Part 1 India

“Yo sis I need you to pull up.” my younger brother Ahmad said when I answered my cell phone half awoke. “For what?” I asked. “Sis all I want to do is leave. This bitch is tripping and she is crazy. I just want to get my shit and get my daughter and go.” he said. “You are not going anywhere and neither is my daughter.” I heard his baby momma Rennee say in the background. “Is that her?” I asked. “Yes sis she is tripping,” he said. “Come on out here let's talk Ahmad…. I don't want to talk, I just want to leave. I’m done I don't want to be with you.'' I heard them saying back and forth to each other. “Sis come get her. I just want to walk out of here peacefully. But if she starts swinging on me again...” I cut him off. “Iight I'm on my way,” I said and quickly hung up. I sat up in bed.
“Where are you going?” Brent asked with his eyes still closed as I moved the cover and his arm off of me. “Don’t worry about it; it's not major. I’ll be back in a few minutes. Just go back to sleep.” I said to him. Brent sat up in bed. “Which one of your little stupid friends you going to play captain save a hoe for now?” he asked, sounding fully awake now. I rolled my eyes as I looked for something to throw on.
“None of them,” I responded with an attitude. “Yeah okay, so you just jump up to make moves after getting a phone call. Yeah okay, stop playing with me.” Brent said. Six years of friendship had made Brent very aware of how I am and how I give it up over the people I cared about. Hell, I had even pulled up and fucked up his baby momma when she poured hot water on him when he was asleep.
“I'm going to help my brother and then I’ll be back,” I said to him. “Shit I rather you go help your friends. Every week you tell me how your brother and baby momma argue and fight. Man gets back in the bed and leaves them to handle their own toxic shit.” Brent said. I gave Brent the dirtiest look as I turned around and looked at him. “Do I say that every time you come get me out of my bed to bail one of your damn brothers out of jail? Hell I haven't been downtown so many times to get one of your brothers out of jail that they know me by heart." I said. “Yeah but that's different. Your brother arguing with his baby momma. They gonna fuck and makeup and then you still going to be the bad guy for getting involved. you have beat the girl up, she has gotten you arrested like and then they end up right back together. i'm trying to tell you to just leave it alone.” Brent said. “Thanks for your advice but I’m going to check on my brother because he called on me.” I said “listen I'm not trying to make you mad bae you know your little boo. I’m just saying your brother is a grown man and can handle his own baby mom, so you can get back into bed and handle something else.” he said winking. “I’ll handle that when I get back, keep it hard for me,” I said to him and walked out of the room. “You can’t save everyone the quicker you learn that and stop running to everyone's rescue you’ll keep yourself from something crazy happening to you,” Brent said loudly.
I rolled my eyes and went out of the door. I drove to my Ahmad house thinking out loud. “Brent doesn't know what he's talking about. I don’t always run to save anyone. But as a big sister it's my job to be there for my brother, hell it's my job to be there for all my siblings. Hell, what I’m doing is no different than what he does for his siblings. The only difference is it's not costing me tons of dollars.” i said.
It took me no time to get to Ahmad’s house. As I got out of the car I heard the sound of yelling and things crashing. I looked around and saw the neighbor next door peeking out the window. I hurried into the house. “Ahmad … Rennee… where y'all at? Y'all mad loud. Y'all neighbors are looking out the windows.'' I said as I walked through the house. “Sis…” I heard Ahmad yell from upstairs. I rushed up the stairs and there Ahmad and Rennee were in halfway. Ahmad was bleeding on his arms.
But he was holding Rennee by her wrist as she was trying to wave the knife in her hand around. “Yo what the fuck is going on?” I screamed. “Sis I told you she was crazy. The bitch is trying to stab me because I’m trying to leave,” he said. “Stop yelling,” she said. “Listen, Renee, whatever the issue is, put the knife down and we can talk about it. Or just let him leave. Y'all have a break away from each other” i said to her. “Bitch mind your business. I don’t even know why he called you over here,” she said nicking Ahmad with the knife again and making him let her go. He backed up and she started coming towards her. “Renee stop,” I said to her. “Shut up and leave me alone,” she said. “Leave my brother alone,” I said to her.
Her eyes got big and she started to come towards me with the knife. “You know what I hate about you. You're always in our business. You're always trying to save your brother or make it like he's right and I'm wrong. You're probably the reason he cheated on me and now wants to leave me. All you and your momma do is baby him. That's why he's a grown-ass man still doing little boy shit.” she said walking towards me so I backed into the wall and had nowhere else to go.
Renee got Close and I grabbed her hands. “Ahmad help,” i said looking at my younger brother standing across the room panicking. “Ahmad!” I screamed again as I and Rennee tussled with the knife. “Stop,” he said from the corner of the room. “Help me,” I screamed to him. And then my hands got warm and moist.

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