Part 1: Isis

“Isis is that you girl?” I heard from behind me as I stood in foot locker a little annoyed holding a pair of jordans waiting for someone to come and help me. I turned around to see Mel sizing me up. I looked him over saying nothing. Not much had changed about this man but he definitely wasn’t as fine as the last time we saw each other. But he didn’t look bad. He was light skin like Chris Brown, he always had a straight face which would have made you think he was evil, but the nigga was too damn friendly. His full beard still enhanced his sexy lips, he had a muscular build but it was clear he had been slacking off from the gym, and tattoos still covered most of his body.
“Your looking good as hell girl.” He complimented me with this lustful smirk on his face as he looked me up and down once more. Mel started to lick his lips like LL cool J; once upon a time that move of his would have me weak in the knees. Looking at him now just made me realize he was weak. “Thank you,” I said to him still scanning the store for a sales rep.
“So how have you been?” He asked. “Good” I answered back to him quickly. “ only Good,” he asked. “I am fine Mel can’t complain.” I told him in a rushing way. As I rolled my eyes. “So what have you been up to?” He asked next. “ doing everything I was missing out on when I was with you?” I said in a real smart way so he could realize how over this conversation I really was. “You must be because I don’t remember you looking this good when we was together. I mean damn baby girl you looking real good. The tits sitting up real nice in ya shirt. Ya stomach flat I see. And you must have finally gone and got the surgery you wanted because that Ass looks like you can sit a cup on it.” He said.
I rolled my eyes“What you see now is called happiness, something I stopped experiencing with you,” I told him. You still got that attitude I see.” He said with a little laugh. “Mel what do you want because I’m trying to find someone to help me right now.” I said “damn it’s like that? I didn’t know it was a crime to want to catch up.” He responded. “Catch up for what?” I asked him. “Because…” he responded “because what?” I asked. “How about this, is your number still the same? Maybe I can hit you and we can go have a drink and grab a bite to eat in a better environment.” He offered.
I looked him up and down “listen I’m a say this as nice as I possibly can although you don’t deserve that from me. This conversation is pointless. And I will not be going to get food or a drink with you. Where is your girlfriend? Aren't you in a relationship now with the same chick you told me not to worry about? I said to him. “She's around,” he answered. “ she is around… Aren’t you happy?” I asked, staring at him. “Who said I wasn’t” he responded. “You're attention because there is no way you thought that you were going to stand here and we were going to have a peaceful conversation like we are buddy buddy. Not When you broke up what we had when you sent me on a trip to see my sister so I was out the way while you went on a damn trip to Jamaica with your current chick. Now don’t get me wrong I’m Not mad or bothered… anymore. But what did you really expect when I turned around. Like Nigga you went on a trip and the bitch was bold enough to post the evidence, I had people tagging me in the pictures. That shit was embarrassing and a slap in the face.
But that wasn’t enough you had to hit me with a gut punch and go be in a relationship with the bitch. Now you wanna talk. Talk about what? What shorty ain’t me huh? You miss me? Was fucking up us worth it; because you looked better when we were together.” I said looking him up and down.
“Your right she not you but she ight.” He answered. “She can’t because you ain’t post her and you the Social media king, everything you do you post on social media. ” I said to him. Nah it ain’t even like that.” He said back. I laughed “who you want to believe that you or me” Mel sucked his teeth listening I just want to take you out an apology.” He said. I accept your apology, no need for a special outing.”
Mel stood there stunned and shaking his head. “Damn I turned you into a cold-hearted savage.” He said. “Nah you just helped me remember to always do better.” As the words rolled off my tongue an employee walked up to me ma’am can I help you?” she asked. Mel butted in before I could answer. “Listen give her whatever size she needs in that sneaker and I’m paying for it... That’s the least I can do.” He said looking at the employee and then me. I laughed. “Thank you…” “your welcome,” he said, “my man is going to appreciate the free shoes. can I get these in a size 12 please,” I said.
Mel stood there looking stupid as the employee took the sneaker and walked away. “So you got a man now?” He asked after a while “yup and I’m happy too” I said smiling. Before Mel could say anything else Chris walked up and wrapped his arms around me. “Hey, bae I got your drink and pretzel from auntie Ann’s were you able to get the sneakers.” I put a big smile on “hey baby, yes the girl is in the back now checking for your size... And oh yeah bae this is Mel. He said he’s gonna pay for your shoes.” I said with a smirk. Chris looked Mel up and down and Mel did the same. Chris was a complete upgrade from Mel. The only thing they had in common was the beard and tattoos but other than that Chris was taller, weighed more, was more of a gentleman, and had more money.
Chris laughed because he knew of Mel and I’s situation but this was the first time he saw him in person. He stuck his hand out the shake with Mel. But Mel ignored the offer. “Dog thanks for the offer but I’m good on the shoes. believe me I can buy my own sneakers. As Chris spoke a female walked up to Mel and grabbed his hand. She reminded me of myself. Just a cheaper version. “Bae you been in this store for forever I still want to go to a rainbow like you promised.” She said in a high pitch voice. “Sorry bae I was looking for this sneaker I saw online but they don’t have it so let’s go.” He said not even bothering to introduce Chris and I. They walked away as the employee walked up and handed me the sneakers.
Chris tried them on then we headed to check out as we stood at the register and Chris paid; my phone started to vibrate. I took it out and looked at it. My phone showed I had a text from maybe: Mel. I opened the message and read it. It was nice seeing you. Just an FYI I know you're not over me. Your new Nigga ain’t just but another Verison of me. I laughed at the text and decided to reply back. Unlike you, I upgraded so even if he’s another version of you or not he’s still better. Shit, you walking around with a cheap replica of me. Tell the great value version of me age could have said hi I’m pretty sure she knows who I am.

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