I wanted and needed to be.

In the Five years of knowing this man and for four of them I spent making love to him in secret. Never thought I’d be one of the women that you hear about on tv; that had been in a secret love affirm longer than they had been married. But that was me and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying it. Even at this moment as I laid in this bed with James I could care less if my husband was worried about where I was. I don’t know if I was getting careless, or heartless towards my husband, because in five years this was the first time that I was able to lay and watch the rays of the sunrise and shine onto James' skin. Normally I would never take this risk. But this was perfection and i was going to take it all in. 

As I laid there I watched as James dick became rock hard and I grinned at the idea that came to my mind. It was something about seeing that magic stick rock hard that made me horny. Although I could have just hopped on it. I knew there would have been no better way to wake a King than with King's treatment like morning head. I eased under covers and licked down James dick. The move of his leg lets me know that he was welcoming me. I went in and took all of him into my mouth. After a few seconds, I heard the sounds of him moaning. Then I felt the covers move and the light shine on me. He began to run his fingers through my hair. “Damn baby it's been a while since you woke me up like this. You must have missed me while you were on your trip.” he moaned. I looked up and Jeff’s eyes were still closed. 

As I licked up and down Jame’s dick all I could hear was Lil Wayne's lick me like a lollipop. Iw went from the tip of his dick all the way down to his nuts making sure to put each ball in my mouth one by one and then making sure to run my tongue down that center line between his balls. That made him go crazy. Every time we made love. I made my way back up to the tip of Jame's dick took every bit in and sucked until I was greeted with the warmth of his magical liquid hitting the back of my throat. 

I sucked a little more until after he came until I felt his leg shake. Then I stopped and released his dick from my mouth and kissed all the way up from his pelvis to his stomach and not stopping to his lips met mine. I closed my eyes as Jeff and I tongue kissed. But the moment was interrupted when he pushed me away. “Latrice what are you doing here?’ he asked sounding confused. I laughed. “You joke so much,” I said to him. “I'm not joking what the hell are you doing in my house,” he said. “I know we didn’t smoke or drink last night so you are very aware that you brought me back here so we can do our thing,” I said to him. “Yes but last night is over it morning. Why are you still here?” he asked. 

I sat up in the bed and pulled the covers over me feeling ashamed. James must have realized that he had hurt my feelings. “Babe don’t get me wrong there is nothing I love more than the cite of your beautiful face and I am more than happy to be wake up to but…” I butted in “but what James,” I said. “What about my wife she could have walked in on us,” he said to me. “I don’t care about Antoise” I yelled. “You should care if she came home and found out no telling what would have happened. Shit what time is it,” he said as he turned and looked at the clock. “So fucking what if she finds out I'm tired of hiding. I want to wake up with you every morning just like this.” I said to him. 

James sat up and grabbed my hands and turned me towards him. “Latrice baby what we have is amazing but at the end of it all, you are my best friend's wife. I am a married man. Hell, I’m a pastor. Your the praise and worship leader at my church.” he said to me. I looked at him in disbelief. “We have been at this longer than I've been married to your so-called best friend. None of that matter to you then why now?” i asked him. “Things are different now. We are different. This is supposed to be about fun. We give each other what we need and we move on. What you're talking about it not fun at all its life-changing.” he said. “I need you!” i said. “Do you realize what your saying doesn’t affect just our lives. What about the Antoinse? What about Nate?” I interrupt him “what about them? We can divorce them and be together. Their hearts will heal and they will get over it.” I said with a straight face. “Divorce? Do you know how much that will cost me what about my church? How can I expect them to follow me as I claim to follow Christ and I'm making discussion and moves like this.” he said to me. 

I got out of the bed and pulled the covers along with me. “So I'm good enough to fuck and break headboards with but not good enough for you to make a life change and make me your wife,” I scream at him from the top of my lungs. A look of frustration came of James's face. “Latrice cut the dramatics and lower your tone in my house. Explain to me what this is all about because let not forget I offer before to put my life at risk for you before and you didn't take it you chose Nate. My best friend! I was unhappy in my marriage and was going to call it quits because you were the only thing at that time making me happy. But you wanted him. You wanted Nate. I have spent all this time that you have been married to him trying to restore what I can of my own marriage and now you want me to just end it.” 

“You not trying too hard to restore it if you still fucking me every chance you get,” i said in a slick way. “You are right smart ass. We both are wrong. And eventually will have to pay the consequence for our actions.” he told me. “What consequence? Them finding out don't scare me.” I told him. “Oh my god Latrice do you not get what I am saying?” he asked me. I went back over to the bed and crawl over to the side he was sitting on. “I get what you're saying but listen to me. I was dumb. I didn’t know a good thing. But now I do. I want you and only you James. I need you. I just need you to chose me.” i said looking into his eyes. “I need you to get dress so I can get you out of here before my wife comes home. I’m sure your husband is looking for you,” he said with a straight face. 

I sat on the bed looking at him “James!” I yelled. “Stop screaming my name like a child it's not going to change anything. You need to go,” he said. “Why won’t you pick me. Why not me?” I said to him wanting to cry. “You didn’t pick me now did you?” he asked as he got out of bed and started to pick my stuff up off the floor and handed it to me. “Now get dress. You've got to go NOW” he said firmly. “NO,” I said after sitting there for a few moments watching him try to put everything in order. “NO?” he said as he spun around. “That's what I said N O I'm a keep my ass right here,” I said leaning back in the bed. James walked over and grabbed me.

This was the toughest he had ever been with me. “I’ll be damned if I let you fuck up what I have worked hard to build. This is my life Latrice not no damn game that you feel like you can pick up and play with when it is convenient to you. Now get dressed before you make me lose my temper. Shit don't see how you don't get that I love my wife.” he said to me with his eyes big. 

I didn’t move once he let me go. I put my hands on my hips and looked at him. “Lose ya temper then ya threats don't scare me because i know you just saying that. You want me i know you do. You keep saying you love with your wife but never once have you said you are in love with her. And that's causing your in love with me. I know it's scary because of our past but believe me, I'm going to have you as my own. If that means having to be sister wives with Antoise then so be it. But understand the words that are coming out of my mouth. “I love you and I will risk it all for you. Now either you can leave her and make this easy. Or I can just stay he nake and we can watch what y'all have fall apart and then I will help you build it. “ I said smiling. 

Things moved pretty quickly after i said that. Before I knew it, James had his hands around my neck and was screaming you crazy bitch repeatedly. His grasp was getting tighter as the moments passed and as much as i tried to pull on his hands he was not losing up. “James I'm pregnant,” I said with the air i could get in. his eyes got bigger and his grip got even tighter. As tears rolled down my cheek and my vision became blurry i used the last of the air i had before everything went dark to say “I love you.” 

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